Pack of brand new textures and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl.

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Just ranting about life and second release of Stalker Two-K...

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With some help of drugs, lack of sleep, and friend who checked it on other PC, you can now download second version of mod, that I tested on clean installations of most popular mods. All work perfectly, so if anyone have problems, sorry, I cant really help, because I did what I could, I checked all thm files, all textures, everything work. If you have crash after installation... life is brutal, you need to make sure that you dont have any other mod that can mess up game and you have enough juice in PC to not get OoM crash.

Fire under a bridgeNew morning in Rostok

I decided to release this version now, ditching installer, and few unfinished texture because more and more people started to use it in other games than default CoP and CoC. I never give 100% working guarantee for other mods beside those two, and I still dont give it, but again I tested those textures in most of popular mods and they work... If you have problem with crashes after installing those mods, dont blame me, I tested this specific zip file with those mods:

  • Call of Pripyat - Work perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoP)
  • Clear Sky - Work Perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoC)
  • Call of Chernobyl 1.4.22 - Work perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoC)
  • Call of Chernobyl 1.5R6 - Work perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoC)
  • Misery2.2 - Work, but Misery suck, so you can encounter OoM crashes(main texture pack + grass for CoP)
  • Call of Misery - Work Perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoM)
  • sgm 2.2 - Work Perfectly(main texture pack + grass for CoC)

You can download mod here:

Stalker Two-K - Second Release


Stalker Two-K - Second Release PATCH

Right now I had to totally change my plans regarding this mod, I cant really spend as much time as I want. I have other projects do make, new job that is killing me due to hours and crappy pay I get.

But it doesnt mean that I cancel that mod. No, im still making new textures, but that work will be stretched to longer time with less updates.

I had in mind to release one update per month with about 40-60 new textures so I would finish remaking all important texture of game before end of the year, and then focus on vehicles and smaller stuff(decals signs etc), so Stalker would have full texture remake ready to use by other devs and players.

Stalker Two-K - Time For Bed KidsNew Rubble and Trash Textures

But right now I give up with that plan(not mod it self). Maybe its not big mod like Radium or Ray of Hope, but I think remaking almost 1200 texture alone is enough to call it big modification. Not to mention that if you look at any asset store or site that sell textures, you will realize that such texture pack would cost you LOTS of money, and even if textures are not perfect, they have enough quality to be at least "good". I was also a bit disappointed by ungrateful people, and I dont mean moddb community(mod is also available in different places). And its not actually only about my mod, Its about whole Stalker community and other mods. In any other game, you can get proper support donations and suggestions, and stalker mods... you can see that there is more complaining and crying than actual support. You spend free time giving people something, and they can PM you complaining that they dont like name, specific file or even fricking screenshoot(seriously few people complained that I didnt give bigger screenshoots)...

But hey, no one is perfect, life is brutal, and for past month I got so much donations that I cant even buy coffee :D Its hilarious that players can donate for few crappy textures for Minecraft or CS, but I, and any other Stalker dev here, cant get even 5$ for coffee -_-

Of course Donations are not related to mod it self, its just to put smile on my face and buy coffee that keep me awake at night when Im doing things, but for now I have gathered less than 3$ so I cant really afford any coffee in nearest bar :D



Donation is not related to this mod, coffee and cookies make me happy, and give me some energy to make stuff...


Thank you very much for all the work which you made for this great mod!
Also, it's a pity to hear about those people, which complain about a FREE MOD. On the other hand, smaller add-ons from Bethesda (they are not mods) cost actual money + they are not cheap. Furthermore, the free alternatives from the modders are way better.

I wish you well in the future and hopefully sometimes you will come back to Modding of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

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paranoiia8 Author

Nah I dont give up totally on this mod, I give up right now with my plan to finish it before end of the year.
I seriously didnt checked what I actually wrote, because I literally pass out with my laptop on my legs -_-

Also the F? I dont remember putting those graphic in this article :/

I dont really mind making those texture, but some people seriously crap all over the place with weird whining that just get you in the mood of "I give up..." And this came to me in time of changing job that seriously need from me 100% So it suck that it canceled my plans...

So overall I will edit a bit that post, because I didnt canceled mod, I just give up now with my plans, until I quit that job or take less hours

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I see and take your time! The current version is great and I will be waiting for more updates in the future.

Also, I don't see a problem with asking for donations. The problem becomes, when the mod has a ported content and the mod author is asking for donations or the mod is behind a paywall (so the only way to get a mod, is to pay to the mod author which is bad).

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paranoiia8 Author

Im using donations in all other projects, Im helping others with mods for Skyrim, HL2, Fallout, Witcher... so why not put link here?
I spend massive amount of time on it, keeping everything legal and free to use by everyone. All textures where made by me and where based on images that can be used in commercial format.
All what Im saying is that Stalker communit is really behind in terms of supporting mods.

I really dont care if I get just 3$ from donations, but looking at other projects WAY bigger than my, its just sad how some people dont get the idea of it.
I love getting nice comments, it give you nice boost do keep working, but not everyone is teen living with parents with lots of free time.

Im not afraid of talking about money, even if some people dont like it, because its just a "mod".

People spend every month about 100.000 on youtube/Twitch watching people playing games. But when someone make something for game and give it for free... nah its just a mod, lets donate 10$ to that guy who play misery 2,2 ...that just sad...

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I agree and I personally don't see any problem with it, in comparison to other people.

Unfortunately it is, but maybe one day it will change.

Exactly, but a lot of people will not get it, until they will be living alone, and they will need to earn enough money for themselves.

It's absolutely not a problem to talk about a money, when the mod is good. When it's a modpack on the other hand, or it uses most of the things from other mods, I wouldn't even think about donating since almost anyone can make a modpack. However, original mods like yours deserve much more popularity like it currently has.

I fully agree with you. I wish that there would be someone who would present modifications for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and even if he would have a patreon, he would say one very important thing. And that thing is, that people should first HELP THE MODMAKERS and not those who only makes videos about it.

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agreed! ^^

I dont think that there's a problem with asking for support, it's all up to the original author(s) to do so.

While it's true that this is legally on gray area, we modders aren't there alone. Take a look at youtubers and all that hassle going on x.x

O'boi what a time to be alive

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how to install this?? i copied gamedate in stalker directori and nothing happen

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paranoiia8 Author

you have 3 folder: Main texture pack, grass addon and fx addon.
in every folder you have "gamedata" folder that you need to copy to your main stalker game folder. First copy just main texture pack(folder Stalker Two-K) replace files if asked, play game, you should see new textures.

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