Starbow is a fan-made expansion to Starcraft 1: BroodWar, made in the Starcraft 2 engine. It keeps all the basics from the original Starcraft such as economy, high ground advantage and strong positional play. Unlimited unit and building selection from Starcraft 2 has been added to make game-play less demanding, but macro mechanics have been added to reward multitasking and frequently going back to base. Each race has a few new units and some existing ones have been modified. Starbow is on the Starcraft 2 arcade and is free to play, thanks to the Starcraft 2: Starter edition allowing arcade access.

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Starbow has been released!


Here! Have some hype

What does v 1.0 mean?

This means that we won’t add any new units or abilities into Starbow for a prolonged period. We will still be keeping an eye on balance and playstyle and make smaller changes when needed though, similar to how Blizzard patches vanilla Starcraft 2. (Though our patches will likely be more frequent, especially in the immediate future.)

What is new in 1.0?

Patch notes are here

This is only the latest patch. If you want to catch up on all the patches from the last 6 months or so, have a look here (in chronological order):

What else is new?

If you played Starbow last year you may remember a separate ladder client you had to download and install. We realize this was a pain. Now we have an online ladder system which is much easier to set up and use. Instructions are here

Expansion to Brood War huh?

If you are new to Starbow, but have experience in Brood War, this infographic will help explain how Starbow expands on Brood War.

What do you mean by “for a while”?

If Starbow get’s a decent sized player-base and we see some areas of possible improvement we will work on an expansion to give ourselves room to make these changes. Get ready for “Starbow II: Bow harder!” in the future. ;)

I want to see more cool stuff!

Here’s an awesome compilation of Starbow from the last year. Remember that this footage is from the Beta and may contain things no longer in the game.

The YouTube channel also has an exhaustive library of tournament VODs all organized into neat and tidy playlists. Check those out here.

Thanks for reading!

Starbow would not be possible without the support of the community and the passion of the die-hard Starcraft fans out there who have poured countless volunteer hours into this project. We sincerely hope you give the mod a chance and join us on the ladder at We believe all Starbow needs at this point is a committed player-base and some fine-tuning. If you have any interest in the mod at all, now is the time to join in on the fun! Happy Bowin’ everyone!

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