Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is the second expansion for the grand strategy and political simulator Victoria II. This expansion focuses on the Scramble for Africa. Compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war in this experience crafted by Paradox Development Studio.

Key Features

  • Experience a brand new colonization system: Use your navy to expand your empire, compete against other colonial powers and struggle to maintain your overseas control. Colonial conflicts can spiral out of control and become international crises. They will have to be decided by diplomatic negotiations or risk costly wars
  • Battle your enemies in the new naval combat system: Together with the new colonization system, your navies are more important than ever. A new system of gun ranges brings more depth and strategy to warfare on the high seas. Powerful new battleships also join the other classes of ships to bridge the gap to Dreadnoughts
  • Prepare for International Crises: Around the world international crises continually call on the Great Powers to mediate and compromise, with war always being the last resort. As one of the lesser powers, use your influence to stir up local flash points so you can use fleet footed diplomacy to get the Great Powers to right the wrongs that have been committed against your nation!
  • Follow the global events with the new newspaper system: Attain a greater sense of immersion by receiving local and global reports on world events. Over 60 newspapers, both historic and otherwise, periodically present you with the latest news reports of war, major events, royal gossip and other matters of interest
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Windows 11 Extractor will throw you an error if you download my mod.. Dunno i use Winrar~ FuQ Windows 11
1.8.1 - 1.8.2 additions:

Confederates now get their cores past the first state (1 line of code was interferring with that) so now all the flavour for the americas should work.

Polish states can proclaim themselves Poland even when being a vassal state once they get 60P. e.g after many victories in battles and when owning Warsaw.

Added iron province to Paraguay in Pilar.

Massina starts out as 25% civilization progress instead of 35% since they still managed to civilize before 1880 way too often.

when at peace you get +25% org. regain. This change is made specifically to help AI clean up rebels since AI won't increase their military spending when at war with their own country leading to many rebellions which should have benn quelled winning and taking over.


In Europe we can see:
1. merged Hessen princes into Stadtebund. A stronger sphereling shall help Prussia in her wars.
1.1. Removed Hohenzoellern since its only goal was stopping Austria from forming SGF and i've found a way round* (Look in Germany part)
2. Ionian Islands being directly owned by U.K. They existed to be given to Greece as a bargain chip anyway~
3. Krakow as part of Austrian Empire. Existed to be eaten.

West Africa Map changes:
1.Most of the Niger region is now uncolonized. It is made so that AI will achieve pretty borders. Also these lands were of dubious control of any existing africa nations. It also cuts off Sokoto Caliphate from conquering whole West Africa, which it was prone to do and may still happend, although with lesser intesity.

2.Trarza owns land only along the Senegal river as they were mostly fishermen and slave drivers. And barely qualify to even be Nation
3. These lands were home to some minor sultanates which most of them were not loyal to Bambara. When it was a part of Bambara it would get partitioned by euros into pretty ugly borders too~
Afrique 1 8

Horn of Africa + Central Africa:
1. Omani Zanzibar gets whole of Kenya due to state merging. Giving them only the coastline would all AI to colonise Kenya thru Zanzibari coast. These lands are made into colonies to not make Omani army too powerfull.
2. Hiraab gets the farmlands so it does not look dorky...
3.Portugal gets whole Angola-Congo coast cuz' somebody would, more often than not, colonise the Angola thru this gap.
Afrique 1 8 horn

Satsuma Ryukyu: Ryukyu was a useless tag and historical vassal of Satsuma. Now they are an integral part of Satsuma.


$ per gold unit reduced from 3->0.5
$ to pops mining gold/managing commerce 0.4 -> 2.5
Iron renamed to raw metals
Steel renamed to refined metals
changing most raw good requirements for factories for their refined counterparts so that economy works smoothly.
Example: all iron would get sucked by steel mills and electric gear production would not progress. Much the same for those factories which were upgraded/built with iron.

Due to base Tax change from 20%->25% i'm removing scaling 10% TAX based on literacy
Base administration 20%->1%. Adding scaling 10% Admin based on literacy
Base Tariff eff. from 20% -> 1%

Labourers, Farmers, Artisans now require lumber instead of coal to heat their homes. It also becomes a life need instead of everyday need to showcase death from cold and other such cases.

Timber RGO added to: Stanislavov, 3 forest-carpathian provinces in Transylvania, Tuchel, Koslin, Deutsche-Krone, Allenstein.

Serfdom will give +20% admin to compensate lower base and give Russia another edge so it's dangerous 1836-1865. Later on Russia is supposed to be weak up to year 1900+.
Serfdom was well organised and stable system +20% admin is supposed to showcase Nobility and Mers taking an administrative role. I cannot cleanly make nobility provide admin. due to how many govt. types there are in the game.

