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OPERATOR is a TACTICAL SHOOTER total conversion mod of Insurgency that takes the player experience to a whole new level of tactical depth and challenge. We're a very small team and discord community of contributors that have created a unique and solid tactical experience. We set out to create tactical gameplay that we could not find elsewhere and we have achieved it. It's not the prettiest mod, but you can find pretty anywhere. That said, our weapon models look pretty sweet and we use higher poly world models, so the guns and gear look pretty good. Our maps are made to be tactical and they are as tactical as they are spartan.

If you're craving a teamwork-heavy tactical shooter, Operator is worth checking out.

With Operator, we have built a bold and unforgiving tactical shooter experience. Whether you're breaching doors and clearing rooms aggressively, quietly sneaking behind hostile forces, or nervously covering 3 potential entry points while defending, in Operator you’ll face fresh and unforgiving challenges where thought and skill truly matter.

Are You Operator Enough?

> > > Getting started can't be any easier! Simply click "subscribe all" on this workshop collection.

Operator Beta Features

- Penetration Based Armor and Ammo - armor actually works and it matters what ammo you use and where you place your shots.
- New Hitboxes! - Face and Helmet area are now separate Hitboxes. New Groin and Throat Hitboxes. Clavicle and Hips are considered limb shots. Shot placement is now a critical skill!
- Helmets and Face Protection - Helmet protects only helmet area, face shields protect the face.
- Groin and Throat Armor - Extended Armor options for the New Hitboxes. Also Limb Armor!
- BALLISTIC SHIELDS! - It can't be overstated how much this affects the gameplay.
- Lockable Doors - Locks that can be Destroyed by Shotguns and the .44 Mag Mateba.
- Breachable Doors - Breaching charges can blow open doors and breachable walls!
- Helmet and Gear Overlays - Hats, Helmets and Face Protection are represented in First Person!
If you choose face protection, there will be a compromise of your visibility. Backwards cap for high speed - low drag!
- New classes - Element Leader, Breacher, Marksman, and Shield Operator - Rewards coordinating tactics with load outs to optimize your element’s combined operational force multiplier.
- Workshop independence from Insurgency - so your Insurgency workshop mods shouldn’t mess up Operator and modders can also create Operator specific workshop mods that will not mess with your Insurgency experience.
- All player gear is now in bodygroups on the player model. This allows for accurate lighting of the gear and shadows on the player from said gear. This does complicate community modding of the gear and player models, but not the materials.
- High poly world models and attachments - Due to limiting the number of players to 16, we can increase weapon world model fidelity. Enjoy!
- Weapons do not drop! You'd better buy what you need and use it wisely.
- All new economy with 60 supply points.

- All New Weapon Handling - Rewards realistic shooting techniques and demands use of the focus feature for ranged shots.
- New recoil paradigm, easier for new players to at least hit a target, but much harder to master and get very tight groupings.
- Buttstock needed to aim down sights. Operate without a buttstock for cqb weapon length but no ADS.
- Wide range of weapons to choose from
with balance trade offs for benefits.
- Weapon length is accurate to in-game world - Size matters! Weapon length and collision is a real factor in Operator.
- Extensive customization with far over 1 million possible load-out combinations and well over 10 thousand combinations of weapon upgrades on top of that.
- Properly devastating shotguns. - While they may not be the best in a ranged fight you will still find NO NERF in these lead slingers. And many load types to choose from (no1 to triple-aught, birdshot to sabot slug; variety awaits).
- Greatly increased Flash-Bang effect.
- Breaching charges - not great for anti-personnel, but does the trick when planted on doors.
- Bulky attachments lengthen draw/holster times.
- Holo Sights speed up ironsight time.
- No silencers allowed with armor piercing ammo.
- Extended magazines for assault rifles - these exclude armor piercing ammo.

