Operation Market GardenOperation Market Garden (OMG) is a persistent multiplayer only modification based off the award winning real time strategy game Company of Heroes. We put a strong emphasis on balance, community, transparency, and fun. Currently in an open beta, we are constantly improving, adding new OMG features and content.

Through our website players can tailor their company, customizing it to fit their play style and needs. The website based War Control Panel allows the player to join their teammates battles against the enemy. There's no in game resource management, no base building, and no gimmicks. It's just pure multiplayer combat, building on the already superb platform of Company of Heroes, and it's pure fun. Win or lose, surviving units stick with you throughout your battles. The war persists, your troops persist, and its all at tip of your fingers.

We're developing a sleek new website based interface for managing the meta-game, which will improve upon the easy to use system already in place. A quick and simple updater installs the modification, keeps it current, and launches it. We even have an extensive wiki that reflects the modification and community content. If we don't have it we're probably already developing it, so you have all the tools you'd ever need to lead your troops into combat.

OMG's Content

For a more in depth guide to Operation Market Garden's features see OMG & You.

OMG's uses the regular Company of Heroes factions including the Allies, US and British, and the Axis, Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite. Players can pick a faction from each side to use in a campaign that adds depth to the the titanic struggle. Alongside these war accounts OMG offers a skirmish mode, or fun accounts, in which you can play as any army. This allows you to try out different company builds, strategies, or just wish to play a game with no strings attached.

There are three game modes in Operation Market Garden. Map Control Points (MCP) and Victory Point (VP) determine how your population gain or loss is calculated, and Spectator mode is for live broadcasts of your games.


OMG's persistent war represents the never ending struggle between Axis and Allies where your impact its ebb and flow. In addition, your surviving troops and the combat experience they gain carry over from battle to battle. Additionally, from winning battles you gain victory points,
which are used to customize your army.

The combat experience your units gain translates into one of the five levels of veterancy present in OMG. The first three levels improve your units fighting
capability. At the fourth level you can customize your unit's name, and at the fifth you can add a custom skin to it. This system promotes smart game play as it urges you to conserve your units, use them wisely, and make sure that they retreat off the field when worn down.

Naturally, units start as off as inexperienced and are at a minor disadvantage when fighting experienced units. To counter this and aid new players we've added rubber band systems, which help to soften the learning curve.

Along with experience you can earn victory points by winning the game. Winning occurs when your opponents runs out of units, surrender, or you control the map. Victory points are the common currency and one of the main features of the modification. They are used to further customize your army in the many systems described below.

Company Management & Customization

OMG features an easy to use website based interface that houses the War Control Panel in which you manage your account. You can design your company's layout, create and join games, add passwords to games, choose your map, and has a real time chat function.

As in vanilla Company of Heroes you can chose doctrines to specialize your company. Each company can have its own doctrine. These are the same three doctrines per army in Company of Heroes, but they're currently being redesigned and expanded by our development team. Our plan is to have players' companies constantly evolving to fit their play style. Using victory points players can pick and choose from a number of unique abilities, new units, resource bonuses, and other benefits.

Click Here For New User Guides!


OMG has an active and busy mapping team that as of October 2010 supports 40 exclusive maps. These are tailored to complement the modification's game play and are a significant boon to the community.


The modification has an active and quirky community who are dedicated to its improvement through communication, testing, humor, and friendliness. The bustling forum allows users to network and talk about everything OMG. On it you can post replays of your best battles, look for feedback from the community, and critique the mod, and provide suggestions to help improve the OMG experience.

One way that we've found improves the OMG experience significantly is using our own TeamSpeak server. This make much easier to communicate with other community members, find and play OMG games, and talk about the latest news. If you ever have any questions you can just hop right on and ask away. We're sure that you will find someone who is able to help.

OMG has tireless shoutcasters that can provide you with your OMG fix wherever you can plug into the world wide web. Community members Cadmus, Dr.Nick, and FatalSaint have each produced over 20 episodes.

