Buff and Shine for Broken Crescent is a passion project meticulously crafted over nearly a decade. Initially conceived as a minor facelift to fill in missing text descriptions for a friend, it has evolved into a comprehensive overhaul for Broken Crescent 2.4.2, now standing as a fully standalone mod. This total conversion strives to offers a rich and immersive experience, bringing new life to the game with many enhancements and features.

Key Features:

  • Edited and Rewritten Text: All text in the game has been thoroughly edited and rewritten for clarity and immersion. No longer is there missing text—I've added and enhanced the many interesting descriptions that made Broken Crescent so engaging.
  • Improved AI: Battle and campaign AI have been improved, offering a more challenging and dynamic gameplay experience.
  • Redesigned Building and Recruitment: The building and recruitment systems have been completely reworked, featuring a new recruitment building chain and different Area of Recruitment (AOR) mechanics.
  • Dozens of New Events: Experience a richer game world with dozens of new events.
  • Hundreds of New Traits and Ancillaries: Enhance your characters with hundreds of new traits and ancillaries, adding depth and variety to gameplay.
    Reworked Units: Every unit has been meticulously reworked for better balance and gameplay.
  • Enhanced Battle Mechanics: Battles, sieges, and more have been reimagined to provide a more engaging and strategic experience.
  • Fixed Missing Image Cards: Missing image cards for buildings and units have been fixed, ensuring a more polished and complete visual experience.
  • Overhauled Trade, Growth, and Unrest: Trade, growth, and unrest mechanics have been overhauled for improved gameplay and strategic depth.
  • 3 New Factions: The Principality of Kyiv, The Atabeg Salghurids, and The Bavandid Ispahbahs, bringing the total faction count to 21.
  • Dozens of New Buildings: Including wonders, cultural buildings, and a brand new recruitment system inspired by federal iqta systems.
  • New RPG and Empire Management Mechanics: Features like religious tolerance, and supply management.
  • 3 New Historical Battles: Relive pivotal moments in history with three new historical battles.

3 Optional Mechanics for Added Challenge:

  1. Legendary Difficulty: Armies must be led by family members or generals; otherwise, they are prohibited from attacking other armies or settlements with captains. Additionally, generals with small armies of or without siege education cannot build any siege equipment and must starve enemies out.
  2. Authority and Rebellion: Greater role-playing and challenge to the campaign. If your faction's ruler drops to a "Low Authority" rank, you may face rebellious subjects that could lead to a full-scale rebellion within your faction.
  3. Governor Script: With this script enabled, you cannot construct buildings or recruit units in settlements unless a governor is present to oversee these actions.

Buff and Shine is now stable, addressing various script and engine foibles that resulted in crashes in the original Broken Crescent 2.4.2. Known issues that remain include:

  • Elephants in Custom Battles: Elephants can still be temperamental in custom battles, potentially causing crashes.
  • Sieging Glitches with Indian Factions: Although mostly resolved, Indian factions may still glitch and freeze when sieging due to engine limitations related to elephants battering walls—a feature from Rome: Total War not present in Medieval 2.
  • Forts in Custom Battles: Forts will still crash in custom battles.

Can you master the Middle East, the Russian Steppe, and cross the River Indus? With challenges covering the Third Crusade, the Balkanization of the Seljuk Empire, and the rise of the Mongols, Buff and Shine promises an exciting and interesting experience.

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New Religious Systems

  • Religion is of greater relevance than the vanilla experience. Differing faiths can cause more significant turmoil in each region; however, there is also the option of evoking religious tolerance. Which allows a ruler to construct edicts of religious tolerance that increase trade and collect a poll tax upon religious minorities in the region. Its cost is that it halts religious conversion of the faction's faith in that province, and it is a source of unhappiness for the more zealous of the true faith population. Choosing to oppose tolerance removes the edict of tolerance across the Realm, but it does give a flat increase to the true faith. This choice occurs upon the crowing of each new faction leader.


  • The Mongols have been overhauled compared to 2.4.2 Broken Crescent. No longer will they rush you with unlimited free instantly produced units. The Mongols are still a realistic threat, but they are a fun threat. Now they come in waves over a period of around 20 turns. After each new region of conquest, they gain the ability to raise new powerful armies.
  • Their recruitment has been revised in several ways. Their production times have been increased, and their recruitment of elite troops has been. Thus, making them far more balanced when compared to other factions. In compensation, they can now also produce auxiliary AOR troops. Whereas previously they were given unlimited money and instant production.


  • The Menu has been overhauled, allowing full faction selection (all factions except Rebels and Mongols) for the grand campaign without causing a crash.
  • New portraits which add many new culture-specific portraits for some extra flavour.


  • A new recruitment system. No longer build Barracks / Stables / Ranges for units; instead, one building is responsible for all faction-specific units whilst levy, and AOR troops now have their own building trees.
  • As an extension of the feudal system, recruiting troops outside of home regions is now possible. However, they arrive at a far slower rate. As a result of this, recruitment is not instantaneous. You must develop your faction's cultural infrastructure after every conquest. It is a middle ground between BC and Vanilla MTW2.


