Hello, i'd like to take the time to present a nice HL1 mod called "Resident Evil Valiant"

Website: Reva.ihostfull.com Icrazyblaze.itch.io
Name: Resident Evil - Valiant
Mode: Singleplayer
Mod: Half Life 1 / Spirit of Half Life
Content: Custom Models/Maps/Textures/Sounds
Levels: 8 so Far as Storyline and 5+ as Defense Maps
Finished: Soon(tm)
Style: Zombies and Grunts
Team: 2 Mapper and a part time coder and many generous help like Modelling and Texturing.

Story: This Modification takes place in the Resident Evil Universe, you're part of the Raccoon City Police Department when hell breaks loose and zombies invade the city. The police helicopter is flying around the city when being hit and forced to land.

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Today its Time to Present the First official BETA of Resident Evil Valiant


Custom Code

# IFF Hud

# Newspaper/Diary Feature

# 3 Different Healing Weapons

# Minigun

# Flamethrower

# STI Eagle 6.0

# Grenadelauncher

100s of Custom HD Models

Original Resident Evil Sounds

over 1000 HD Textures

Storyline consists of 10 Levels Fully working

5-6 Defense Maps that arent finished yet but should work, just try to Defend maps for 10minutes

City Buildup Map fully functional - Collect items to help rebuild the city and its defense.

Resident Evil Valiant Beta 1.1


Drop the Folder /rev/ into /Half-Life/ and restartSteam, simple as it is

Contact? Bugs?

Join Discord to help us solve bugs: Discord.gg


Resident Evil Valiant Beta 2 coming soon

Resident Evil Valiant Beta 2 coming soon


Resident Evil Valiant Devblog reaching to Beta 2 soon. also Bacon...

Resident Evil Valiant Devblog and Hireing

Resident Evil Valiant Devblog and Hireing

News 2 comments

Resident Evil Valiant Devblog 2018, hireing mre people...

Resident Evil Valiant closing in for BETA + News

Resident Evil Valiant closing in for BETA + News

News 5 comments

Hello, today well like to present you a few new good things, a Website, New Models, a LARGE new Map and as always Hiring.

Resident Evil Valiant closing Finish, + Hireing Payd Coder

Resident Evil Valiant closing Finish, + Hireing Payd Coder

News 3 comments

Resident Evil Valiant Devblog about Finishing the Mod for Release and the Hireing of a Payd Coder.

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Resident Evil Valiant Beta 1.1

Resident Evil Valiant Beta 1.1

Demo 10 comments

First Beta Release 1.1 of Resident Evil Valiant, please report any bugs to Discord... Installation ############# Drop the Folder /rev/ into /Half-Life...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 78)
PsyWarVeteran - - 1,879 comments

Is this still being worked on?

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.Bach - - 482 comments

Hello. May I ask about what your objective is? A scary mod that resembles the latest RE games? A mod made just for fun and kill some monsters? What are your plans for the storyline?

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Heffernan Creator
Heffernan - - 140 comments

no really competent storyline, just some fun and remembrance of RE Games

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Ruslan40 - - 62 comments

hi, and you can do the level separately where are you together with the police and swat defending themselves against zombies?

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Vic47 - - 58 comments

Save files get broken very quick. Can't get past the first door because when i load my save after getting hit by a zombe once again (because their actual attacks doesn't match with their models' animations, ffs) i get a black scren with a "screenshot" of main menu and "loading..." in the middle of the screen.
Shotgun's rate of fire should be faster because right now it shoots way slower that it's cocking animation ends, while crossbow works in the exactly opposite way. Also, x-bow's arrows are "glued" to it's magazine side, instead of being inside it, and it's reloading handle clips through the player's left arm. And yes the Shotgun doesn't have the crosshair (if other weapons have it, why the shotgun does not, and vice versa?).
Minigun has HEV arms and ejects empty shells through it's barrels.
Rocker launcher's scope clips through the player's face when looking forward (i can only see thelens if i look at the ground under my feet), and it has wierd reloading animation, and M79 has 4 or 5 rounds in the "clip" (lol?)
The TEC-9 is called "MAC11" for some reason, and the baseball bat is called "Lusile" or something like that (the heck?). Also, can't pick up two TEC-9's from dead cops in the beginning (where it says the street is flooded) (and since when cops use TEC-9's anyway?).
Survival missions does not work (zombies just stand and do nothing unless you attack them, and spawn the very next second after you kill them, if you do), and "city building" map does not load (game crashes and reports that it is missing some mdl file if i try to play it).
1/10 even for beta. 1,25 Gb of garbage. Deleting.
P.S. And why in the hell the Tyrant's model is called "Nemesis.mdl"?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Vcc2cc - - 492 comments

