REQUIRES : Ultimate Apocalypse 1.73.9 --------------------------------

This mod adds the Imperator, Warlord, Lucius Pattern Reaver and Cavalier titans to the Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Imperial Guard players. It is an early test version of the model from the Dark Crusade mod ZMS, updated with new config files and all weapons enabled. BACKUP YOUR ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE DIRECTORY before using this mod. This is currently the 8th release and while many bugs and issues have been ironed out, many more remain.

Only Imperial Guard have access to these new titans in this test run. Will release a version with all races that should have access to the new titans enabled to do so later. Please leave feedback of any bugs found or resources left out.

Unpack contents and copy/paste contents to (main install path)\dawn of war soulstorm\ultimateapocalypse, overwriting Data and Locale folders. A few FX files may ask to overwrite as well, say yes to those. Nothing needs to be done in Game Manager, this mod adds the unit directly to Ultimate Apocalypse and will be enabled automatically with that mod package. Units will be buildable by the Imperial Guard Titan Facility, listed in order : Warhound, Cavalier, Reaver, Warlord, Imperator. Only latest version is needed. If you have older version, simply overwrite it with newer and say yes to file overwrite prompts.

Titans currently working:
1. Cavalier (60% complete, fully operational, rebalanced to UA specs)
2. Reaver, Lucius Pattern (60% complete, fully operational, rebalanced to UA specs)
3. Warlord (90% complete, fully operational, rebalanced to UA specs)
4. Imperator (80% complete, mostly operational - missing some weapons, rebalanced to UA specs)

To do list:
1. Weapon FX clean up and some additions
2. Textures!!!!!
3. multi-race access beyond just Imp Guard
4. independent ability config files
5. weapons balancing

You only need the most current version, older versions are buggy or broken.

Version 1.01 is the most current version. Overwrite older versions. Older version of Imperial Warlord mod are to be overwritten as they are outdated. Latest version fixes voice overs, but if old files are still in place in data/sound/speech/races/warlords, then some old Reaver voices may remain and need manual cleaning out. Next update will assign a new folder to fix the issue.


Notice and Credits :

This mod is not associated with any mod team or mod package out there for developmental purposes. Neither the UA team nor the original ZMS team are responsible or associated with this addition, nor responsible for any harm this addition may cause to your game install. ALWAYS back up your game before adding mods of any kind. I made this mod of a mod for my own use and am sharing it publicly, but is not intended as a promotion or connection to any other mod team. The material contained in this mod is NOT owned by me, but I give full permission to use what I've made available in any way desired as long as credit is given to UA as the mod this was intended for, ZMS is the mod this came out of, and to the original model author of the Warlord and LP Reaver (also, incidentally the Cavalier) known as MMX, as well as the original authors of the Imperator, Boychaos and Michael1980. (Thanks to Jonas1979 for researching model origins). Voice overs for the Warlord should be credited to Lord_Cylarne of the UA team.


Non-canon titan, Cavalier class backstory:

The Cavalier class light battle titan is a recent innovation resulting from a century of testing of STC data recovered from the Death of Integrity, a spacehulk that was destroyed by the Blood Drinkers and Nova Marines Chapters of Space Marines. With the STC data turned over to the magos of The Hollow Forge, this Lucius Pattern titan underwent a century of testing under the strict guidance of Legio Astorum before being approved for general production. Loosely based on the same basic frame as the Lucius Pattern Reaver, but built to smaller dimensions, this light titan quickly proved it's worth on the battlefield. Taking more punishment then a Warhound and hitting nearly as hard as a Reaver, the Cavalier quickly found itself replacing Warhounds in escort duties, freeing up Warhounds for their original purpose, scouting ahead in force.

As a further safeguard, and after seeing too many of the revered God Machines turned to Chaos, the tech-priests and enginseers designed the machine-spirit of the Cavaliers around one of the core, vital extracts from the STC data recovered.... a fragment of Order Code, code immune to the scrap-code influence Chaos has always used to invade and take over the machine-spirit with. The fragment was incomplete and an entire system couldn't be built around it, but enough of it was present for one single, immutable function. If the Cavalier's machine spirit exceeds a measured threshold of "exposure and/or infection" of scrap-code, the Order Code forces the machine spirit to self destruct with no warning to crew or code. The final string simply overloads the plasma reactor by shutting down all inhibitor systems and allowing the raging inferno in the heart of all Titans to burn out of control, instantly turning the Cavalier into a small star on the battlefield.

Additionally, the very presence of this immutable code creates such a strong barrier to corruption, similar to a Grey Knights Aegis, that in the short existence of this titan, none have ever self destructed or turned traitor. None are ever expected to.

The Cavalier has since been deployed to nearly 50 different legions in varying numbers, with a rumored legion being formed of all Cavaliers commanded by a single, specialized Warlord built around many of the new tech advances brought by the Cavalier. Some legion masters have rejected the Cavalier and it's now slang termed "Order Core" outright and has caused some controversy within the Machine Cult. Many question the loyalty of any titan princips who would not have a "pure, incorruptable" titan in his/her force. Detractors state their objections based on belief that this new core limits a titan princips and believe it's just short of lobotomizing them, taking away necessary battlefield freedom of choice. The debate and tension is sure to continue for centuries, and will decide the fate of the Cavalier in the end.

