A mod for Mount and Blade Warband set in Sengoku era, Japan. Based on Phlipp's amazing mod "Gekokujo".


What is Daimyo Edition? Well it is something that i've been creating for self use for about 4-5 months, or maybe more. After a while i've decided to release it for other players to play and hopefully enjoy. It is basically Gekokujo merged with many other cool mods and my own models/scripts. It is an improvement, without breaking the immersion and instead improving it with historical accuracy.

(You dont need vanilla gekokujo to play this)


1)+150 new items, armors, helmets, weapons, horses and such.
2)New shoulder guards for armors, each armor have 2 new shoulder guards.
4)New scenes (completely new siege scenes with edited old ones.) New interior scenes for towns.
5)Battlebar that shows the strenght of both allies and enemies (Melphz's Submod)
6)Ability to station troops at villages, and villages will produce hired warriors and onnabushi weekly.
7)Ability to select all banners (except for the last two pages for some reason they cause player icon to bug)
8)Increased morale and party sizes.
9)Tweaked the amount of money given by the lords to player when they are offered money instead of castle (this way player will think twice about taking money instead of rebelling.)
10)Many lords get their historical appearences. Ex. Lord Oda, Lord Date, Lord Takeda and many others.
11)Ability to select culture from the camp menu, all the lords will recruit selected culture's troops. (Except for the vassals that were companions before, i couldn't solve that issue.)
12)Ability to create unique troops with Morgh's tool. Player will be able to recruit their own troops instead of existing factions' troops.(You'll need to download Morghs warband tool, the tutorial is at the very bottom of this description)
13)New loading screens.
14)New lighting FX and recoloured flora.
15)New skyboxes.
15)Kyoto scene has been overhauled. There's an imperial/shogunal palace instead of a standard interior scene.
16)Ability to talk to lords through the camp menu.(Think of it like sending a messenger :lol: )
17)New sashimono. Horo for hatamoto cavalry.
18)New troops for temples (veteran and elite naginata monks) and Sado island (Honma clan retainers).
19)New ninja armors.
20)Some troops such as Yamabushi were taken out because of realism.

Installation : Unzip the downloaded file into Mount and blade Warband -> modules folder.

UPDATE (already included in this version)

1- Corrects the Amako troops' equipments.
2- Lord Kobayakawa gets his historical appearance.
3- New ashigaru armors to get more "levy" look (a little varied in colour and style). Ikko troops look more varied because of historical reasons.
4- Slightly incread the cost of the high-end armors to make early game more difficult.
5- Traditional Japanese music from the Gekokujo v3.0
6- Lords' armors (eg Takeda armor, Sanada armor etc.) are more expensive.
7- Reduced the stuttering in large battles (tested up to 500vs 400) with more pc friendly .lods

CREDITS : n4v32x (for his awesome culture and custom troops script, i wouldnt be able to do that on my own.)
Suguroku (its the base of my mod)
Bunroku (for their great scene props and items)
Shogun - Sengoku Jidai (their awesome siege scenes inspired me to create more in their style and also their awesome props)
And ofcourse Phlipp for his awesome work. (GEKOKUJO)
Melphzs Submod for its awesome features.
Jacobhinds for its animations and SSH for its awesome armors and kabuto.

They are the real creators of this mod!


1- For some reason players icon gets bugged when player selects banner from the last 2 pages (last one is the one with the ship symbol) - STILL NOT FIXED HOWEVER THERES AN ADDITIONAL BANNER PAGE - THE LAST ONE- USE THAT TO CHOOSE BANNERS NOT THE ONE BEFORE THE LAST PAGE!!!

2- When player makes companion a vassal, they dont recruit troops selected by player. FIXED IN 3.0
3- Using recruiter feature in diplomacy mod doesnt work because of new "select culture" script. Dont use it, it may break your save file. FIXED IN 3.0

List of the Lords who got their historical armors.

1-Takeda Shingen

2- Uesugi Kenshin

3- Yamamoto Kansuke

4- Otani Yoshitsugu

5- Honda Tadakatsu

6- Lord Ryuzoji

7- Oda Nobunaga

8- Hashiba(Toyotomi) Hideyoshi

9- Kuroda Kanbei

10- Date Masamune

11- Kobayakawa

12- Akechi Mitsuhide

13- Sanada Masayuki

14- Ii Naomasa

15- Yamagata

16- Tokugawa Ieyasu

17- Great Leader Kennyo (not 100% accurate because of lack of historical resources)

18- Ishida

... and many others with custom armors.


