Hello everyone and welcome to Rise of Corruption, a total Conversion mod for TS.
This mod takes place several years after firestorm!

GDI won the second tiberium war and NOD is in disarray again.
After the third cabal core got shut down, a few NOD commanders began
to not only criticise Slavik and his alliance with GDI against CABAL.
These commanders began to devide the brotherhood again. One of them
planned the assassination of Slavik and formed a secret alliance with the
GDI to do so. The name of this traitor was brother marcion, he wanted Slaviks
leading position inside the black hand of NOD.

The GDI on the over side had all hands full with the last cabal forces and three
brutal mutant warlords which started to riot. But don´t forget the scrin who
began to scout not for a great liquid tiberium explosion, but for an emergency
signal transmitted from the scrin wreck on earth which was activated by accident
while the GDI was fighting NOD forces inside.

That was the begin of the scrin invasion.

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Unit update 2

News 2 comments

The Mutants trying to escape Cabals forces.

They didn´t stand a chance against Cabals new Swarmling Mechs and the good old Cyborgs!

These are the new civilian vehicles of ROC.

This is the new GDI Hovercraft, it replaces the Dropship.

Here you can see all buildable units inside ROC!

New units have arrived!

New units have arrived!

News 2 comments

Hello everyone and welcome to our first unit and faction update for ROC. In this update we want to show you the second last new GDI unit the Predator...

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Hassan_2030 Creator
Hassan_2030 - - 7 comments

The project is on halt indefinitely, because I do not have the means
to get it finished anytime soon, sorry!!!

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zproxy - - 108 comments

was there a zip to download and review?

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Corelious - - 290 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JonxJones#1 - - 34 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
masterchief4611 - - 95 comments

Is this mod still alive? It looks fantastic, but I see that you haven't done anything with it for a very long time now... :/

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Hassan_2030 Creator
Hassan_2030 - - 7 comments

It isn't dead yet and I haven't updated this site for so long
because I haven't had the time to do so, there are many things
that have changed, but I can't show them to you guys now, bacause
I am way to busy with my real live and I don't want to do the same
mistake I did with this old outdated alpha pics again, sorry!!!

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zabi2006 - - 10 comments

come on bro create this mod mod i like it

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Tiberium_Exposure - - 617 comments

i just hope this mods epicness doesn't break the site when you post it, that would be very sad, very sad indeed. please, do not ever give up on this mod. far too many people have tried re-writing the general story behind the tiberium universe in tiberian sun only to fail, so please, please do not fail!

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shadowfox12 - - 27 comments



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Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

OH MY GOD, those Voxels are sexy! Good job, Orac and the other guys that made those public assets! And can't wait to see more, Hassan. =)

Definitely tracking.

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