Pack of brand new textures, grass, models and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl based mods.

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Comparison of textures that I should make long time ago... WARNING: Big GIF files inside, it can take some time before it fully load all graphics.

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I know that I should make that comparison long time ago, but I never had the mood or time to make it, because honestly I prefer if people download mods them self and test everything on their machines. Not only because everyone play in different settings but textures can be affected by different lighting that CoC/CoP and other mods have.

So to make it that comparison more uniform I used clean Call of Chernobyl(latest beta) without any shaders and with plain sunny lighting.

Also to make that comparison more interesting, beside Stalker Two-K and Default CoC textures I choose to put here also Structure Redux by brainscorcher, that is most used texture mod for CoC. And as far as brainscorcher made nice job sharpening and tweaking thm files, there is just few new textures, and whole trick of his pack is based on huge contrast bump and lots of fake detail mask. I in another hand, prefer making new textures. They are not perfect, but Its just nice to have something fresh looking without damaging atmosphere of game with some "out of space" copy/paste textures from other games.

But enough about that! Lets start with some walls. Players will stick to them often so they need to look good. As you see In stalker Two-K I tried to keep original style but put as many real details as possible without using fake detail mask. You can also see that Redux sharpen old textures so much that you get in some places cartoonish black outlines, its not big deal but sometimes its hit the eye too much.




Now some metal elements. Again metal walls have more details, some can say that bump is too big but its a matter of the taste :] Rest, smaller metal peaces are more or less similar to original with more real details than big mask of fake details or bumped contrast on old texture.







Now lets jump to some random textures, Starting with Bricks. Bricks are hard to make when you doing them from scratch, you need to literally put every brick by hand to get that "bumpy" effect, its especially hard with 4096px res. Im not a fan of it because you dont put brick in that way in real life(when they extend from wall that much) but people like that effect in the game...





Concrete is technically easier to make, but some textures needed really some work to keep them good looking without using fake details that really mess some textures.




Now some ground, wood, windows and other textures. Again, I tried to keep original style but to make it more... pleasing and detailed I changed few things(eg windows.).








Original images: Google Drive (Not in fullHD sorry, I forgot to change res, because I normally set every setting to max, but keep resolution lower when I play on Laptop, its better to keep steady 40-60fps)

If someone need more comparison... just install the mod :P

I also still wait for any bug reports and suggestion before releasing next version, I could technically do it now, but I would rather wait for any info you have.

That part of post is just my rambling, not important, so you dont need to read it ;)

I need to mention AGAIN about performance of such new, big textures. Im sorry that I keep talking about that but some people just dont learn...

I found out that lots of people put some weird comment regarding Stalker Two-K, like for example here: and some people actually persuade other moders to not use any of my textures saying that it crash game...

Author of that mentioned site, said, quote:

Don't copy/move "Stalker Two-K". These textures are very large 4k textures, but the quality looks like stretched 2k textures, They will take up 4 times the video memory, but they won't provide any visual difference, compared to the 2x textures below.

  • 1. No they are not 4K. As name suggest its 2k :] Maybe 30 textures are in 4K mostly because they are wide/high and to keep at least one side in 2048px they need to be that big. About 10 textures are keept especially in 4k because players stick face to them very often(especially walls) or because the are used on big surfaces(grass, asphalt)
  • 2. No they dont take 4x time the video memory. They take about 1.4-1.6x more memory compared to Tiny Little version. Remember that game doesnt load all textures at the same time. So just because there is 2x difference in size of zips doesnt mean that game will be using 2x more memory.
    Typical usage(normal version) on my crappy Radeon R5 that have 2GB is 1400MB VRAM when playing(average, based on GPU-Z app). Memory usage I have with Tiny Little version is 980MB(average). So difference is less than half of gigabite. And Im talking here about Laptop graphic card that it self is crap compared to any proper card. So as far as you have 2GB VRAM you dont need to worry about anything. If you have slow GPU with 512MB/1GB VRAM... What did you expect from such huge texture mod?
  • 3. Yes they provide visual difference, especially when you play in hi-resolution(tried it when plugged to UHD TV or on normal PC with fullHD+ res). It will not be HUGE, because not without a reason I spend days manually choosing and resisizng just textures that are less visible and tweaking thm files, that even with AXRTools are pain in the ass to set properly.
    Difference will visible in close range and long range(mips), typical middle... not really. Advantages of hi-res textures are better details when you are close to texture, and better, sharper textures far away, because of bigger mipmap sizes(but that is most visibe in big screen resolutions)
  • 4. Remember than almost all diffuse textures in Tinny Little version have exactly the same size as normal Two-K. Difference are mostly in Bumpmaps and tweaks in thm files that disable parallax effects or reduce some details(those things really help with performance).
  • 5. If you played Stalker long enough, you will know that even without those textures you will encounter OOM crashes.
    Blame crappy made addons, not optimized mods and mostly, players that put 1000 mods in almost 10 years old game and expect it to run without errors.