The Cavalier's crew arrangement is unique among titans in that it's the only titan that stations it's moderati crew within the main body frame instead of the head. The head, while typically similar in appearance to a Reaver's head, is much smaller and only contains the Princip's MIU within an armored sarcophogus, similar to a Dreadnought design. Once the Cavalier is brought to full operational power, the Princips is sealed inside the sarcophogus and cannot leave or be physically reached until the titan powers down again for maintenance or repair. The actual bridge is located just behind the head unit within the main torso armor belt. Even if the Princips is killed and the head totally destroyed, the Cavalier can keep fighting at reduced mobility and ability thanks to this compartmentalized design choice.

For a tech-priest serving on a Cavalier, many of the normal dangers are minimized, and life expectancies are higher for this job then any other class. Self-sealing and ejecting ammo storage compartments, quad-redundancies at almost every level, and a power core that can only overload intentionally, never accidentally make it one of the safest titans for it's crew in operation. Some tech-priests assigned to Cavaliers speculate the titan is specially blessed by the Omnissiah because of it's inclusion of the Order-Code fragment and thereby suffers less mechanical failures or accidents then other titan classes. Whether this is true, or just down to good engineering is unclear, but what is clear is that the Cavalier runs exceptionally reliably even in the face of the most adverse conditions.

Cavalier Specs:
Vehicle Name: Cavalier Light Titan
Forge World of Origin: Lucius Forges
Known Patterns: A, B, C

Crew: Princips, 3 x Moderati, 2Techpriest

Operational Specs:
Powerplant: Type XVII-L Plasma Reactor
Weight: 590 Tonnes
Length: 16.12M
Width: 14M
Height: 17M/At Rest
Ground Clearance: 7M
Max Speed - on road: 52KPH
Max Speed - off road: 40KPH

Superstructure: 95MM
Hull: 95MM

LP Medium Titan Shield Mk. IIC (equal output to LP Reaver class shield system)

Main Armament: Volcano Cannon Mk. II/LP Light Plasma Cannon Mk.II
Main Ammunition: Unlimited from reactor

Secondary Armament: LP Light Gatling Cannon
Secondary Ammunition: 20000 Rounds

Traverse: 100°
Elevation: From -33° to +36°

Other specs:
Transport Capacity: N/A
Access Points: N/A

Cavalier Balance points:
The Cavalier's place fills the gap between scout titan (Warhound) and medium titan (Reaver) with a dedicated light titan class, optimized for escorting larger titans or supporting Warhounds with heavier firepower when no heavier titans are present. Balance wise, the Cavalier will be aimed at being a one on one fight for the Chaos Warp Dragon, hence Chaos not getting Cavaliers when I expand this mod to all the races.

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RSS Articles

The Imperial Warlord for UA mod has been renamed to Legio Titanicus for it's 8th release, in honor of 2 new titans joining the existing Warlord in keeping the Imperium safe from heretics and xenos. The Imperator titan, an Emperor class titan, the largest class built in the Imperium, and the new Cavalier light battle titan join the Legio.

The two new titans are just released, so bound to be a lil buggy here and there. Will stomp out bugs as they're found, no worries there. The Warlord also gets a new skin update this round, making it very fluffy for WH40K lore fans. More to come!

Imperial Warlord Titan for UA ver 006 released

Imperial Warlord Titan for UA ver 006 released

News 2 comments

The Imperial Warlord Titan for Ultimate Apocalypse has been updated to add new textures, new voice, and completely rebalanced to fit the UA rules better.

Warlord Titans updated!

Warlord Titans updated!


Warlord titan is up to version 004. Pink box issues solved in 003. Weapons updates in 004.

Version 002 is out. First update to Warlord, fixing pink boxes

Version 002 is out. First update to Warlord, fixing pink boxes


I changed the value for the Warlord model to the Imperial Guard specific model as for some reason some people are only seeing pink boxes instead of the...

First release of Warlord!

First release of Warlord!


Warlord released! early test version, may be buggy, but will have rapid fixes as they are discovered.

RSS Files
Jaguar Titan

Jaguar Titan

Full Version 13 comments

map optimized for titan testing, skirmish against orc AI's. Allows up to Imperator sized titans to move freely about.

Legio Titanicus for Ultimate Apocalypse 1.01

Legio Titanicus for Ultimate Apocalypse 1.01

Full Version 15 comments

Update to Legio Titanicus adding Lucius Pattern Reaver, fixing Warlord voice, stream lining excess files, and a full rebalance of ALL titans to fit UA...

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Well this thing seems dead.

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Will there be a release for 1.886?

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it is included in the main apocalypse mod as a addon

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I hoped for an Imperial Knight back then....still hasn't happened and it won't ever happen..............

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Looks like the mod is already dead....hope somebody goes on with it and let the models more original. Would be soo this:

Hope and pra for it! <3

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Is this mod dead?

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Hmmm, have you thought about including some texture work to the Imperator Titan like this?

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The Imperator Titan ingame is too small(about 60 meters, tabletop scale). I think, that increasing it's size by x3(180 meters, book/lore scale) will make it much better.
Also, the Warlord should be upscaled by x1.5(90 meters, book/lore scale).

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What lore and what book. There is no official statement as to the size of Warlords and Emperors so frankly speaking, stop lying.
In fact, Warlord standing at about 30-40 meters and Imperator at 60 m is the most consistently encountered scale and also the most widely accepted in several wh40k communities.
Especially since Dies Irae is stated to be about 40 meters without spires, Warhounds and Reavers are officialy stated to be 14 and 22.3 meters respectively; this scale would match simply perfectly.
So don't go around and be one of those gigantophyles that would like Warhounds the size of mountains and Emperors stomping on hive cities.

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Awesome addition to UA. Might I add, I did not do this. xD Cheers to the fans! Seeing such great work and contribution to DOW Community.

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Apr 7 2015 by Lord_Cylarne

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