Additionally, the modification's information superhighway, OMG:Wiki, contains all the information about OMG that you will ever need. It possesses everything from unit information pages, to veterancy tables, and community content.

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OMG Mod is back after a brief hiatus, please join us at our new domain: omgmod.net

New Dev team

We have been hard at work resurrecting the mod and getting it back to its former glory. New dedicated development, game balance, game design and moderation teams have finished building and are hitting the field. The current focus is to balance the game using the mod's unique pricing functionality, as well as introduce new and exciting tiered doctrines to allow for a new meta to shine forth.

Balance Patch

The latest release comes with balance changes and the return of the monthly war cadence, not to mention regular reward unit challenges.



Perfectionist repairs
From 1.1 repair speed and 0.25 wear and tear to 0.8/ 0.165(bugfix)

Stuka Barrages
Flame barrage damage from 10-20 -> 20-30

Surplus munitions
Burst length on mp40 from 1.5 to 1.25

Panzer Elite


Engineering 101
Renamed ability to: Erbsenmuster Camo
Removed WalkingWounded repairs (added to TH)
Added Marder Cloak on 15seconds
Added Flak 38 Cloaking

Butterfly bomblets
Changed crit table to mines against tanks and green hp inf

Explosive ambush
Replaces engineering 101
Mardars cloak after locking down for 15 seconds

Anti tank Requisition
Added ability to buy a schreck for falls at 150mu

Combat arms requisition
Replaces Supressive tactics.
Now allows LGF to buy 2 G43s (40mu),
An lmg42 (60mu) or 2 butterfly mines (20mu).

Elite Pz4 crews
Replaces Hunting rifles
30% extra turret rotation, Max Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration. On p4 ist

Valued cargo
Flakvierling gains:
-10% received damage and accuracy
0.05 hp/s regen
+10% burst duration and turn rate
This all is temporary
Added elite armour crews:
-15% received accuracy on gun (not crew)
-9% Received penetration on gun
+1 Sight Range
+15% Horizontal Tracking Speed
+10% Burst Duration
This all is on the way once we learn how to code
(Bug Fix) Added 35% more health on gun
now grants trucks improved PE-HT armour (the new one, like PE-HT armour, but half dmg from rifles), and +35% hp

Tank Hunters
(Bugfix) StugAce penetration now increased instead of decreased
(Bugfix) Hotchkai with Stuka can now use lockdown
(Bugfix) Tankhunters Panzerfausts no longer hunt tanks through obstacles

Scorched Earth
Changed Hotchkiss Vet2 cooldown reduction to also effect SE Flame Barrage
Stupa Vet 1 +10% Deceleration
Stupa Vet 2 +10% Accuracy

Medical Emergency
Sprint removed
1 extra medic per station
4vp ->2

Snare mies
4 uses -> 2 (bugfix)

Here to clean up this mess
Bar Upgrade 4 bars -> 2 bars
Upgrade 140mu -> 70mu
Can be purchased with tompsons

HVAP shells
Changed from 17p ap rounds to 1.5 dmg and +5s duration

Tracking the tracks
30s duration 180s cooldown

A tool for every Job
All Shermans may purchase mineflail or bulldozer upgrades
Bulldozers and Mineflails reduce speed by 25% instead of 50%
Mineflails give 10% extra hp (note same as bulldozers)
Vp 2 -> 3

TC can do his job!
+5 los on vehicles buying the 50cal upgrade

Smokey shots
Range 40->45
Can be targeted into fow

Quadruple bypas
From upgrade to free unlock
300s cooldown

Field Mechanics
Pios repair speed increased from 1.3hp/s to 2hp/s
Vp 3 ->6

Vehicular repair manuals
1 unse -> 2
300s cooldown
Speed debuff while active removed


Vet3 AVRE range increase from 20% -> 10%

AT Rifle accuracy vs moving VS. Soldier Armor from .35 -> .9 ( only affects soldier armor, all other units has 100% already)
AT Rifle accuracy vs infantry increased by .05
AT Rifle Short Range penetration +15%
Smoke Grenades kill criticals on green health infantry removed


