Tiberian Sun Retro
Tiberian Sun Retro makes Tiberian Sun as it should have been.
-New Articial Intelligence that should put even experienced players of Tiberian Sun to a new challenge.
-Over 15 high quality new maps with many new features (of which are not in standard WW maps) that let you explore the tiberium world.
-Fans of original C&C should feel being home with classic units like the Mammoth Tank and Mobile Artillery.
-New technologies and abilities allowing players to create new destructive tactics
-Mutant commandos consist of members of the Forgotten, who tend to support the people who gives what they want. They
specialize in guerilla tactics and warfare.
-Spy on enemies with Nod's stealthy Chameleon Spy infantry.
-Spread the message of Kane and call storms of Tiberium Meteors to Earth with the Pyramid of Nod.
-Dropship Reinforcements Loadout in Single Player Mode
-Mutant Commandos: Umagon, Ghost Stalker, Tratos
-Meteor Storm
-Well over 350 new Sound Effects
-Painstaiking amounts of time spent to bring you detailed Sidebar Icons
And so much more!

Muldrake (Voxels, Ideas and Support)
FS (Voxels)
Many others for support, ideas and content.

For dedicated discussion about all aspects of TS:Retro visit the forums at:
PPM Site

There are too many other download mirrors to list them all, but here are a few:
CNCGuild Download
Dad_A_Tudes corner Download
Thai Gaming Download
Czech C&C fansite Download

Or just search Google and you will find plenty of other download mirrors

This mod was included with the 'December 2003 issue of PC Gamer UK', with the 'January 2004 PC Zone' and 'Feburary 2004, Issue 158 DVD of PC Format' magazine's... ;) and probably some more I dont know about.


  • This mod does not require the Firestorm expansion, however it is highly recommended!
  • This mod fixes many bugs and re-enables many things from standard TS/FS and is bug free* and is a good reliable base to create new mods.
  • The screenshot section now allows Mod DB community to add content
  • This mod is no longer being developed

    and has not been since its release in January 2004

*If you find any bugs please report them on the official TS Retro forum at PPM Site.

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RSS Articles

This patch was created by Apple here at Moddb

Here is his description

  • I changed the tags capturable=yes on missions GDI7a, nod missions 4b, 5a, 11,a and 12b, and then I changed FS missions gdi04 and nod06.

  • Becuase on 7a, you have to recapture hammerfist base or whatever right? Well the first objective cannot be finished unless the GDI Radar can be captureable.

  • On nod06 FS, you have to capture the radar at the one GDI base to complete the mission

  • On gdi04 FS, there's a few nod radars that reveal areas of the map, I re-enabled the tag on that one so that could be done, and I'm pretty sure chameleon spies aren't even buildable on that tech level.

  • I think nod12b is that mission you have to capture the GDI ion cannon codes, since the radar is replacing the upgrade center that mission cannot be finished either.

  • Nod11a is the mission you have to capture jake mcneil, the first objective is to steal the small base. That objective cannot be finished if you can't capture the radar.

  • And for some reason, in TSR's rules.ini, UFO has capturable=no. This makes nod5a mission un-complete-able. So I put the captureable=yes tag in that map too for UFO.

TSR was never designed with campaign in mind and as such although it will now run fine there maybe some minor quirks and imbalances in game play.
I have not fully tested this so if there are any problems please notify the author 'Apple'.

RSS Files
Sam Site Fix

Sam Site Fix

Patch 1 comment

This fixes the sam site so that it can now target Jump-jet infantry again

Single Player Campaign Fix

Single Player Campaign Fix

Patch 14 comments

Finally Tiberian Sun Retro is compatible with Single Player Campaign

Tiberian Sun Retro v1.21 (Full)

Tiberian Sun Retro v1.21 (Full)

Full Version 2 comments

This mod by SMIFFGIG "makes Tiberian Sun as it should have been." Features new AI, 15 new maps, new abilities and more. See File/Full Details for more...

Tiberian Sun Retro v1.21 full (latest official)

Tiberian Sun Retro v1.21 full (latest official)

Full Version 23 comments

Tiberian Sun Retro v1.21 full (latest official) larger description will be written soon Instructions Just drop this into your installed Tiberian Sun directory...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 147)

I feel this should be updated for the current fan maintained version.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

As some of the below comments i have also downloaded this and extracted the files to SUN. the changes appear to have taken effect as i can clearly see the new maps in the Skirmish screen and can also see the new slider credit options for 20000 credits. However when attempting to start the match i get an Internal Error. Anybody know a way around this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have the First decade version of Tiberian Sun. It works fine by itself. When extract the Retro mod files (1.21) into my Tiberian sun directory, either launching it thru game.exe or SUN.exe, the game does load up, and I can tell the mod changes have taken effect. However, I go to load up a new GDI campaign, and this does work - the FMV plays, then the mission loads. But I exit out of that, and then try to load up a new Nod campaign, the FMV plays, but then I get an internal error at the loading screen! Its like I can only fire up a campaign once, and if I back out and try again, it ***** up! What the hell?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Got a new problem now. I set both "game" and "SUN" exe files to windows 98 compatibility, 256 color checkbox checked, and run as administrator. Now, I am able to load up any campaign I want without any IE, and they all seem to work - EXCEPT FOR THE (TS) Nod Campaign. It works, but there is no FMV cutscene at the beginning! No movie before the first mission, I havn't checked - made it to the other missions yet. Dafuq? This is a weird *** problem, its a clean install, and I have all the movies.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Guys, i need help, i downloaded this mod and i dont know how to build those thinks and buildings (when i launch skirmish maps i cannot build any retro mod building) what do i have to do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Which version of Tiberian Sun do you play?
Have you extracted the content of the TS-Retro archive into Tiberian Sun's main directory?
Do any changes to the game show up at all?
On which tech level are you playing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I loved playing Tiberian Sun Retro on the single player campaign (with the fixes applied) and in skirmish/multiplayer-mode. It's my all-time favorite mod for vanilla-TS which isn't a total conversion or a standalone-mod.

Once OpenRA has fully implemented support for TS, I'd love to have TS-Retro ported to that engine if the original authors are ok with it. :-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

If I had the time, I would love to port over an updated version of TS Retro to OpenRA.

The Open Source nature and additional features/functionality, would allow me to implement many things I would have liked for this version but was unable to achieve.

Let's see if EA release a Tiberian Sun Remastered as they have for C&C and RA1.

I personally think it requires more of a remake, it iron out the many issues that the original had and it would be great to seem them implement, many of the planned features for TS.
But not sure any of this will happen.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can some one help me with this mod please , the problem is I can play a skirmish or a single player mission but after that I get a critical error , I am running on a win 10 comp I3 8 gig and 750 Ti, I have the command and conquer pack from Origin but this happens with the free version also and with the new TS client. If you need other info please tell me I really like this mod i have finished the campaigns with it on my old XP desk top.
Thank you in advance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I also enjoy this mod. I am just waiting for an AI overhaul! I was never great at learning how to mod AI.Ini files but once i made the AI just the way i wanted it. 23 Riflemen, 12 disk throwers attaking in one wave. 8 wolverines and 6 Titans would attack in another. But evntually it crashed because i did not have the right knowledge for eiditing AI paths and AI attack teams and all that. But was so much intense and way more fun. The default AI only attacks with 7-8 infantry in one attack wave. (Bordom) If anyone remembers how frantic skirmish was on Red Alert back in 90s It was great. Frantic intense gameplay.

Would be nice if someone can Enhance the AI.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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