Of course such textures will hit performance hard, but they hit hardware, game it self even for such oldtimer is really good at handling big textures. I spend year doing this mod, mostly on laptop, I dont have any major memory issues with it. I would not make this mod in this form(all textures in 2k) if I would not see the visual difference. between eg. 1024px res textures.
Overall I would be happy if people would not spread disinformations, or at least somehow test/check it before they say something about it(eg. saying that its 4k...)


Oh man that awesome ! i love this new 2/4K textures please keep update the mod ! :D

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Amazing work like always! Also, I'm a bit disappointed by people who are saying stuff like that. For me, when it comes to the graphic, the textures are easily my favorite things. I like the shaders, antialiasing and other fancy effects too, but when the textures are in low quality, then those are the first ones, which needs to be changed.

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Amazing pal!

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looks sexy

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I think the Structures Redux version of the Skadovsk looks better than the 2k Version, but everything else looks great.

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paranoiia8 Author

Any specific suggestions?

If you mean that some elements are too shiny for old, rusty metal, I know about that, I have less shiny bump ready to use if I dont forget about it(its on other PC).

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Structure Redux using some nice textures. Also a few of mine which I love to see.

I have to agree, some parts of structure redux looks better. Skadovsk crispness of the plates, the lighter briks, some metal sheets and doors or concrete all looks more crisp.

Overall 2K is amazing, but I will find myself making a mix of the 2.

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paranoiia8 Author

I would be happy to change some textures, if people would provide more details and show/name specific textures.
As for "crispness" of some Redux textures, I can actually set big value of detail mask as Redux or force-sharpen mipmaps even more but I personally dont like it. If more people would like that, I could release such version but no one really give me any details about that :/ Some people mention that some textures need some fixes, but no one really say anything specific, so I just move on... :/

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Looks great! I like those comparison shots, lots of interesting stuff. It always fascinates me how textures can change the whole feel of the game. I've played vanilla stalker for so long that it's nice to use a new texture pack and see all the familiar places in a different artist's perspective.

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Your textures are far superior to structures redux (especially in resolution) but I greatly prefer the grass in absolute nature vs your grass. It's shorter and better for gameplay purposes but looks nice combined with your textures.

Your interior walls are vastly superior to redux but the rusty exteriors in redux seem more atmospheric, particularly for the ships in zaton, and the metal areas in wild territories.

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paranoiia8 Author

You cant satisfy everyone :]

For all those time no one said anything so I was doing it as I like it. I have plan to "rusty" a bit few textures that look to new, but it will be in next release that I dont plan to make soon, so people need to live with those textures for now :]

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So after setting up two installs and comparing the visuals in game, yours are so much better and its immediately noticeable.

I was setting up 1.4.22 with STCOP, SWTC, HD models, and stalker 2k but the game wouldn't even load in cordon or anywhere even. Out of memory right off the bat. I actually had to install absolute structures/absolute nature (downgrade) to get the game to even run.

Then I also installed 1.5r6 with Stalker 2k, swtc, AO, and HDmodels. It runs flawlessly. It loads fast. Being able to actually see them in game, the difference is huge especially up close. I think going forward Stalker 2k will be the texturepack of choice for people.

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paranoiia8 Author

You can always switch to Tiny Little version.

I actually recommend that all the time if someone use lots of other HD addons. Especially HD models. Stalker is just not used to deal with hi-resolution models and textures.
Also game it self dont have problem with big textures many times I tried put in it even 8-10GB of textures, it dont mind that. Most of crashes are related to overall load of game especially scripts.

Also normal version of Stalker Two-K was meant to be big and will always be, point of it is to remake as many textures as possible to HD and it was made mostly for other modders so they can resize it and choose what they need in their game.

Tiny Little version is really for players. But after I finish remaking all other textures I will spend rest of time optimizing it and resizing less important textures but it take some time, because I work alone and now I make a break from mod that will last at least 3-4 weeks if not more.

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