Nebel 180fu -> 150
Walking Stuka cooldown 120s -> 135s
Panzerschreck 110mu -> 120mu
Inspired assault max uses 2->3
Inspired assault 75mu ->40
Ftfl max uses 2->3
Blitzkrieg max uses 2->3
Stormtrooper assault grenades 100mu -> 75
Stormtrooper 2 mp44 package 120 ->100

Fg 42 125mu-> 120
Hotchkis Stuka upgrade 2pop -> 1 pop
Panzerschreck 100mu -> 110
P4ist 10pop->9
Falls Pool 10 -> 20
Falls Resupply 2->5

Quad AP rounds is 180 seconds cooldown (from 60), with unlimited uses
T17 White Phosphorous rounds from 2 uses to unlimited uses 300s cooldown
Assault Airborne Thompson cost 160 -> 140
Assault Airborne manpower price 330 -> 300
MG nest 50mu ->60
Medic station 45mu ->60
105 sherman scatter when firing into fow from 1.5 to 1
Mechanized Infantry Changes:
+10hp per man 65 -> 75
Set resupply to 4, max pool to 10
No longer forced mine sweeper and Thompson
Additional upgrades now available 2 Thompsons (40mu), 1 Minesweeper (10 mu), 2 Grenades (35mu), 2 satchels (60mu)


Johnson lmg 80mu -> 60
Commando price 300 mp -> 250, 130 mu -> 110

Remove marksman upgrade from recon sections.
Add global purchase of marksmen ability at 120 mu.
Change ability to range 50 from 35. 180s cooldown shared between squads.

New Reward Unit
Luftwaffe AT Falls have been replaced with the Crete Veterans
Crete Veterans:
Slightly better at everything
5 man squad
Can smell your snipers
This is a placeholder unit to tide you over until we create something more unique.


Purple Heart Lane - updated
schijndel - updated
villers bocage - new
sainte mere eglise - new
Eindhoven Woensel- new
airfield assault - updated
operation deadstick - updated


Camera options now defined to be clear in their purpose. "Performance" & "Quality" -> "Classic" & "Extended Zoom"

Tier 2 Update!

Tier 2 Update!

News 2 comments

At long last Tier 2 doctrines have been released! Head on over to OMGmod to get started!

OMG Mod now compatible with New Steam Version!

OMG Mod now compatible with New Steam Version!


Operation Market Garden mod is now playable on the new steam version of VCoh.. The new servers have brought an enormous performance boost in networking...

He's dead Jim.. oh wait.

He's dead Jim.. oh wait.


Good news everyone! After a quiet spell Operation Market Garden has had a good seeing to! Details inside...

August Update

August Update

News 3 comments

It's that time again and there is the smell of change. A few minor changes and some niggling bugs have been fixed. See inside for more details.

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OMG Updater v1.10

OMG Updater v1.10

Full Version 1 comment

All Files necessary to install the mod. Copy the contents of this folder into your Company of Heroes Folder.

OMGUpdater 1.10.0

OMGUpdater 1.10.0

Full Version

The up to date launcher for 2021. Contains all the new content, the beginnings of the tier 3 roll out and some simplifications to the launcher. Just place...

OMG Updater & Launcher Version 1.7

OMG Updater & Launcher Version 1.7

Full Version 23 comments

OMG is proud to present a new version of our combination Installer/Updater/Game Launcher now in one compact format. See the description (read more) for...

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how i can install this mod please help me

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Honest question here, is this mod dead?

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Are there any new units? Or is it just a different way to deploy?

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There are new units and it's not just simply a different way to deploy. The mod is multiplayer only. You build a specific company on the website with a finite amount of resources. You then join a battle with other players and call on the units from your company as you fight for territory.

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Does this mod has its own multiplayer server or uses relic online? (which is shutdown)

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The mod has now switched over to the Steam servers!

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Would I still be able to play the vanilla Tales of Valor with this mod?

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Yes you would be, the mod does not replace or change any of the Vanilla CoH files

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