Rise of Three Kingdoms

The previous and original version of this total conversion mod, "Three Kingdoms - The Fight for Supremacy," was a modification for Rome: Total War. However the developers modified the Rome.exe and included the complete game in their uploads. These made the modification illegal, thus TWC never allowed them to advertise the upload links or have an own forum. Later, Gigantus started a new project; he decided to port the old conversion to a better engine, namely the Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms engine. Seether and others joined shortly after and released the first Beta in 2013 and, later, v1.4 in early 2014. After real life was sorted out, Gigantus and Seether joined forces once again in early 2018 to continue production of the mod. Version 4.0 was released on 21 July 2019 and stands as the current version.

Current Team

Gigantus - Mod Leader

Seether - Lead Designer

Fahnat - 2D Art and Other Media

cedric37 - 2D Art

To check out the Official Mod Preview, click Here

To go to the mod DOWNLOAD page, click Here

It is highly suggested to use the 4GB Patch with this mod, as it allows Medieval II to use greater system resources, allowing greater stability and performance for modifications. The easiest way is to Google "4gb patch" and the first result should be from NTCore. When you run the 4gb_patch.exe, apply it to medieval2.exe

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RSS Articles

The final version of Rise of Three Kingdoms has been released, with a ton of new and updated content. The full changelog for version 4.0 can be found at the bottom, but some of the items include overhaul of the economy and trade resource values, rebalancing of spear and halberd-weilding unit stats, the updating of dozens of portraits, the fixing and addition of a few missions and events, and also the updating of dozen of ancillary bonuses. One of the major changes is the updating of character strat models, in particular the Heishan (or Black Mountain) faction. Below you can see, in the back row (2nd and 4th character) the new strat models for, respectively, Heishan captains and Heishan generals. Additionally, the four major factions (Liu, Cao, Sun and Yuan clans) all received updated standard strat models for their generals (2nd pic, middle character), while the Unaligned faction now has two separate models for their characters, depending on if that particular character is civil or military oriented (2nd pic, left and right characters).



Along with the updating of strat models, battle models were similarly updated, many corresponding to their respective strat model. Below you can see the battle model of the major faction generals that was noted above. In the 2nd picture below, the lamellar armor of light Han units (2nd armor upgrade) was cleaned and updated, with the "Yong-Liang" regional variation of light units seen in the screenshot. And also a couple new units were added, with the new Armored Spearmen featured in the third pic below.




As was stated earlier, I have also uploaded the files for version 4.0 here at modDB - they are now ready for download and have instructions provided on the files' download page. Happy gaming!

Version 4.0 Changelog

- Final version - compilation of all patches and updates
- Total reworking of the economy - tweaking of income modifiers, removal of all trade income penalties and increase in trade resource values
- Values slightly lowered for recruitment limitation script
- New strat model and battle model for Cao, Liu, Sun and Yuan Clan generals
- New strat model and battle model for Sun Ce, Cao Ren and Zhu Jun
- New strat model and battle model for Heishan generals
- New strat model and battle model for Heishan captains
- New strat model and battle model for Nanman captains
- New strat model and battle model for Shanyue captains
- New strat model for Jia Xu
- New strat model for Nanman and Xianbei princess
- Unaligned characters will now have one of two different strat models, depending if they are martial or civil oriented
- New battle model for Lu Meng to match strat model
- New battle model for Zhang Xun to match strat model
- New battle model for Ji Ling to match strat model
- New battle models for Sun Ben and Sun Fu
- New battle model for Goguryeo captains
- New battle model for Han faction captains
- Updated battle models for 2nd upgrade light Han units
- Updated armor progression for County Militia
- Updated armor progression for Peasant Conscripts
- New unit : Han Armored Spearmen
- New units for Heishan : Black Mountain Raiders, Black Mountain Brigands and Black Mountain Cutthroats (unique)
- Camp Crushers now a 2-hand sword shock unit, as they were historically
- Nanman Warriors and Southern Tribesmen now have javelins
- Zhuge Crossbow unit model fixed
- New faction symbol for Nanman faction
- Increase of mount mass for better cavalry charges
- Rebalancing of spear and halberd-wielding unit stats
- Shield wall renamed to Spearwall - only available to spear and halberd units
- Phalanx renamed to Pike Square
- Battle icons updated for character special abilities
- Renamed all strat references of 'castle' to 'fortress' or 'fortified pass'
- Several family trees reworked
- Fixed and updated numerous biographies and ranks
- Updated dozens of portraits
- Henan faction renamed to Henei
- Yang Pei, Dou Fu, Zhao Ang, Lou Gui, Shen Dan, Shen Yi and Zhang Kai added to Unaligned faction
- Duan Wei added to Liang faction
- Yang Bai renamed to Yang Bo
- Ze Rong renamed to Zhai Rong
- Wu Jing added and joins Sun Clan after taking Yuzhang
- Ma Dai joins Liu Clan after completing The Western Frontier mission
- Huang Quan joins Liu Clan after completing Conquer Chengdu mission
- Zhang Lu and Yan Pu join Cao Clan after completing The Central Han mission
- Danyang Troop given to Taishi Ci at campaign start
- Xiliang Cavalry given to Ma Chao after joining Liu Clan
- Han Sui, Yan Xing and Chenggong Ying now join Xiliang if destroyed by the latter
- Fixed Forests of Hengshan custom battle location
- Fixed final two Cao Clan missions by adding a settlement requirement
- Leveled terrain just north of Yang settlement
- Fixed incorrect settlement belief levels in Nanyue and Henei regions
- Modified the 5 Sacred Mountains traits and events, so now they actually work and give explanation on their use
- Increased chances of Merchants and Princesses receiving beneficial traits when spawned
- Slightly increased success rate of assassins
- Fixed numerous ancillaries incorrectly granting Influence bonus (Influence is for diplomat agents)
- Fixed Trouble-dealers incorrect animations (now use spear and shield)
- Increased Loyalty bonus for Grand Administrator ancillaries
- Diplomat horse ancillaries now grant Influence bonus
- Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, and Xu Shu will retain their strat models when joining most factions (those that have available slots)
- Most characters with unique strat models will have unique identifier when moused-over