New Features:

1)5 new clans: Ito, Ashikaga, Akamatsu, Imagawa, Saito.
2)Helmet view (Press T)
3)Taunt system (Press N)
4)Wound system
5)Item Viewer
6)Troop Tree Viewer
7)Custom Lord Notes
8)Sit in seiza like other lords do. (Press V)
9)Vocalized commands (When you give an order your character will shout in Japanese)
10)Besieged settlements get reinforcements from nearby villages.
11)Executing Lords and Great Lords
12)Start as a Faction Leader
13)Sieges have gates.
14)Work in towns and villages
15)Crime and Begging system
16)Random Encounters
17)Rebellions (When there are less then 10 clans remaning, defeated clans will rebel against the dominant faction)
18)Samurai takes 2 party slots
19)More than 150 new items.
20)Improved gun and bow sounds
21)New Music
22)New Scenes
23)Reworked battle AI and Morale system
24) 1 new companion (Ukon)
25) More regions
26) 3 new battlefields
27) New UI, main menu and loading screens
28)New Tavern and Arena scenes
29)Companions can recruit troops for player

30)Player can give extra money to troops to raise their morale.

31)Companions choose banners randomly so it keeps every new game unique in a way.

Changes :

1) Removed Shoukin Kasegi (they were too anime-ish) and several other mercenary troops simply because they were unnecessary.

2) Horses are not allowed in siege battles because siege battles now have gates.

3)Removed ugly looking items.

Fixes :

Recruiter bug fixed

Player can now send gifts to towns, villages, lords and ladies.

Sashimono textures dont go blank anymore

Companions now recruit the troops that the player choose.

Known bugs :

The page before the last one is still bugged. Dont use it to choose new clan banners instead use the last page.

IMPORTANT : I strongly advice people to use warband tamer or wse. If you encounter random crashes please use one of them.

Credits :

helmet view Shcherbyna
troop tree viewer dunde
custom notes lav
start as a faction leader vades
execute lords Mordachai
companions recruit troops for player MaverickJones
voice commands Slawomir of Aaarrghh
Chel's Wound/Recovery Scheme

Some new jinbaori textures from War of the Samurai mod

New claimant and companion dialogue : Toyotomi_Hideyoshi

Beta tester : Toyotomi_Hideyoshi

codes from gekokujo 3.1 (marty)

crime and begging system

sieges with gates

ninja siege infiltration

samurai takes 2 party slots

labour in towns and vilages


random encounters

And the Daimyo Edition community.

Thank you all for your suggestions and interest in this mod!

If I forgot anyone please PM me so I can add you to credits list.

Permissions : Please PM me if you want to use anything from this mod.

Morghs tool :

Download the tool. Start the program. The tool will want you to browse and select your warband modules folder. After you do that, click Troops then you'll see the troop list left side of the screen. Search for the troops named "Sokudo" You can manually find them at the very bottom of the list or you can basiclly write Sokudo to the troop filter (also at the left bottom). When you find the troops you can begin to edit them, choose the unit you want to edit there you'll see its stats/level. At the right side there are 2 boxes with item names in it. In the box below are the items in the whole mod and the other one (the box above) contains the items the unit uses. To delete the item chose the item then click "delete item from the inventory). If you want to add items into the units inventory you'll need to find the item in the box below and click "add selected item to the inventory" *IMPORTANT* after every action (deleting, adding items) YOU HAVE TO CLICK UPDATE TROOP. IF YOU DONT DO THIS AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT UNIT YOUR EDITS WILL NOT BE SAVED. After you edited and updated the unit click save changes.


Make sure you edit the troops named "Sokudo"


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Next patch and Support


Hello! You might know that I'm working on a new mod called Calradia 1417. This doesnt mean Daimyo Edition will not get any updates, soon I will release a patch to fix several missing village scenes and sieges with gates option (no more red errors) along with several texture and mesh errors. I also plan to add several features I've added for Calradia 1417. I'll continue to update the mod as much as I can and hopefully give you guys a great (bug-free!) mod to have fun with! Also as you all know I'm making this mod in my free time and its a very time consuming task to be honest. While I enjoy making mods to play and make you guys play, I also need some support to continue my work. Being a student and a modder is a difficult affair :D However it doesnt mean I'll stop developing the mod if I dont get any support. Its just for those who would want to support me financially. So you can check the patreon page if you want to support me! Thanks everyone for appreciating the mod and the effort I'm putting into this to make a good mod!



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About Daimyo Edition, Whats Next and a Reveal

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Questions Poll

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Release Date

Release Date

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Release date of the upcoming version of the Daimyo Edition.

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Disable Wound system

Disable Wound system

Patch 9 comments

For those who want to disable the wound feature. ATTENTION ITS NOT FULLY TESTED back up your mission_templates.txt file first.