Industrial technology have their + farm/mine RGO output cut in half.

Artisans are able to produce charcoal(Coal) from lumber to showcase historical charcoalery and help with possible shortages of coal.
Artisans Wool -> clothing industry was made a bit less effective so they do not starve the world's population of wool.

Artisans may now produce foodstuffs using food + lumber. This is a gimmicky fix to the RGO mechanic. For you see: RGO will not produce something when it is not bought. RGO will instantly fire its workers instead of slowly scaling back production. Artisans at the other end work much the same as a factory would. If food is not bought they will slowly scale back their production and maybe even change what they produce if the demand plummets.

Furthermore it creates a feedback loop where farmer produces grain to facilitate artisan needing that grain to produce.. grain. So basicly there is demand for grain to be processed into grain.. yeah.

This elaborate scheme is made only so that there can be overproduction and thus - abundance of food on the market.


Academia schools changes:

Military-Industrial Complex:
Commerce 0% -> -15%
Navy -5% -> +10%
Made no historical sense that military-industrial complex would not invest in some big ships ay?

Tycoon Capitalism:
Commerce +15% -> +20%*

Industry +15% -> +20%*

Avant-Garde Inteligencia:
Culture +15% -> +20%*

*Non combat Academia should give more bonuses in their specialised branches of research

AI incentives on technology:
Military-Industrial Complex AI will be incentivised to take naval technologies and less likely to pick commerce techs outside of 1st Column (Tax) and first 2 influence techs(Market Functionality). Since Prussia was outinfluenced by France in her fight for german hegemony.

When AI has over 10M pounds they will be less likely to pick economical techs. (Railroads and Chemistry not affected)

AI should have over 60k pounds to start investing into rail technology~


Unciv reaction rebels, which i consider to depict peasant rabble will now kill 20% of nobility and 20% of administration too! Killing will take place upon winning a siege of a capital province of a state.

If they win a rebellion they shall remove 1 random mil.reform and 1 r. eco.reform instead. They used to remove 2 of each, but that would make a Player save-scum out of the dicey situation. Some still may, but making it hurt less may encourage some Players to keep playin and not chicken out~


Crisis CB's will cost 75% infamy to encourage the Player to partake in the mechanic.

Refusing call to arms prestige loss increased from -3P to -10P. Proving to be an un-honourable piece of manure should deter all future allies from taking you seriously.

Humiliate shall now remove 30% instead of 20% of the nation Prestige. Since AI loves to add humi let's buff it to make it matter. Instead of fighting with AI's way of doing things I shall strive to make their actions the right ones.

Having Suez Canal will give +30% influence and owning Panama +15%

Streamlined migration of pops which now looks like:
+10% if its to americas
+10% if its americas and they have 2 states or more
+5% if the target country has 2 states or more
+15% if its the same culture group
+3% if the target has more than 10M$


Rio-Grande and Sonora can now apply for U.S statehood.


Russian event to lose cores when not owning Poland and Aaland Islands moved from average time of 36 months ->90 months. Doing this will allow Russia to try and reconquer her cores before she loses them.

Removed Russia decisions to regain her cores. Since dismantle takes them away, so why should Russia be able to cheat them back?

All uncolonized lands of Kazachstan are now owned by tribes. Cuz AI RUS still attritioned even with all the counter-measures.. and they would get looped moving from A->B->A->B (...)
It may not look great, but healthier AI Russia is just higher on my priority list.


Crimea and Caucas regions start out as colonies.
Merged decision to rename Primorye with dec. expeling the manchus.


Increased promotion to soldier pop based on military spending. Pops will join army if revanchism is high too.

Cuirassier 1.0 -> 1.2 discipline
Dragoon 1.0 -> 1.1 discipline
Cavalry units were elite and thusly they had soldiers of higher quality than regular infantry. Hussars do not get bonus discipline because they were mostly scouting and skirmish formations.

Artillery gets +2 SPD when inventing motorised infantry. It is made so one can still have a mobile army with artillery, although the motorised infantry + artillery will still be slower than motorised infantry + tanks.
Motorised Infantry invention will now require one to have invented cars. Seems self-explanatory.

Penicillin will give + 3% military hospitals and -5% to weight of the army. It is an invention unlocked by researching Modern Chemistry a last-row technology in Chemistry column.

Units move 10% faster when moving to or from a core province. Bonus movement from railroads is lowered from 5% per LVL to 3%/LVL. Combining those 2 changes We can witness friendly formations having home advantage while traversing the lands versus their adversary who will move slower in comparison.