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.5 Patch Released

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.5 Patch Released


Rise of Three Kingdoms has released Patch 3.5, which adds a handful of new units, the reskinning of numerous unique units, campaign map modifications...

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.4 Patch Released

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.4 Patch Released

News 2 comments

Patch 3.4.000 for Rise of Three Kingdoms brings a major modification to the campaign map, in the form of the addition of the Red River delta of northern...

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.3 Patch Released

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.3 Patch Released


Rise of Three Kingdoms has released Patch 3.3.000, which includes an overhaul to several regions on the campaign map, a new script for Lu Bu and the Three...

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.2.047 Hotfix Released

Rise of Three Kingdoms v3.2.047 Hotfix Released


The 3.2.047 Hotfix combines all previous fixes, as well as optimizes Korean battle models, adds new music tracks, makes some map fixes, adds nine new...

RSS Files
Version 4 Patch 2

Version 4 Patch 2

Patch 4 comments

Fixes an issue where Dandong could not recruit any units except peasants.

Version 4 Patch 1

Version 4 Patch 1

Patch 2 comments

A necessary update to version 4.0 that fixes a script error with the '5 Sacred Mountains' series of events.

Rise of Three Kingdoms 4.0 Full Release

Rise of Three Kingdoms 4.0 Full Release

Full Version

The final version (v4.0) of the Rise of Three Kingdoms mod for Medieval II Total War.

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Installed the mod again today and I noticed yong-liang light infantry and riders have "regular" models, is that intended?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Seether-ModDB Creator

“Light” regional troops won’t get their distinctive helmets until 2nd (silver) armor upgrade. No upgrade and 1st (bronze) upgrade will look like “normal” units.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi, what is the name of the main menu theme?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Seether-ModDB Creator

There are actually two main menu soundtracks, both from the movie White Vengeance (Hong Men Yan). The first you hear is Howl of the Mighty Wind, and the second is When Snow Falls Upon the City of Wu.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks! Very good ost selection for this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

me as liubei can't enter chang'an it error anytime i try.how to fix please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Seether-ModDB Creator

I’m on vacation, and away from my computer, but it could possibly be due to a bug inherent with M2TW. Specifically this bug occurs when a faction is killed by taking their last city, but the FH survives (because he is outside the city). When that happens the FH tries to transition to FL, but can’t since the faction is dead, and so the game freaks out and crashes. Kull and Bovi did some research on this: Twcenter.net

As a work-around, I would suggest eliminating their armies in the field first, particularly the FH, before taking the final city. While I’m away, I’ve asked Gigantus to look into this issue. If he reports anything, I will post here.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Imgur.com sun clan quest and changan quest.it stop at this quest is it end ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Seether-ModDB Creator

Yes, Heart of the Realm is the last mission for the Sun Clan.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If anyone runs into an issue installing this awesome mod please let me know in the comments! Have fun! :)

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Excellent mod!

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