- No reload interrupts! This allows reloading while sprinting, crawling, etc… Only way to interrupt is to change weapons.
- Stamina Management - Weapon Sway is greatly affected by Stamina and your Stamina is limited. Sprint only in short bursts, cover to cover. Don't jump repeatedly. If you keep your stamina above half and are not moving, there is hardly any sway at all.
- Sway is greatly increased directly after a sprint, making shooting accurately immediately out of a sprint much more difficult. This sway dissipates very quickly (mostly gone in under a second).
- Increased movement sway. Gone are the days when wiggling side to side is an advantage. Focusing and getting the well placed shot is the far greater reward. Also, when using the walk key ( alt by default ) you gain a huge advantage to weapon stability while moving.
- Increased sway when duck-walking (crouch walk). By bracketing movement speeds, duck-walking sway is increased without reducing the advantages of stationary crouch.
- Slower movement - movement speeds have been changed across the board, promoting and rewarding teamwork with synchronized walk+ads and crouch movement so you can move silently with two people, one covering over the other.
- Limited sprinting - You can only sprint short distances until you are slowed down and weapon sway increases greatly. This effect quickly diminishes if you crouch or stop. Great for crossing from cover to cover, but not feasible to sprint constantly and still be able to shoot accurately. If kept to short bursts, across roads, hallways, bounding from cover to cover, it has almost no effect on stamina and sway.
- No Sliding - None.

New Maps:
Hotel - 5-level hotel with usable and destructible doors, an elevator, working mirrors, and other innovative features.
House - 2 story with basement. Elimination map that will have you on edge.
Range - Extensive multiplayer shooting range with several challenging courses.
Petrichor - Mansion like main building with many entry options and some verticality.
Cult - Two 2 story buildings and lots of lockable doors. Plays different every round!
Nail - Each corridor is a challenge with long sight lines and little cover, smoke is useful.
Hesitation - Mega map with many modes. Extremely diverse tactical situations.
...and more maps in the works!

Play Tests Every Saturday at 1pm Eastern!

Join our Discord and lets Operate!

If you would like to join in as a contributor/collaborator and create new possibilities and experiences with us, contact us on Discord and let us know your skills!

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Thanks to Marxman, when selecting which ammo type you want to run, it now displays ballistic gel tests for the internal ballistics! This should help illustrate the advantages and drawbacks of different ammo types, along with understanding the explosive trauma that'll be inflicted on your opponents. I'll also go through the basics of how generally different ammo types perform. (Keep in mind right now, these are a work in progress and haven't been done for every round)

Handgun Calibers


Handgun rounds will generally do less damage and penetrate less armor than rifle rounds, but will have low recoil and high rate of fire in a compact smg package, or make a nice secondary for desperate times. Be aware you'll have trouble getting through lvl3a helmets and limb protection, and will suck against rifle rated plates. Depending on the armor your opponent has, you may want to magdump a few rounds in their pelvis to paralyze them, or, if you have especially good marksmenship, get a headshot.

Jacketed hollow points can be used to improve your terminal ballistics, expanding on contact, adding extra lethality while minimizing over-penetration. Using higher pressure 9mm ammo, or 5.7x25mm will reach those higher velocities for beating lvl3a armor, and upgrading to the fatter 45acp or 44 magnum will make meaner holes in squishy bits.

Shotgun Shells

Shotguns have unrivaled performance against unarmored bits, but also don't have great performance against armor. Using the right load can let you spew a huge spread of shot, forcing enemies to keep their heads down, or a tight spread to rival rifles at range. Just make sure to aim at unarmored bits, like limbs, the groin, or face depending on the enemy's armor. Or you can use sabot slugs to rip right through non-rifle rated plates and pulverize anything behind.

Rifle Rounds


Rifles rounds, like 5.56x45mm, can rip through helmets and limb protection and provide much greater accuracy and terminal ballistics than handgun calibers. You'll have a wide variety of options to choose from too.

5.56 Open Tip Match

Just looking at 5.56x45mm, ball ammo makes for a great jack of all trades, while soft points make for a close quarters machine, deforming on contact to create nasty wounds, but suffer when it comes to accuracy or armor penetration. Open tip match rounds expand less, but are great marksmen rounds when pinpoint accuracy is demanded.