Removed alsace, GER now has cores in Alsace on game start to avoid germans living in Alsace from speaking french and eating frogs. Merged Hessen minors into frankfurt(Stadtebund). Mainly for performance reasons, alas a stronger sphereling is always welcome. (May think of a path to forming Germany fro them)

Danzig wont lose 40LF upon - LF german event (thanks be to crimeamod for seeing this grave error 'O')

Since Hohenzoellern does not exist. to form SGF Austria needs to own/sphere/puppet Wurtemberg, Baden and Saxony. Due to all those countries starting in Austrian sphere there is an additional condition of either owning Breslau (Silesia) or having 250 prestige to talk it over with the Bavarians, saxons and schwabs to coerce'em into forming South German Federation.

Bohemia merged with Moravia and bears the creative name of Bohemia-Moravia. Tesin and Bielsko are now part of Silesia.



Literacy for various Japan nations down from 40% to 20% with variations of up to 30%.
All clergymen, aristocrats and officers start with +20% literacy above the national average.


TAGS removed: Lustiania, Ladakh, Shimla, Babylonia, Wai Chang, Champasak, Sikkim, Ionian Islands, Brunswick, Patriarchate of Syria, Ruthenia, Macedonia, Pontus (now Greece cores), Portuguese Galicia Merged many africa post-colonial tags with tribals and removed some of 'em, removed Alsace, Heese-Darmsdat, the other Hessen and Nassau, Sulu, Cherokee, Dagestan, Ryukyu, Ruperts Land, Maritimes, Newfoundland, Kalmykia, Asir, Hohenzoellern, England, Belize, Manhattan Commune, Limburg, Trieste, Fiume, Savoy, Trinidad, Jamaica, Tahiti, Fiji, SGF, NGF, Krakow, Schleswig, Holstein,PLC, Ainu nation and 35 dynamic tags.

merged cherokee, dakota, inuit cultures to native american since they were useless.
made sami finnish (thanks be to crimeamod)
Ainu are now asian_minor. All the oceanic cultures are now Pacific Islander.

Organise colony decisions moved to event format. Reorganize removed.

ghost unit cleanup is now nearly 100% effective.

Most of the pop up repeatable events shall now be one-time only but have their Militancy/Conciousness/Prestige increased *2 or *3 to make them matter in any meaningfull way and not be annoying.

Lots of Africa states merged~

West Africa:

westafrica cons

Central Africa:

centrafrica cons

South Africa:

sudafrica cons

Horn of Africa:

Horn province

Israel has 4 options to be released instead of 8... The options left are: Angola, Palestine, Alaska and Madagascar.

################THIS ARTICLE WILL BE EXPANDED#################

refined car otaku

Victoria III 1.7 Patch Notes

Victoria III 1.7 Patch Notes

Victoria III 8 comments

Changes to colonisation patterns to avoid enclaves and make colonisation more historical. Changes to state/province shapes in poland/france. China anti-westernisation...

Orbis Regnum: Modding progress, discord and pre-alpha testing

Orbis Regnum: Modding progress, discord and pre-alpha testing

Orbis Regnum 8 comments

Diary #3: Modding progress so far, quick peep of urban areas, a few new countries and flags and pre-alpha test information.

Orbis Regnum: 'Leaders, parties, and their agendas'

Orbis Regnum: 'Leaders, parties, and their agendas'

Orbis Regnum 2 comments

Diary #2: About political leaders, political parties, and their conceptual evolution and adaptability through the geopolitics of the 20th and 21st century...

Orbis Regnum Mod --- THE GLOBAL KINDGOM

Orbis Regnum Mod --- THE GLOBAL KINDGOM

Orbis Regnum 2 comments

Diary #1: Introduction to the mods ideas and goals.

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1.8.0 Hot-Fix Suez/Panam Fix

1.8.0 Hot-Fix Suez/Panam Fix

Victoria III Script

go into mod/victoriaIII/events and replace canals.txt with this canals.txt. Sowwy :< This is a fix for 1.8.0 specifically since 1.8.1 comes with the fix...

DRM 0.6

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Beta Release(Updated)

Beta Release(Updated)

Bosnia Artilleria Demo

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victoriaIII 1.8.3 Optimization Edition

victoriaIII 1.8.3 Optimization Edition

Victoria III Full Version 4 comments

1.8 Aims to increase the speed of gameplay and smoothen the economy by removing various bottlenecks. This patch will require one to clear his Cache and...

Zorro_Ladron - - 8 comments

There are many revolutions and the revolutionaries have more morals than the army itself [= ^ · <· ^ =] but the mod was very fun, I still don't know English, maybe it was because of some decisions I made without understanding it well.

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