  • New buildings, for the economy, infrastructure and warfare.
  • Streamlined the building tree. All buildings now do something. No longer are their useless buildings.
  • Inclusion of new cultural buildings and wonders.


  • I've overhauled the unit stats. Many units hadn't been adapted from previous builds, making some rosters weaker and far less effective in battles and the campaign. These changes are minimal, but you will dramatically notice their effect for the better.
  • New formations added to the Roster for varied combat encounters.

RPG elements and Traits

  • Added 50+ new traits that add flavour, RPG aspects and cool game-play elements.
  • Reworked the title system to be dynamic and effective. Examples include: conquering enough land as a Hindu faction and pushing the Muslims back past the Indus, and you may be declared a Maharaja, or perhaps as Rome, you lose Constantinople be prepared to be stripped of your title of emperor and face rebellions or even civil war.
  • New ancillaries have been implemented. Enhancing game-play elements and additional RPG flavour.
  • Introduction of a trophy system if you defeat a different culture group decisively, you will receive a trophy from them that gives unique benefits. A crusader shield, for example, will give you extra command and troop morale, whilst a Turkic bow will give you greater skill in ambushes and authority.
  • Generals with a dread rating can raid and pillage enemy territory for financial gain but at the cost of reduced movement and range of sight penalty.


  • 3 New Factions to battle against with a priority to fill boring or dull regions whilst still remaining historically inspired.
  • The Salghurids Atabegs based in Fars came to dominate much of the Gulf and southern Iran.
  • The Principality of Kyiv is a mere shadow of the once great Kievan Rus state with the right leadership. Perhaps greatness could be great once more.
  • The Bavanids – a Shiite state surrounded by enemies will you be able to lead them to greatness?
  • Kerman Seljuks have been reworked to fulfil the role of the Seljuks of Iraq, like what they were in BC 2.3.
  • 15+ Optional New events will provide new challenges, including the Trebizond Empire emerging, Dynamic Jihad script and many more.

Historical Battles
Three New Historical Battles
More historically inspired than accurate, they are all fairly well-balanced and work in multiplayer if that is your thing.

  • Battle of Mamistra 1152: Byzantine Empire attempts to thwart the ambitions of independence for Cilician Armenia
  • Battle of Indus 1221: The last stand of the Khwarezmid Empire against the Mongols
  • Battle of Arsuf 1191: the famed battle between Richard and Saladin.


  • A tweaked AI for Broken Crescent so far has resulted in less passive AI when compared to previous builds
  • Diplomacy has been improved, bribing is more likely, and agents are used more effectively by both players and AI alike.
  • Elephants are less likely to stall sieges (at least in India)


  • A huge range of tweaks for battles, campaigns and many other things.
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BCBUFF 2.5.2

BCBUFF 2.5.2

Patch 12 comments

Hi All, Just a small patch for the 2.5 release. Fixes the Mongol invasion Crash and Elephant Mercenaries crash that can occur. I've also cleaned up Guilds...

Buff and Shine 2.5 Full Release

Buff and Shine 2.5 Full Release

Full Version 28 comments

Buff and Shine 2.5 Full Release. * Battle AI less likely to stall and be aggressive. *Re-balanced economy, upkeep of levy troops and auxiliaries are no...



Patch 2 comments

Small Patch Update - The Mongols when spawning were being wiped out pretty much immediately bit of a boost to them should last long enough to be a threat...



Full Version 10 comments

Buff and Shine 2.4 Full Release. * Overhaul of the Battle AI, more aggressive in field battles while also remaining cautious. * Improvement in Siege Defence...

Patch for 2.2

Patch for 2.2


Hi Everyone just a quick little fix ansar warrior for Oman was released costing 19k instead of 1900 this file will fix this. Please export it into your...



Full Version 21 comments

2.2 Update for Buff and Shine with the patch, updated code and better UI

Comments  (0 - 10 of 47)
SwordDuelist - - 13 comments

Hey man love the mod! FYI when interacting with the bavanids in the diplomacy screen their icon is bugged (its just a purple square).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,535 comments

Love this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ImKazuma - - 130 comments

Love the mod, thanks for your work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Newguy77 - - 18 comments

Can you convert to another religion? Let's say I'm a pagan ruler and want to become zoroastrian, is it possible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
WeekendGeneral Creator
WeekendGeneral - - 38 comments

Outside the scope of the engine go to a paradox game for that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,535 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 695,535 comments


I have a question whether it is possible to disable the "Siege Script", because I am planning to create a Hotseat Campaign with this mod, but this Script is not very useful to us.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
WeekendGeneral Creator
WeekendGeneral - - 38 comments

The opening mechanics are always optional. I think I have disabled them in Hotseat mode. You may need to open up campaign_script and disable any events with options otherwise the event will appear for both players.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
TheKerberos - - 121 comments

Cross the river Indus? is India a playable faction here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
WeekendGeneral Creator
WeekendGeneral - - 38 comments

Yes, there are 2 Rajput factions to play as.

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