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  • Added extended workshop support for gameservers, gameservers can now easily download workshop items, collections and update installed items using : workshop_download_item, workshop_download_collection and workshop_update_items. Write 'workshop_help' for extended info. (console)
  • Added bullet penetration for static props and world objects, you can now penetrate through wood, metal, plastic, etc... (tiny surfaces, walls, depending on the material type)
  • Added the end map voting panel, players will now have to vote for the next map when the game is over!
  • Most of BB2's loose files have been put into .vpk's in order to speed up loading processes.


  • When the time runs out there will be a new message in the end screen menu if it is not a Deathmatch or Elimination game.
  • Added a loadout handler for Story mode which stores the players weapons, health, armor, weapon data and so on. This will be reloaded in the next map, on map transitions.
  • Zombie players will now enter a rage mode when getting X kills in Elimination mode.
  • Fixed a bug on round restart which would drop the players weapons instead of removing them.


  • Reduced pain sound spamming.
  • Added a new boss, Johnson. The bandit leader!
  • NPC bosses will no longer get any emit sound penalty delay.
  • Human NPCs can now use the Minigun.
  • Fred can now go through other zombie NPCs.

Mapping Entities

  • Fixed sound issues related to npc_custom_actor. Custom sounds for this npc have to be like this : Custom...
  • npc_custom_actor will now announce enemy kills and play pain sounds properly.
  • Added damage & health scaling support for npc_custom_actor.
  • Respawning item entities will now play a fancy particle to indicate the respawn.
  • Added more collision group options to the trigger_player_block brush.

Players & Skills

  • Zombie Skills will now save!
  • Fixed a bug when holstering your weapon in fast paced gamemodes.
  • Zombie players can now enter a rage mode, get 10 zombie credits to activate it! Gives you increased HP, speed, leap, jump and health regeneration, lasts until you die!
  • Players can now drop ammo in order to help out teammates.
  • You can no longer drop your weapons while the endscore is visible.


  • Fixed a minor bug in the loading screen which would display the map rating for custom maps above the 'Global Stats'/'No Stats' text.
  • You can now sort the server browser properly! Sort by hostname, map, ping, etc...
  • You can now see the time left in the game in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Fixed a broken URL in the Advertisement panel in the main menu.
  • Time left views will now change color to yellow on 40% and red on 20%.
  • Removed the death icon from the voice overlay HUD.
  • You can now see gamemode info if you hover over the Gamemode label in the server browser.


  • Added the Winchester 1894!
  • Added new textures for the Remington-700.
  • Added new animations for the AK-74.
  • Added new animations for the Glock-17.
  • Added new animations for the human hands.
  • Added new animations for the zombie hands.
  • Added new impact sounds for the m9 bayonet knife.
  • Added a special attack for human and zombie hands, this attack can be charged. (hold it for X sec to deal more damage)
  • Fixed buggy weapon sounds in the soundscripts.


  • Added a new skin for Pantsman.
  • Added survivor 'Josh'.
  • Added survivor 'Neil', from 'They Hunger'.


  • Updated Czech translation.
  • Added French translation.
  • Added Italian translation.
  • Added Korean translation.
  • Added Portuguese translation.


  • Added Salvage - Johnson's Junkyard, do you have what it takes to face him?
  • Added the Winchester 1894 to Termoil.
  • Fixed exploits in Termoil and Colosseum.


  • Zombie players will now spawn with medium armor in Elimination.
  • Reduced player weapon damage with Sawed-Off in Elimination.
  • Buffed the Sawed-Off, Remington 870, Glock-17 in Objective & Arena.
  • Nerfed the Enhanced Reflexes, Health, Crippling Blow and Impenetrable skill.
  • Buffed the Blazing Ammo & Empowered Bullets skill.
  • Buffed the Slide feature.


  • Added a new body blood texture overlay provided by Niggarto el Negro.
  • Removed unnecessary files from the dedicated server.

We're recruiting!

Do you have some experience working with the Source Engine? And do you know how to do one of the following?:

  • Level Design (Mapping)
  • UV Mapping
  • 2D Art
  • Sound Design (for melee weapons)

If you do, please contact us via our discord channel:

The journey towards full release

BrainBread 2 has been in Early Access for some months now, we're progressing steadily towards a full release, this will take time but we're getting there. We're in dire need of mappers, we need more objective maps in order to truly bring forth the nostalgia of BrainBread!

Yet, we also need testers, which is why we have created a new public group for those who are interested in participating in our testing sessions. We'll most likely schedule tests on Sundays @beta branch whenever it is necessary.
You can join the group here:

Merry Christmas!

BrainBread 2 - Early Access now on Steam [FREE]

BrainBread 2 - Early Access now on Steam [FREE]

News 18 comments

The moment has finally come! BrainBread 2 is now available for mass consumption on Steam! Bring your friends and some bravery! Show no mercy, let the...

The road to Early Access

The road to Early Access

News 10 comments

We have been talking about maybe pushing BrainBread 2 into Early Access. This will of course take awhile, since we want to make sure we at least got most...

BrainBread 2 Closed Beta Launch

BrainBread 2 Closed Beta Launch

News 2 comments

When Closed Beta launches there will be 3 available maps, plus a workshop map. Be aware that we are still using some temporary models and animations for...

100 enter the city

100 enter the city

News 1 comment

100 survivors have entered the city, not knowing their about to enter a world of pain and bread... Will you be among the first?

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DeadBread Community Launcher

DeadBread Community Launcher

GUIs 6 comments

DeadBread Community Launcher - Simplicity at its best!

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Before there was Left 4 Dead, there was Brain Bread. To this day I still hold the original BB in high regards and tell anyone with HL1 to grab it or to buy HL1 just to play BB. Sadly now those servers, although about four are still up, are always empty. So I hope this can be at least as good as that, if not better. This seems to have many more skills to use. I just hope not every zombie is a runner as I enjoyed the first game's pacing. You just had to fight the never ending horde.

Either mime or go home! ^_^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


wait so why is this called brainbread 2 if theres seemingly no association with the first brainbread for half life 1

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JonnyBoy0719 Creator

It was called BrainBread: Source at the start, but since we are not allowed to use ":Source" on greenlight, so we had to change the name.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

okay nevermind i confused this mod with another half life 1 mod that had "brain" in its name but wasnt actually brainbread i apologize

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JonnyBoy0719 Creator

BrainBread 2 is a spiritual successor of the first one. It will soon enough have the same weapons as found in BB1 plus even more weapons, and the core gamemode (Objective) is almost the same as well.

The only thing that really split em apart, is that BB2 is more oriented for balance, and new gameplay ideas (and a new RPG System) while the first one was pretty simple.

Think of it as ZP! where it was simple, and just a simple experiment, and while ZPS, is the new expanded version. The core game is very similar, but yet, they aren't.

Pretty confusing tho.

But if you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to post em on the BrainBread 2 Steam Community Hub.

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Current zombie's look like the model of a (Zombie Infected Dead) from Dead Space 3, or "Feeders"... Cool mod though, I like it!

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I can't seem to reach the development team for applying for a modeler position.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Did you reach them already?

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Feels good, very enjoyable, great work! Fred is back! :D

Aug 21 2016 by TKAzA


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