This mod REQUIRES GZDoom 3.6 or later. 4.1.3 is recommended. This is a gameplay mod for DOOM II that aims to adapt the mechanics and weapons of the Ratchet & Clank series into GZDoom. There are a total of 24 weapons that can all be leveled up through the acquisition of XP, with all but the Omniwrench transforming at V5. Maximum health can be increased in the same fashion, reaching a maximum of 400. You'll be facing off against an extended bestiary with more complex behaviors than your standard DOOM monsters. Fortunately, hitscan is more or less absent from the mod. Player agility has been enhanced with faster speed, double jumping, and gliding. The package contains modified versions of gleasspty's weapon wheel and Sgt_Mark_IV's Bolognese gore mod. Lastly, you'll find two playable maps inside the main pk3: a tutorial map to get players used to the new mechanics and the hub map for the Annihilation Nation arena.

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There is nothing like popping a Bouncer shot into a horde and watching every last one of the bastards go boom.

I loved every minute of testing and playing this mod, from its genesis to today. It'll only keep getting better, too-- y'all watch.



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