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition 3.1

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 3.1

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Patch version 3.1 of the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

Daimyo Edition 3 0 Quick fix - 1 and 2

Daimyo Edition 3 0 Quick fix - 1 and 2

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Quick fix for the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition version 3.0. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition 3.0 Full Version

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 3.0 Full Version

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Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 2)

Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 2)

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New update (2nd update) for the Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

Gekokujo   Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 1)

Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 2.0 (Update 1)

Patch 2 comments

Small spawn scene fix for the Okazaki Castle siege scene.

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Got a few, few things you should look down upon, mate.

1. Samurai Archers/Gunners are OP. Way too OP. To the point I can fight an army of 100 with my army of Yumi and Teppo consisting of only 30 people, and get out without a single loss. It is a game breaking experience.

2. Katanas are listed as one handed weapons. However, Training katanas are listed as two-handed weapons. It is a bit inconsistent.

3. Teppo's learning rate is way too high. One hit with a teppo gave me +8 to firearms skill because I got a lucky headshot. Few shots later, I'm reloading it a very quick rate, shooting bullseye after bullseye.

4. You should look down on strategist position. When I as a player got this position, all lords from my faction stopped to fight, and just gathered for endless feasts at my hall - one I haven't even issued, so all the fighting was on me.

5. Training yari is the only weapon with jousting ability - and a weapon you cannot get by normal measures. Was it a mistake on your part or a concious choice? Because of that, cavalry is pretty much useless, because they quickly get downed by archers, gunners and yari wielders. At full gallop, one strike by basic spearman can damage you at nearly three digit damage.

6. Kozane armors - most of them at least - looks bulky and... bad. Straight up bad, they look like they were drawn in paint. Yukinoshita armor looks pristine and well maintained, but Kozane needs new, better model.

7. Voice commands aren't bound to certain order, but to certain button. So telling your troops to use mellee weapons sounds exactly the same as telling them to hold position. It can get pretty annoying at some point, if you focus on tactics a lot.

8. Two times already, after loading a save, my character was naked, same as all my companions. Not a single item on them, no money in inventory and all of my stats were down to 4, level down to 1. In both cases I was at a point when I was a force on my own.

9. Multiple times my character was switched with one of my companions (face changed, got their equipment, lost all items in inventory and not a single mon). It always happens when I send them to mission to gain right to rule, but this error can be reversed by just saving and loading - though face and name still stays the same, so I have to change it back.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

idk i like to put those "bulky" kozanes on female companion, the only thing a bit out of place is the shoulder plates. i think there are 2 or 3 types of kozane armors, one of them is not bulky

also ranged skill learning rate has always been OP even in native. I have like 400 in bows and 300 in guns without even trying, but only 150-200 in melee despite spending alot of time in arenas/tournaments.

bows are OP no question, i once was forced to kill a 250 man army with just a handful of companions, by shooting and retreating before taking damage.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey I just found this incredible work of art. I've been playing the original Gekokujo for must be upwards of 80 hours now. I recently found the beta Gekokujo patch by the original author and put about another 40 hours into that, great improvement from the base game.
Now I find THIS, and I'm floored. I'm downloading now, I can't wait, and wanted to drop in to share my support for your awesome work. If it wows me as much as I think it will I'll probably pitch in to your Patreon, I love finding content like this.

That aside, I have a couple questions:
1. I know you're working on your other Calradia mod and that's understandable, but are any more updates to this in the works as of 2019?
2. Could you add a section to your description elaborating how to download and play the game from stage 0? A lot of users in the comments seem to be having trouble playing that I think could be solved with a guiding hand.

Edit: Also, you may want to suggest a link to a downloadable version of WSE as the official dropbox link is down. User Mulemilk gave this link: Rusmnb.ru in the 3.0 version comments, which I've used and seems to work fine, but it's up to you if you want to support that link or not.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

should i download v2 or v3. i have tried downloading v3 but it just ends up freezing as i click the start new game which looks to be a recurring problem so any thoughts

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Try giving it a couple of minutes, new game tends to starts out slow. Just be patient - or go and make a coffee in the meantime.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So i went into the market to buy a new helmet and apparently there's one that gives 235 armor. was it supposed to give 235 armor or is that a mistyped number? its the reinforced long Eboshi Kabuto.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey i cant creat a new game. it freeze at the loading between the main menu and the character creation.... im also noticing that the version say 1.170 instead of 1.174 on the mod image in the main menu ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I'm running into an error while trying to start this mod and the error stats that it is unable to open up one of the texture file, any idea on what's going on?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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A really great addition to Gekokujo that keeps with the originals feeling and functions like a big content update.

Jun 26 2017 by KaiphasKain

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