This mod REQUIRES GZDoom 4.5. This is a gameplay mod for DOOM II, Final DOOM, and FreeDOOM that aims to adapt the mechanics and weapons of the Ratchet & Clank series into GZDoom. There are a total of 27 weapons that can all be leveled up through the acquisition of XP, with all but the Omniwrench transforming at V5. Maximum health can be increased in the same fashion, reaching a maximum of 400. You'll be facing off against an extended bestiary with more complex behaviors than your standard DOOM monsters. The package contains modified versions of gleasspty's weapon wheel, Xaser's DAMNUMS, and Sgt_Mark_IV's Bolognese gore mod. Lastly, a mapset is in the works for this mod. Any and all help is welcome on this front.

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REQUIRES GZDoom 4.5. This is the final gameplay update for the mod. I'm going be focusing entirely on the maps that go along with it from here on out, and I may release other small mods here and there in the meantime. See below for the changelog.

Ratchet & Clank: Hot and Bothered v2.0

This is such an excellent mod. This has quickly become my favorite gameplay mod of all time for Doom. Thank you for all of your hard work.

I did, however, run into a bit of an error, though I'm positive it might be something on my end. For maps that require a death exit to proceed to the next level, I seem to not only keep the inventory from the previous level now at V1 (with no ammo) but also needing what seems to be the experience for the V4 promotion to level it back up. Starting with a pistol start from the console seems to fix this, so it's a minor bug with a simple enough work around. If it helps, I found this using doom_complete.pk3 (WadSmoosh) as the IWAD with the fullrun.pk3 add on, which makes DOOM1, SIGIL, DOOM2, PLUTONIA, TNT, etc. into one continuous campaign.

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That_Blind_Guy Author

That's odd. I've had plenty of forced pistol starts from death exits like that and never ran into the problem (I was using Scythe 2 for the most part myself). Keeping your stuff is totally intentional, but I'll look into this bug. If I'm able to reproduce and fix it, it'll be in the next push to the dev build which shouldn't take too long.

In the meantime, my suggestion would be to skip the death exits altogether with changemap in the console.

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Thank you for the swift response! Again, it might be something from my end with doom_complete.pk3 and fullrun.pk3, cuz normally E1M8 doesn't immediately go into E2M1, which forces a pistol start. Easy enough fix with the console, and aside from that, it works great. Thanks again for all that you do. c:

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That_Blind_Guy Author

Happy to help! I'm glad you're enjoying the mod. :)

Also no, it isn't on your end. I was mistaken in thinking Scythe 2 Map05 was a death exit. Some testing elsewhere revealed the same exact situation you described.

It's a simple fix thankfully. I just need to add Inventory.UNDROPPABLE and Inventory.UNTOSSABLE in the properties of the weapon level, ammo, and XP items, among a few gadgets and Annihilation Nation items that may be getting dropped as well.

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