This is a gameplay mod for DOOM II that aims to adapt the mechanics and weapons of the Ratchet & Clank series into GZDoom. There are a total of 24 weapons that can all be leveled up through the acquisition of XP, with all but the Omniwrench transforming at V5. Maximum health can be increased in the same fashion, reaching a maximum of 400. You'll be facing off against an extended bestiary with more complex behaviors than your standard DOOM monsters. Fortunately, hitscan is more or less absent from the mod. Player agility has been enhanced with faster speed, double jumping, and gliding. The package contains modified versions of gleasspty's weapon wheel and Sgt_Mark_IV's Bolognese gore mod. Lastly, you'll find two playable maps inside the main pk3: a tutorial map to get players used to the new mechanics and the hub map for the Annihilation Nation arena. I'm open to critiques and suggestions, so if this mod interests, give it a look and let me know what you think!

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New Items to be Included in 1.1


It's been about a week since Hot and Bothered released, and in the few remaining days before I begin my new job, I wanted to hammer out some fun new inclusions for the mod.

Holoshield - An item used from the inventory bar to drop a pair of reflective barriers.

Thruster Pack - An upgrade to the Helipack that allows quick boosts of speed by double-tapping a directional key.

Warp Pad - A beacon deployed through the inventory bar. Upon activation, the player will instantly be teleported to the beacon regardless of their location.

Armor Magnetizer - A passive upgrade that increases XP bauble pickup range.

Hypnomatic - A non-damaging beam weapon. Anything hit by it that isn't immune to the Infector will immediately turn friendly.

Levitator - A second upgrade to the Helipack, enabling the player to hover for a limited time.

Groovitron - Subject your foes to the call of the dance floor! See the video for a quick demonstration. Apologies for the poor resolution and bitrate.

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll have further updates soon.

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HotAndBothered V1

HotAndBothered V1

Full Version

This first release will contain the entire gameplay segment of the mod as well as two maps to play around in. The release of 1.1 will include bug fixes...


slight problem with this mod: when playing in the ultimate doom on a difficulty that has no monster spawn bias it can spawn monsters from doom 2. the ultimate doom doesn't have sprites for them though, which results in invisible archvilles.

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That_Blind_Guy Creator

I don't seem to be having that issue, but I'll do more testing in Ultimate DOOM to see if I do spot it. Some difficulties are supposed to put DOOM II monsters in Ultimate, but I copied the sprites into the main pk3 file to address the glitchy Archviles and such.

What difficulty were you on exactly?

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Finally had the time to play.
Awsome laying destruction upon hell with the help of the arsenal of the Ratchet and Clank series.
while so I do have some suggestions and questions.

• double jump is more than welcome but needs to be reduced. singel jump alone can take you to most places.
• Weapon tweak needed, feels like the weapons are a little bit off sight,
• Fire rate sometimes feel a little uneven an exampel is N60 storm, such weapon should have the option for a more faster fire rate when button mashing the fire button.
• find it difficult to get some shots through windows and other openings through wall or ground, as if the shots hit an invisible wall.
• Weapon sprites: while non-ratcher looking guns looks cool as hell I feel it would do the nostalgia right to have all available weapons with the sprites looking like in the Ratchet series.
• Decoy doesn't seem to work (or i'm doing it wrong, could possible be that too)
it does not attract enemies
• TOO easily obrained weapons. tried this mod with Doom2 and within the first few levels i felt like i had too many weapons.
• number slots (1-9 etc.) felt unsorted, N60 for exampel being on 1 while I feel it should be on 2. and such things.
[in short, better categorized slots.
• there is some low buzzing noice in the background now and then.

suggestions for things to add:
• Any of the equipment from the ratchet series like helipad or hoverpack or other things of such
• vendors of some sort if it would be possible. would add a lott to the gameplay
• with the weapons leveling (awsome by the way) maybe the addition in the weapons wheel of the damage of each weapon
• possibility to costumize your slots (like in the old ratchet games.
• the possibility of adding... lightning, acid or some of that sort to your weapons

That's all for now.
sorry about the long post and even if seems like I found a lot of flaws with the mod I DID actually LOVE it. I'm just also a bit of a Ratchet and Clank nerd.

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That_Blind_Guy Creator

This is a ton to unpack, but exactly the feedback I was hoping for!
I'll reply to each of your bullet points in the same order you gave them.

-I could look into that. I do plan on designing some future maps around the jump physics as they sit though so I'm not sure.
-It is a hassle with trying to do angled projectile weapons in DOOM, as it was made for centered weapons. I'll consult some other mods and see how they handle the issue.
-I would love to add the button-mash trick to the N60 to make it behave just like the one in Up Your Arsenal, but that proved to be a headache so I dropped it. I will give the fire rates on weapons a once-over at all levels to look for any mistakes I may have missed.
-That could either be a hitbox sizing issue or a sprite offset one. I'll look into both possibilities.
-I can certainly try to capture more sprites of the R&C guns (the ones in the mod were done by monkeybtm6, the author of Ratchet DOOM). Truth be told, I didn't do it because I felt a bit intimidated by the task.
-I thought it seemed a bit off as well, but none of the people who tested it complained. Thought it was just me. I'll see what I can do.
-I've been thinking about that too, but I'm not sure what to do there. I'd be fighting DOOM II's problematic pacing there, but there's gotta be a solution.
-The slots are based on where the weapons are obtained from (starting weapons and the colored boxes). I'll consider other options, but I make no promises on this one.
-I'm not sure what you're talking about. You might be referring to the white noise from the lamps.

-I could certainly try, but I'm trying to avoid any randomization outside of monster spawns and damage. Maybe the Warp Pad could replace something.
-Vendors would be cool, but I'm afraid they'd break the pace of the mod.
-Hmm... Maybe I can throw together some extra tables the wheel could draw data from.
-That would be amazing! My issue there is that weapon slots are based on static actor properties. I don't think I can do anything about those themselves, but I could replace them with more quick slots in the mod menu. Can't really do anything about the weapon wheel though.
-Ahh, Omega Mods! As fun as that would be, it's a layer of complexity I really don't have the patience for after my last project.

Thanks for all of this! It gives me a fair bit to consider for v1.1. I've been taking a modding break for a little while to actually play some games for once, but once I'm back on it, I'll post updates.

Addendum: I'm a massive R&C nerd myself, though I haven't gotten to enjoy the games post-Deadlocked. It's great to get this much feedback, especially from a fellow fan.

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Haven't played I tv yet, haven't even downloaded it though if i had the possibility to do it I would. In fact I was thinking about a doom/ratchet hybrid recently and you're really a god for coming out of nowhere to give me this.
I will play asap and sure as hell gonna give you feedback good or bad.
Looking forward to it

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