Not my mod just one I had from when filefront closed and I wanted others to be able to play it. Should work just fine if you install to your star wars battlefront 2 directory. Steam directory is as follows Computer/C drive/programfiles(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/StarWarsBattlefront2 Im pretty sure you need the convo pack and the 2.2 patch for this to work.

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Battlefront Extreme BFX

Battlefront Extreme BFX

Full Version 50 comments

The full mod from Filefront. Again I take no credit in the creation of this mod I just want others to be able to enjoy it.

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Not a fan of some changes in classes but this really needs GC modes

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here is a description of the mod which can be seen when installing the mod:


This is the the final release of Battlefront Extreme. To install it, you must have installed Conversion Pack 1.9.1 and / or Unofficial Patch 1.3.

Most of the changes:

- Instead of overwriting the game's normal modes, BFX is available as two separate eras - BFX CW and BFX GCW.
- Multiple modes. BFX Conquest, BFX Hero Assault, BFX Hero CTF, BFX Space Assault, BFX Space CTF. (No BFX CTF due to compatibility issues.)
- Online compatible. BFX works online now.
- German language support, and every other language is localized in English.
- Greatly reduced file size. The BFX 1.0 download weighed in at a hefty 379MB. This version is about 1/3 the size. Very little content has been cut, and a lot has been added. The main file size decreases are a result of hugely overhauling the internal structure of the mod, and removing unused files.
- Localizations. All units have proper names, as do the weapons.
- Awards have been restored. NOTE: Not the award weapons, just the ability to earn awards.
- Clone Wars mode is available on Hoth and Endor, and Galactic Civil War mode is available on Geonosis.
- The AI counts and reinforcements have been increased on maps according to their size. Hoth and Kashyyyk, for example, have about a hundred units on the field at any given time, and have much more reinforcements.
- Many new weapon models. New grenades, new rifles, new lightsaber hilts, etc.
- All weapons and lasers do more damage, and lasers travel faster.
- Higher-resolution skins. One example: if you've played BFX 1.0, go play Utapau CW in this version and notice the difference in the clones.
- Most weapons have visible recoil now, and weapons with ammo can also overheat after prolonged firing.
- The "Overheated!" message has been changed to "Energy Depleted!" so it doesn't look out of place on certain weapons.
- The bug that caused firing a buff to lock up all your weapons is gone.
- The AT-ST bug is gone.
- A few new grenade effects. Also, the grenades now have a small blinking light instead of glowing.
- Force push, force pull, melee attacks, and grenades can be charged for greater damage or area, and force powers have a charge-up effect.
- A few force powers have new effects.
- Every Jedi / Sith hero except Pilot Luke has four force powers. (Pilot Luke has Force Push and Pull, and 2 proton grenades)
- Non-Jedi heroes are now much more powerful.
- Jango and Boba Fett have jump-jets (like Dark Trooper).
- Jetpacks last much longer, but take a fair bit of time to recharge.
- New jetpack effects, that actually look like fire. (Or plasma, depending on the unit.)
- Most vehicle skins have been modified for increased contrast, sharpness, and movie-accurate colours.
- Several starfighters have shielding.
- Starfighters are about 20% faster.
- Starfighter missiles do more damage, it was weird to watch a starfighter take a hit from a full clip of missiles and survive. They also have a nice trail effect.
- Stealth blinks a lot less often, and lasts for 20 seconds before running out (assuming your stamina is full).
- Flamethrowers are now secondary weapons. Note: You have to hold down the secondary fire button to fire the flamethrower, you can't just press it.
- Jango Fett and the ARC Captain have dual pistols.
- New blaster impact effect. Looks pretty good.
- Vehicle missiles now cost ammo. Use a fusioncutter to replenish your vehicle's missiles.
- Lightsaber combos have been modified so that the hero deflects while attacking. Also, deflect drains on a per-shot basis now, as opposed to draining energy over time. Blue lightsabers are a little darker in colour, too.
- Stamina has been changed so that it restores a good deal less quickly, and is consumed at a lower rate, so you can sprint for longer.
- Droids run a little slower than in BFX 1.0, for balancing purposes.
- The Support class (8 points) has been replaced with the Assault class. It's a stronger version of the standard soldier, with more health, a rifle instead of a carbine, a commando pistol instead of a standard one, and more grenades.
- The orbital strike ability has been removed from the binoculars. It was unbalanced, not to mention quite abnormal on indoor maps. A few recon units have orbital strike beacons that can be placed like a timebomb.
- Many units have been modified or added - the Novatrooper, the Rebel Commando, the Covert Ops trooper, the Twilek Spy, etc.


- ARC_Commander

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seeing a lot of people asking about galactic conquest and im just saying i managed to somehow get this mod playable on galactic conquest. I don't what i did but i was putting the files of the mod in all sort of places within the files of vanilla star wars battlefront 2 like its game data and inside that LVL pc folder whatever its called.
At the time i didn't know how to even install the mod properly so that why i was putting the files everywhere. I think i just replaced the vanilla game files with the mod files.
GC did work, you could unlock units and they changed depending on the map like it does on instant action. it did crash after playing a hour or two but i think i could play and complete gc.
I even somehow managed to get the hud visor from the republic commando mod as any class but then again i didn't understand how to install the mod XD.
I tried playing campaign as well with BFX but that crashed.
If your gonna try this then back do it on unmodded copy of the game with the patch 1.3 because that is what i did.
no idea if it'll work though so don't be crying that i've broke your game.
phew that was a long paragraph

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Is there a way to have this on galactic conquest?

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Hi to whomever reads this. I have been playing this mod forever but recently I wanted to change something about it. When Disney killed off Han Solo I started to crave for playing as him in this mod all the time but what bothers me is that his standard rebel DH-44 Blaster is too weak and has a ridiculous cooldown. I know that I have to change something in the sides, namely in the all.lvl file, to alter weapon properties. Unfortunately everything is encrypted and I have no idea how to do it. So if anyone has an idea how to edit the files to change weapon stats I would be extremely grateful if you could help me. I am definitely going to continue to play BFX so if you read this post long after I wrote it don't hesitate to reply- Cheers!

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takes skill to use. more so than other guns in there.

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Nothing is "encrypted." It has all been compiled from the source code. When you open it, you're probably looking at it with an ascii or UTF encoding, so none of it makes sense. Even if you got a binary text editor, it still wouldn't make sense. You would need the source files to make any edits.

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Ungeheuer1 Thanks for the reply! I thought as much.

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Is this compatible with the Conversion pack?

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As it says in the description, it's actually a requirement

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That description is false. Convo pack and BFX are completely separate mods and you don't need one to install the other.

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