- A map of Scandinavia and the coast of Northern Europe
- Completely new troops, mercenaries and Lords
- Unique equipment for Kings
- Hundreds of new items, including swords, axes, spears, helmets, armors, shields, trad goods and horses
- New music, carefully selected to be as immersive as possible
- New artwork, menus and presentation and all UI elements
- Improved graphics, environtments and sounds.
...And More, waiting for you to discover!


-GothicKnight, for the Dark Age OSP.
-Idibil and the Brytenwalda team for their Vendel helmets, a coat with many texture variations, three helmets and a couple of shirts
-Dejawolf, for the Viking OSP pack
-Waewulf, for the Light Armor OSP pack.
-Rathos, for the Arms and Armors OSP pack.
-Talak, for the Special Armoury OSP pack
-Faradon, for his OSP models.
-Maw, for various roundshields
-BrustwarzenLenny, for his OSP armors and a cloak
-The Last Days mod, for 3 helmets

From rusmnb(those were a suggestion of Sherlock Holmes, a co-forummite):
-Oswald, for Sword OSP pack
-сикомор(sycamore), for shields OSP pack

IF you see your work in the Screenshots or in the mod(when it is published) remember that the Credits list is WIP, so contact me and I will add you immediately.

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Version 5.2 Changelog

- Completely reworked/changed environments(textures, skyboxes, particles, plants etc.)
- New scenes for Castle and Town exterior and interior scenes
- Items and Troops additions/replacements/re-balance
- Formations fixed, AI now uses formations to its full capability
- 'Cleaned up' the mod files, erasing unused textures, replacing resource consuming things etc.
- New animations
- Fame System based on Character renown, Torchlight-style, with unique rewards for each Fame rank
- Unique Smiths in towns, to whom the player can order special hand-crafted weapons
- Skalds available in towns, that offer to compose either a Verse, or a Song or a full Saga(each option for a different price, of course), to make the player more famous
- Ability to taunt the enemy in battle, drawing their attention to you
- Fancy Combat System, by xenoargh(basically, it adds a 5% reduction to damage for each Ironflesh point and 5% chance to avoid missile damage for every Athletics point), together with the improvements by the Rigale OSP
- Weapon Break system fixed and expanded; now, the weapons lose one modifier rank every time they 'break'(a plain Spear becomes Bent etc.) and if they are Rusty, they break
- Wounds system

And many more!

Small Update and a help request

Small Update and a help request

News 3 comments

A small update about the progress of the mod and a small request for help.

Change-log for Version 4.5

Change-log for Version 4.5

News 25 comments

Hello guys and girls! I admit it took me some time, but I got there eventually. Here, you can see the changelog for the next version of the mod. LOTS...

Complaints about a serious matter.

Complaints about a serious matter.

News 20 comments

So, I will post here a rant, which is irrelevant with the mod itself, but very serious and made quite a bad impression to me. Read this, it won't harm...

Version 2.0 Announcement

Version 2.0 Announcement

News 26 comments

Hi guys! This an official article where I will release information about the features of Version 2 of the mod, the release date and other stuff.

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The Sword and the Axe 5.4

The Sword and the Axe 5.4

Full Version 8 comments

Hi, guys! This is the newest version of the mod. I admit I wasn't fully active in ModDB lately, instead I "moved" my workshop to Discord. Still, you can...

The Sword and the Axe 5.2

The Sword and the Axe 5.2

Full Version 42 comments

Hey guys! So, this is the new 5.2 Version. It is a full version, NOT a patch, just extract, put in Modules and play! You can find a partial Changelog...

The Sword and the Axe 5.0 Patch 1

The Sword and the Axe 5.0 Patch 1

Patch 14 comments

This is just a small patch to fix companion dialogs, add/balance some items, like the very good bows from Grim Age OSP and small things like that. A new...

The Sword and the Axe 5.0

The Sword and the Axe 5.0

Full Version 47 comments

The 5th version of the mod. Direct successr to 4.5, it enhances many textures, changes -mostly visually- the troops, adds many items and fixes a bunch...

The Sword and the Axe 4.5

The Sword and the Axe 4.5

Full Version 43 comments

The new version of the mod, you can find the change-log in the Articles section. Keep in mind that many of the features are experimental, I will change...

The Sword and The Axe Version 3.0

The Sword and The Axe Version 3.0

Full Version 46 comments

VERSION 3.0 CHANGELOG - Diplomacy - Formations - Beer Drinking - Hunting - Foraging skill(more skills to come) - Lav's companion Overseer - Ability to...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 698)

Hello, the last version of the mod there is a problem, de face of Nizar is invisible, but the mod is great!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's alredy translated in spanish?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Antonis9 Creator

No, sorry.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great mod! I'm liking it a lot. Wish I'd found it sooner. Any plans to add eastern England or Iceland? Or ships/ports from Bryt/VC?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What's New?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Antonis9 Creator

Version 5.5
-Bugfixes (mainly, the formation system is fixed and expanded, with more troop divisions and fixes, by tocan)
-Duelling enemy commander & Chatting during battle, based on the script by Computica
-New building improvements, including roads, upgrades to town walls, tanneries for villages etc.
-Critical strikes (extra damage) for back attacks
-Weapon and Armor refinement (Viking Conquest feature, idea to port by oliver)
-Skirmish mode for ranged troops
-Mini factions with unique dialogue, troops available for hire and a couple of new quests. The new mini-factions are the Franks (now, they also have a castle, besides being an invasion force), the Rus and a Lithuanian tribe
-Reworked the entire weight system of items. In earlier versions of the mod, I assumed that TaleWorlds used pounds as a weight measure. But if it was the case, that meant that most of the heavy armour would pull its wearer to the ground, if he was able to sustain its weight, at all. Then, I assumed the weight was in kilograms(kg). A problem was that someone could move extremely fast in heavy armour, which is absurd. So, for this version, I am treating the weight as just a number, a statistic. All values have been bumped up, with the basic formula of "Divide armour value by 10 and raise the result to its square". For example, an armour with +30 value would weigh 9 units. The helmets and boots, I just divided by 10. The tests are good. Combat is slower and with the added mechanic of stamina, strategic placement and movement is necessary.
-Stamina and Fatigue system, credits to Idibil
-New music (a folder with a couple of optional goodies will be uploaded, including an ambient soundtrack)
-Upgraded weather system (heavily edited and extensively expanded by tocan)
-New items and re-textured/replaced existing ones. I am pretty confident that the current item list is very historical, while keeping the variety of different items
-Visual difference between rusty items and the other modifier varieties
-Animals roaming around in towns and villages

You can join the Discord server, to see all the latest news!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I have just been Humbled... My bad I am normally up to date on Replies and al of the above but what ads salt to a open wound is I kind of Critical when Coders and Mod creators Just do not reply and are Current on there Base... So I am truly sorry did not see this Comment until now (Months Later)… Truly my bad

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Antonis9 Creator

No problem, man! It's not like all people are doing is reading Internet comments :D
I understand.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Also i have version 5.4through ModDB is that a problem because i just joined your Discord but can not find version 5.5 unless they are the same...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Antonis9 Creator

Version 5.5 isn't up yet! :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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If you wanted a whole mod about factions like the nords and forming a shield wall in battles then you will love this and its not even done

Mar 2 2014 by tog34

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