Rivarez Mod for Nightmare House 2 (2015)

This mod improves the game graphics and gameplay. The mod consists 3 parts so users can install any parts on their choice.

The first part includes a revamped game engine, provides dynamic lights of shootings, fires and explosions. Besides of this the new engine provides improved world detail drawing so the picture became is much detailed than with classic game engine. In addition, there is improved commanding of player's companions was added. Also this part includes the config files for optimal graphics settings.

The second part includes HD textures created by enlarging four times the original textures with Topaz A.I. Gigapixel neural network. Then the necessary textures has been corrected with my program, initially created for my VTMB mod, so the texture seams became much less visible.

The third part removes the unlimited enemy respawn in 1st map and modify a flashlight disabling. Also this part includes the config files to adjust the weapon params and enemy health for more realistic and interesting gameplay.

Detailed description of mod parts

Installing the 1-st part provides:

  • Dynamic lights of shootings, fires and explosions;
  • The standard hud interface (like crosshair);
  • Enhanced distance of drawing the small details such as grass or other vegetation. Unlike the standard "cl_detaildist" console variable, which can be automatically changed when new map is loaded, Rivarez mod provides the constantly visible details distance with no depending on anything;
  • Vanilla game hides some inner spaces (e.g. inside the house) if the player moves away a distance from it. Rivarez mod shows all of this inner spaces;
  • Disabling the transparent fading of different map objects. In standard game the different map objects can transparent fading when player is removed from such object for some distance;
  • Disabling the brass fading when shooting;
  • Allows the player to command NPCs. NPCs can wait the player until he comes back and call them to follow him. There is a new key binding in game menu "Say 'Wait here...' / 'Lets go!'" for this opportunity;
  • Disabling the fading of dead bodies. Vanilla game allows you to use the standard "g_ragdoll_..." console variables to adjust the dead bodies count. But if you set any large values of this variables then game will be crushed when you playing or loading the saved game. Rivarez mod provides the unlimited dead bodies count;
  • Disabling the fading of bodies chunks, a pieces of wood/metal/rocks/etc.

The following new console variables were added:

  • rivarez_dynamic_lights (default 35), Values more than 0 enables dynamic lighting for shooting, fires and explosions. Set 1 to enable dynamic lighting for basic objects. Set 2 to add the dynamic lighting for entities (eg monsters). Set 3 to enable dynamic lighting for all objects. Set more than 3 to determine a minimum FPS that game will strive to maintain by automatically changing the difficulty level (1-3) of dynamic lighting. Set the values, described above, but with a minus sign, to switch a blue muzzleflash and blue dynamic lights from AR2 into the standard yellow color. Set 0 to enable the standard 'muzzleflash_light' cvar;
  • rivarez_detailtransparentfade (default 0), set 1 to enable the standard transparent fading of world details at distance;
  • rivarez_detaildist (default 9000), a distance at which detail props are visible, set 0 to enable the standard 'cl_detaildist' and 'cl_detailfade' cvars. Also defines a distance at which inner details (e.g. inside the house) are visible, set 0 to enable the standard 'areaportalwindow' feature;
  • rivarez_fadebrass (default 0), if 0 then ejected brasses will not fade and will be slightly smaller;
  • rivarez_fadecorpses (default 0), if 0 then the dead bodies will not disappear;
  • rivarez_fadegibs (default 0), if 0 then a chunks of bodies, a piece of wood/metal/rocks/etc will not fade.

Installing the 2-st part provides:

  • HD Textures.

Installing the 3-rd part provides:

  • Removed infinite monsters respawn on the 1st level when returning from home to the car;
  • Removed disabling the flashlight according to the scenario at the level where you walk in the dark with "incendiary sticks".
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Nightmare House 2 (2015) Rivarez Mod v1.0

Nightmare House 2 (2015) Rivarez Mod v1.0

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Download and unpack the archive. Click "Read more..." and read the details.

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tirasangue - - 2 comments

Thanks for your work, played this mod way back when I was kid on sixth grade. These days I downloaded your Quake 4 mod so it was surprising to see your name on the Half-Life 2 section.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CyborgParrot - - 1,733 comments

Any chance of making something like this for Get a Life?

That Mod is in serious need of an update in my honest opinion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Rivarez Creator
Rivarez - - 314 comments

I don't know this mod. So at this time the chance is zero. Maybe if I'll play this mod and I like it then I'll think about this.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
CyborgParrot - - 1,733 comments

"Maybe if I'll play this mod and I like it then I'll think about this."

Yeah says the guy who hated Doom Eternal yet decides to make a Mod for it. :\

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Rivarez Creator
Rivarez - - 314 comments

That mod intended to make Doom Eternal playable for me. But it's not mean I'll make the mods for other games by this criteria :)
Yes, I gave a negative rating for Doom Eternal, but soon I removed it. I see you're watching me closely )))

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Spiralt - - 80 comments

ah yes 9 days to speek

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
dazcdbx - - 2 comments

Hello, always a pleasure to replay, works like a charm .... thank you for your work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rivarez Creator
Rivarez - - 314 comments

Thank you for the feedback!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Vagabonds_Dream - - 6 comments

Hello there, I've run into a problem when installing Part 1 of your Mod. It has something to do with your Client and Server dlls, it seems to mess up the Hud as seen here: Imgur.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rivarez Creator
Rivarez - - 314 comments

Delete the "...\NH2\scripts\hudlayout.res" file

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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