"The Elder Scrolls: Total War" is a total conversion of Medieval 2 Total War - Kingdoms. It gives you a glimpse into the world of The Elder Sсrolls, as the head of one of the 20 factions fighting for dominance over Tamriel...

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The Elder Scrolls: Total War 1.6 has finally been released.

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The Elder Scrolls: Total War v 1.6 standalone

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Installation step by step:
- Draw The_Elder_Scrolls folder from rar archive to your Medieval 2 Total War/mods folder
- Use TESTW Launcher to start mod (or The_Elder_Scrolls.bat if launcher doesn't work)
- If you want to disable ReallyBadAi - Click options in TESTW launcer and take a mark от Disable ReallyBadAi field, save.

- If you have problems with HUD, delete files battle.sd, shared.sd and strategy.sd from The_Elder_Scrolls_1.6\Data\UI


V 1.6 changes (Some changes may not be taken into account due to the chaotic nature of the work specifically on this version):

- New sprites for House Dagoth and Black Marsh
- All missed unit icons and info cards have been added
- New cavalry unit for Cyrodiil Empire
- Blades are available for hire in the Imperial City and Cloud Ruler Temple
- Some units of House Telvanni have been reskined
- Orsinium heavy infantry reskined
- Valenwood light infantry reskined
- Draugr units reskined
- Shadowscales of Black marsh reskined and rebalanced
- A lot of units have been rebalanced, including units of Great Houses and pikemen
- New models for Divayth Fyr, Dagoth Ur and Neloth. Sotha Sil has been reskined
- Most of text bugs fixed
- New settlement models for Ashlanders
- New settlement models for House Telvanni
- New spy model for Black Marsh
- The terrain of Black Marsh is partially modified: dense forests have been added
- Aldmeri Dominion AI became more aggressive
- Cyrodiil Empire AI became more aggressive
- House Dagoth AI became less aggressive
- Reduced rebel garrison in some settlements
- New steward for New Ebonheart
- New resources have been added
- New architecture for Orcs, it can be used in custom battles
- New architecture for Telvanni and Valenwood
- Oblivion and Undead units crush has been fixed
- Skaal script for Telvanni has been fixed
- Ald'Ruhn collision has been fixed

Mod development team - LoRdNazguL and DaedraWarrior
Sengoku - development of launcher

Special thanks:
- Forum "Imperial" team and personal - Dart Kovu Nazgul for help with organizing TESTW subforum
- Haktar - Imperial owner
- MWTW Team for their resources
- TESTW Unofficial Patch team for their resources
- Sengoku for creating launcher
- Gigantus for his Sprite Fix
- DarMut_mh and Starackbar for their balancing and advices
- Theodron, creator of "Blood of Numenor" mod, for trees strat models
- Cshelton for Daggerfall soundtrack compilation
- Fans from Imperial, TWCenter, VK, Twitter, YouTube and ModDB
- Bethesda Game Studios for creating best game series ever!

Report about errors in comments or to DaedraWarrior personaly.
Report form:
- Conditions then game crashed, on which turn
- Attach your autosave file
- Attach sytem.log from Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms/logs


2018 Mod of the Year Awards via Mod DB


Thanks for continuing work on mod.

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Loving the mod, going steadily to a 10/10

I like the fact that high tier troops are limited by their small pool, forcing you to field armies of lighter troops with a elite core. Still not sure if the pool is too small, ill play more to check it better. Love the reform of the imperial army, either keeping the strong heavy legionnaires or more mobile with interesting playstyles such as use of stakes, although i feel they need tweaks on their stats. The current reform auxilia have poorer stats overall than light legionnaires.

I have few sugestions:
It makes far more sense for the current light legionnaires to be auxiliaries and the current auxilia being light legionnaires. Also have mixed feelings of the Empire fielding so little cavalry when the province of Cyrodiil is the one with most pasture, farmland and mild climate and mostly gentle hills.

I feel the mod is somewhat unbalanced, particulary in regards to morale. While it makes sense that undead and Dagoth Ur minions cant be broken, i feel their stats should be toned down a notch. Also makes no sense a army with their 5+ stars general killed to be as tenacious, with regiments down to squad level numbers of around 10 still eager to fight.

Archers feel underwhelming, being more a nuisance to heavy armor than a threat. Bosmer are supposed to be akin to glass-cannons yet they fight like monsters. Aldmeri are currently uber-soldiers, they only get rekt by their diplomacy level akin to North Korea. Skyrim seems to be on the same level but further playing required to confirm. Morrowind factions i feel it has few issues apart from the morale issues

Love the large city/fortress cap mechanic but some forts are a pain to upgrade, unless you have a Jauffre tier governor. Played on H/H.

But all in all, great fun mod. Keep up the good work.

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