Pack of brand new textures, grass and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl based mods

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Yep, I I know how it sound, but we need some summer cleaning and optimization...

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Why summer cleaning? because its November, its almost 17:00 sun is warming everything like in oven, and if not fricking wind I think it would be temperature between 30-40*C
Someone would call it heaven in this time of year, but for me its hell. Because Im dying due to sudden weather changes(this terms is not used in English language but for most of time its called "Meteoropathy").
As I know life, tommorow will be Syberian winter, just like that, in one night, So if it will happen I will probbly change title to winter cleaning -_-

But enough about that. Lets start wall of text...

Im writing this because Stalker Two-K hit the limit that Stalker always had. I knew about it from the beginning. I knew it will come, but I didnt expect that it will come so soon.
Problem is that Stalker is really old. I know that some of you it will be shocked but, yes, Stalker CoP have almost 8 years :P How we could not see that!? :D
But lets put that joke aside and focus on technical problem. Stalker is 32bit program, that even when it was released was never new. It have lots of limitation, and cant really use all power our computers have. It cant use more than 3-3.5GB of RAM It cant even use full resources of power behind graphic card or all those cores that our CPU have.
It was never made to work with HD content like hi-poly models and big textures. Part of that problem are also mods that people play. Most of mods, even one of best optimized one like Call of Chernobyl, are filled with lots of content, content that is really demanding for computer. When you have lots of small addons in game that stack up on top of each other and you put graphic demanding stuff in it, like for example new textures, game will hit that wall and give you nice and smooth OOM crash(out of memory).

Trick is that "clean mods" without too much addons will work perfectly with Stalker Two-K, and that how I always tested my textures: I have bunch of most used mods and I check if game work with them... But no one really play like that, we love mods, we love addons, we love to have 10000000 things that make game work and look better, and when we do that... we have crash. Big one...

As I wrote in previous article, my plan to finish that mod before end of the year, is impossible due to new job and just lack of time that other projects take from me(yes, I actually do other stuff, also for other games). If my original plan would work I would spend some time in January-February of 2018 to optimize all textures and keep original 2k textures just for other modders and for feature stalker mods on 64bits engine that is still in work, thanks to Im-dex(Anton Tsukanov) who work on it all the time. You can check his work here (You could knew that because mod "Radium" use it).

But of course life is brutal, and we hit that wall of limits sooner than I expected. More and more people report me that they have problems with OOM crashes with more complex mods that they play. I recently released "Tiny Little" version of mod that cut in half resolution of all textures to somehow help people with slower computers, but for most of time actual power of computer have nothing to do with crashes, that really occur because of Stalker limitations I mentioned.

Im far from finishing this mod, even if most of main textures are already remade, and I left with some less visible textures and props/vehicles. But because I want people to use those textures without worrying about such crashes I need to make some cleaning in download section.

I decided to release mod as two versions: 2048px and 1024px, First one will be normal version as we have now, second one will be mix of "Tiny Little" version and other smaller changes(eg. paralax off, and usage of bumps from other textures).

Trick is that both versions will have separate diffuse textures and bump maps. So you you can install 2048px(normal) version and if you will have problems with OOM or lags, you can download 1024px version and copy just 1024px bumpmaps that will reduce memory usage even by half. And people with slower computers, will just use whole 1024px version. I also though about 512px version but it would be just useless. Right now Tiny Little version have such small textures, and its kinda not what mod is about(read: make game look better).

Sadly its not so simple as batch convert all textures by half. Some textures already smaller, some have 4096px resolution, some textures NEED to be bigger to keep proper look and some textures need some changes in thm files(eg. turning off BumpParalax). Im aiming to make all of it for next week, but who know what will happen in that time, it could be sooner or later...

Other sad news is that this update will not contain new textures. This separation will be made purely for optimization purposes. It will be of course compatible with current versions, so for example if you have OOM crashes you will just need to get 1024px bumps or whole pack to remove that problem. Its all gonna be made for better user experience.
Also I will need to remove all current versions to keep download section as clean as possible, no more patches, no more zip/instalator(even if instalator in that situation would be perfect).
If someone put links to current files, just remember that after uploading those new versions I will remove them with few days archiving time.

And that about it. Sorry for that loooooooong post that dont really tell much. I just wanted to update everyone what I will make.

ADHD version: New versions coming soon. No new textures(insert sad face emoij). Just optimization and version with reduced size textures. It will fix Out of Memory problems for some people.


Hi, i'm getting OOM error after last update "Patch" Win10x64 fx6300 gtx1060 8gb ram 1600. CoC 1.5b_r6 + SWTC + Stalker 2k. Thx anyway!

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Do you plan to use the Open X-Ray in the future? And how about the X-ray-1.7? I have seen that you track that one and maybe they could be useful since they will or probably are allowing using more than 4GB.

Also, its always great to see an optimization update which is actually a great thing since nobody like crashes. It's maybe not that exiting like new textures, but its very useful.

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paranoiia8, thanks for your hard work as always!. Having to edit so many textures just to keep people from complaining is really something. Nonetheless you're doing a great job :)

Also, it's quite enjoyable to read your long rants ;P

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