Can't tell if you're being serious or not. If you are, you just typed what is probably the longest bitch-post ever. Included with what I'd consider some of the dumbest complaints on moddb. /ConsecutiveCriticism

Heff- I started the game and played briefly, but yes, there's a lot of fixes needed. Good start though!

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Vic47 - - 58 comments

Просто иди нахуй =)

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Heffernan Creator
Heffernan - - 140 comments

nah its ok exept the "1,25gb garbage" its ok i prefer if people are honest and tell me whats wrong instead of holding back behind a nice wall so i think everything is ok.

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Heffernan Creator
Heffernan - - 140 comments

havent had complains about city building map not loading so i assume you did something wrong

Shotgun Rate of Fire is glued to Resident Evil and making it faster breaks the immersion and hardness of the game

shotgun has no Scops as it doesnt have in real life asnd is a short range weapon

Minigun will be Fixed one day shells aswell as Arms

M79 is known and will be fixed to have 1 ammo was accidentally copied from the M202-Flash Rocket launcher

lucille = you seem to have never watched The Walking Dead

tec9 i dont know i got told its originally a Mac11 but i will rework it

the tec9 at the beginning is a bug from reworking weapons and has been fixed to mp5

save files should have been fixed ages ago i hope its really fixed in the final.

survival missions isa problem yes but no clue how to fix that zombies in Half Life are originally having a scripted sequence or are very boring so i gotta see how to increase there AI

Thanks for your report.

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Vic47 - - 58 comments

Shotty: Mmkay, maybe slow down the shotgun's cocking animation then to match it's RoF?
As for the sights - well, most alot of games allow ou to iam down thesights with shotguns, and shotguns can be loaded with slug (1 bullet) and other kinds of rounds, not just buckshot, and can be used to hunt ducks and other animals from big distance _in real life_, so...

lucille: - yepp, i never did. I'm not that kind of person who likes tv series. I prefer movies. I've watched a few series over my 30 years but i guess i can count them with my fingers or close to that.

As for the rest - well, i hope you are willing to and will put alot of work in this and make it alot better - personally i like RE franchise alot and RE-themmed mods for other games (currently playing Re: Cold Blood HL mod with my friends) and was really looking forward for your Survival mode (since i'm a big fan of Killing Floor, and Mercenaries mode in teh original RE games, and was dreaming about something like that for HL forquite a long time, but Base Defense HL mod didn't gave me what i wanted). Too bad it is so raw so far. Let's hope you'll be able to make something good out of it, and that your mod will become a decent addition to the RE mods collection. Good luck on that.

And yepp, i have a catchy eye for such little (or big) imperfections as those that i've pointed above, and i always try to point out everything that i find broken/unfinished/unfitting/etc. so people could possibly fix/change that and make a potentially good product better (so i and other people could enjoy it more, if it is a potentially good thing and worth playing)and i always try to be honest in my reviews and express what i actually fell from playing some mod or a game, and think about that.
Anyway, it's your mod, and it's up to you to decide, if you are willing, and will change something or anything, ornot, and how will you do it if you will, and all of the above is just my personal opinion, which might differ from your or anybody else's, so it's up to you to decide what to do with the above information.
Hoping your next release will be something you can be proud of and something even such meticulous people as i can enjoy )

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