Shader Patch is a mod focused around providing subtle but meaningful, non-intrusive improvements to the game's shaders and rendering while also exposing more advanced capabilities relating to modders.

All polite bug reports and feature requests are welcomed. (Although I have less time to work on them at the moment.) You can do so here but to best ensure I do not miss it doing so on GitHub is best, there's a link to a Discord server below if you'd prefer to do it there as well.


Feature Overview

There are more than this but below is a short list of some of the key features Shader Patch currently has.

Core Features

  • All lighting is done per-pixel.
  • An Order-Independent Transparency approximation for supported GPUs.
  • An optional alternative post processing path for the game that (unlike the vanilla game) gracefully handles high resolutions.
    • An example of what this fixes being the "blue" water overlay bug.
  • An edited water shader that adds distortion of the scene beneath the water and smoother animation.
    • This is about the only "breaking change" made by the mod, as maps that have edited their water normal maps may get incorrect results under Shader Patch. (Ideas for how to fix this and bring it inline with Shader Patch's "non-intrusive" goal/requirement are welcome.)
  • Optional depth-masking for refractions.
    • Disabled by default for performance, needs to be enabled by changing "Refraction Quality" in the user config.
  • Simplified resolution handling.
    • While the game is in the main menu it'll be left in a window to keep the mission select usable. Then once you start loading a map the game will go fullscreen, matching your desktop resolution. Or if you want the menu to be fullscreen as well you can set "Treat 800x600 As Interface" to "no" in the user config.
  • The game is drawn using D3D11 and makes use of Windows 10's support for variable refresh rate displays.

Modder Features

  • Greater customization of model materials through a Custom Materials system.
  • Access to and configuration of a completely new post processing pipeline on a per map or per mode basis. Featuring things like color grading, a more customizable and scalable bloom effect and more. So dubbed the Effects System.
  • Color Grading Regions for fine tuned control over post processing within maps.
  • An ingame "BFront2.log" monitor. I know, not related to shaders at all but people asked for it and it's useful to know about.

Find the docs for the modder features here.

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Shader Patch 1.2.0

Shader Patch 1.2.0

Full Version

Mirroring of the latest Shader Patch release (1.2.0) from GitHub.


is this compatable with Harrison Fog's?

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SleepKiller Creator

In practice, no.

Technically however, maybe.

The problem is Shader Patch implements D3D9 for the game in order to provide it's features, so when ReShade tries to hook D3D9 because Shader Patch only implements the D3D9 features needed by the game it inevitably ends up calling into some unimplemented function which causes Shader Patch to terminate the game, because that is about the only sane thing it can do at that point.

If you could get ReShade to just ignore D3D9 (and let it hook D3D11 instead) it should work. Or if you edited the game to load Shader Patch some way other than by hijacking D3D9.dll. For instance if you got the game to load it as shaderpatch.dll instead then you could probably just have ReShade be d3d11.dll; then it wouldn't go try and hook Shader Patch thinking it was D3D9, call something unsupported by Shader Patch and crash. Instead everything in theory would just "work" at that point.

But as I say in practice, no because I'm not aware of anyone having made these edits to either Shader Patch or ReShade. And it isn't something I feel is useful enough to set set time aside for sorry.

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Maybe I'm just not the smartest person, but could you give me detailed instructions how to install this please?

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SleepKiller Creator

Hi, sorry about the delay in a response, I didn't see this until now.

So first download "" either from the latest release on GitHub or I've taken the time just now to post a mirror of it here for anyone who prefers downloading from here. (I've kept meaning to do it for a while but I've been busy.)

Anyone once you have "", extract it. From then you have two options to install

A.You can run the included "Shader Patch Installer.exe", this will try to take care of finding your game's location for you (if it fails you can manually point it towards it), once you've selected where your game is installed hit "Install!" and should take care of everything for you. The advantage of using the installer is when you want to uninstall you just have to run it again, this time from your game's directory and it'll remove everything it copied over all nice and tidy like.

B.You can just copy the entire contents of "" into your GameData folder. After you've done this your done. You can check to see if you have "shader patch.yml" in the same folder as "BattlefrontII.exe" to know if you've done everything right. You should also delete "Shader Patch Installer.exe" from your GameData folder when you manually install as trying to run it to uninstall will not work when you've manually installed.

To uninstall after a manual install see "## Uninstalling ##" in "shader patch readme.txt", it contains the list of files and folders copied over in a manual install so that you can easily know what to remove after the fact.

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probably one of the best shader mods out there besides Harrison Fog's

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actually harrisonfog didn't make that plugin Marty Mcfly Modding did. It's called MasterEffects.

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