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TheJollyDuck says

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The work that SleepKiller on this mod has been phenomenal. Of course it's still in development but he takes users feedback into consideration and continually makes the game much more beautiful.


Calanon7 says

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Works great.


D.Onizaki says

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A heavy power user of Shader Patch myself.

Shader Patch introduces not only a new graphic overlay that anybody can adjust to suite their own graphic needs, but also provides modders with new materials and rendertypes that can really amplify both artistic freedom and overall graphics quality of such a classic game.

Creator SleepKiller has been very kind and enlightening throughout the process of my learning how to use shader patch for my own projects. Usually answering questions within a day or two of being asked, with fairly detailed answers.

Further more he has been very accommodating to requests for more shaders, I have personally requested a number of new materials for shader patch admittedly for my own use and my own projects, however within a couple weeks of requests provided they were within reason.

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