Hello, i'd like to take the time to present a nice HL1 mod called "Resident Evil Valiant" Name: Resident Evil - Valiant Mode: Singleplayer Mod: Half Life 1 / Spirit of Half Life Content: Custom Models/Maps/Textures/Sounds Levels: 8 so Far as Storyline and 5+ as Defense Maps Finished: Soon(tm) Style: Zombies and Grunts Team: 2 Mapper and a part time coder and many generous help like Modelling and Texturing. Story: This Modification takes place in the Resident Evil Universe, you're part of the Raccoon City Police Department when hell breaks loose and zombies invade the city. The police helicopter is flying around the city when being hit and forced to land.

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Resident Evil Valiant Devblog reaching to Beta 2 soon. also Bacon...

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Hello, i would like to put some News up on the Upcoming Resident Evil Valiant (not to confused with Capcoms new game Resident Evil Valiant Raid..... im not even joking it exists..... Dailystar.co.uk)

Firstly i tried to fix the horrible lazy Zombie AI with some discord help (thanks to James from RECB, Shephard, Fenix and Solokiller for the coding help learning basic stuff)

This is how far i got by increasing the AI at wich a enemy reacts to you still doesnt work when hes not facing you or is being soht at)

Secondly: we finally managed to get a working Ammo HUD going (only just noticed it doesnt show how many ammo left not in clip but meh)

this shows 1) a ECG Image (which might still be rescaled) for the Health and a Ammunition for the Ammo, then under it working Graphics for Health and Ammo (here a round of grenades in a grenadelauncher)

This Video is a bit older but used to display the different Ammo Types and Graphics.

and do you people remember this from Resident evil ? (next screenshot copyright capcom, not my mod)

after a bit of coding and hours of Mapping i finally managed to recreate a bit of it (altho it has a small bug i need to code out whenever i find someone)

This is what will happen for picking up ammo and weapons and medkits now

Bugfixes upcoming:

- Save Files should not longer be broken

- Shotgun finally a Remington M870 from a SPAS12

- M79 Grenade Launcher now has 1 ammo capacity.

- Shotgun now has a Scope (not liking but poeple insisted on it)

- Completely reworked the RPD >> check for more infos

<< this was a shame a Mapper on moddb decompiled the RPD from a old mod and redid it from scratch but didnt watch for r_speeds or memory leaks as didnt i having a top ++ computer with 16gig memory but other people pointed out it lags horribly so i had to rework it by making 100s of grouped func_details and rework areas) >>


Shotgun rare of fire to slow

- Shotgun Rate of Fire is glued to Resident Evil and making it faster breaks the immersion and hardness of the game


- Minigun having HEV Arms

- Shotgun has HEV Arms

- Broken Texture in First Aid Spray

- no Enemy Decapacitation

- half finished AI rework

- some of the Defense maps require more content and triggers

what do we Need?


Changing hands on 2 models, and fix a texture error

Decapacitation of Hgrunt and Barney and Dog (no cute doggos were harmed in the creation of this game)


Implement a Decapacitation System (for years coders told me its very hard until someone told me its a matter of minutes if u have the models ready wich i do)

Repair Broken Repelling Hgrunt (somehow adding a IFF system for name and health broke the repelling animation)

Repair/Implement Fog

finish AI rework

and now to finish off i Started my own RL Zombie world in Lego with a City Diorama as Zombie Defense, and what could be better for that then Selfmade Gordon Freeman and Barney Calhoun?

Thanks so far :)

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