This clips shows the devastating power of 5.56x45mm, but also shows that it can be stopped by lvl3 or lvl4 plates. You'll want to follow up your quick double taps to the chest with a headshot for a Mozambique drill or aim lower at the pelvis and let your recoil ride up for a Zipper drill against enemies who need extra encouragement to be sent to Valhalla. You could also use the spicier m855a1 or m995 to rip right through lvl3 armor.

.308 Soft Point

5.56x45mm is no slouch against two legged targets, however, if you have a taste for the excessive or need something to guarantee a one hit kill at longer ranges, .308 maybe for you, at a cost of much harsher recoil. Ball is good, but soft points will absolutely pulverize any poor sob at the end of your barrel.

.308 Armor Piercing

.308 AP, when you don't feel like worrying about anybody's armor getting in the way of your sweet, sweet certified juicy tango removal.

300 Blackout Subsonic

However, some of you may prefer a stealthy playstyle while rocking the accuracy of a rifle. 300 blackout subsonic ammo will keep you whisper quiet, for tricky flanks or round ending assassinations. However, your terminal ballistics won't be much better than 45acp, so watch out against plates, limb protection, and helmets.

300 Blackout Polymer Tip

5.56x45mm is great, but it doesn't do particularly great out of shorter barrel lengths. The supersonic 300 blackout polymer tips will have much better expansion out of a 10" or less barrel than 5.56x45mm soft points. This makes for a great tool for high stakes close quarters combat. The recoil however, will be a little more spicy.

Operator Shotguns - New Shotgun Spread Icons

Operator Shotguns - New Shotgun Spread Icons


New icons have been added for shotguns indicating the different spreads of shells and chokes!

Hesitation Ambush Highlights

Hesitation Ambush Highlights


Some highlights of awesome tactical, cqb, action and teamwork on the intense close quarters map, Hesitation on the Ambush game mode.

House - Intense and tactical close quarters combat!

House - Intense and tactical close quarters combat!


House is an elimination map where SRT have to control the perimeter and breach IAD's house to destroy their cache.

Nail - Complex, tactical, and difficult WIP map!

Nail - Complex, tactical, and difficult WIP map!


Nail is currently undergoing a new art pass by Marxman! Expect lots of frantic cqb and punishing long range sightlines! Good strategy and tactics are...

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I just finished my first game of "Insurgency" incorporating the "Operator" mod, and all I can say is...

*It was AWESOME!!!*

Imagine the hardcore realism of "Squad," minus the 20-30 minute truck ride to get to the action.
Oh, and unlike Squad, you'll have numerous chances to ACTUALLY see your enemy! Also unlike Squad, blind firing WILL BE effective! In Squad, one HAS TO blind fire into areas not having ANY idea if a target is hiding in that bush over here or over there, or behind that wall a block away!

If one enjoys hardcore tactical scenarios, Operator is a MUST PLAY.

The gameplay is phenomenal: INTENSE. And the community? VERY helpful, warm and welcoming!

Do yourself a HUGE favor, and hop into a match of Operator!

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I couldn't agree more, glad people are still finding it here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

the latest play test was awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Great mod, easily the most tactical server I've seen on insurgency. Teamwork is instrumental to success because the bots are not idiots and their armour is very real.
Riot shields are actually useful and not like how other servers make them. Insurgency is made much harder with this mod but that also presents a challenge which you do not face in other servers.
There is a training range, coop server and pvp server so you can train cooperate and fight others. What more could you ask for tbh

Definitely would recommend getting this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

The playtests have been awesome, I'm really looking forward to what you guys have in store

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
OperatorTheGame Creator

This Saturday's play test should be great too. 3+ maps with significant updates, Ear protection meta?!?!, CZ 805 world model improvements, and a surprise feature that makes for truly tactical surprise in game!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Any news about developing progress ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's still going strong man, I've been hopping into playtests every week and the updates have been steady

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
OperatorTheGame Creator

We have been updating the mod and it is currently stable and FUN as hell. Join our discord Discord.gg

We play-test every Saturday at 1pm eastern, Join Us!

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