Native New Design is improved warband with extra features and some changes, basically, new design.

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Native new Design version 4 will include many fixes, improving and adding.


NND aim to improve the native game by expanding as much as possible and still have the native feel to it with improved and new experience.

NND is built on Tocans Calradia that provide PBOD+Diplomacy, if you enjoy Native Warband experience i hope you will like this.

V4 will be ready not later than August and will sums up this mod as final/complete version, until then V4 is still WIP

(In the server there are updates and discussions about the mod, if you wish to join-

V3.9 article

V4 will include(features from older versions too):

  • Character creation phase will include 2 new pages, first to create your background and second to select starting faction/culture + some other options(start as a ruler/vassal, voice type and difficulty) and to get information about Calradia factions


  • Many new items(reworked + new created ones)
  • Blacksmith forge feature completed, to forge or repair an item
  • 6 natural taverns across Calradia to visit, rest & hire outlaws
  • Option to hire mercenary outlaws when encounter
  • Option to buy goods from Caravan parties
  • Option to sit and drink in towns/taverns
  • 8 new minor factions that act as a mercenary companies, each have a location in the map to visit, hear their story and recruit their troops, when a ruler you can hire an army of them to follow your kingdom marshal, those companies have a rotation system to join and leave AI factions
  • Option to accompany and sail with another ship to another port town in the cost of 2500 denars(no need to buy ship for that)
  • New troop trees design(3 noble troops path and the large normal commoners path)
  • Scenes and siege scenes improvement
  • AI lords will construct buildings too
  • Slightly new recruitment page(like in gekokujo that you can pick how much will join)
  • Page to change your kingdom color, using HTML color pick that give more varied options(with cheat menu can change all the factions colors)
  • Sort troops for AI parties that the strongest troop will be on top of the party list
  • Bodyguard(retainer) troops to each lord party, cap is 32 in each party according to faction policy, will add\replenish 1 retainer each 12 hours a lord is in a friendly town
  • Improved policies presentation page with all the effect information and added new effects
  • Color coded messages
  • New skyboxes
  • Prizes added to the tournaments
  • Many many new registry reports and organized menus\presentations
  • Many many new battle options to toggle on or off
  • Battles have a timer, a rally ability timer(30sec) and kill count
  • Civilian outfit will be on you in any scene that is not a battle(tavern, lords hall, etc)
  • New improved faces
  • Rebellion and loyalty system
  • New skill "Slave Trader" by haggling better with the ransom brokers you get more money from prisoners you sell to them
  • New buildings and towns above 20000 population will have second queue and can build 2 buildings in the same time
  • Can recruit from towns peasants volunteers, trained troops or nobles
  • Can change owned fiefs name
  • Can own a house, will let you rest in that town with no need to pay per night and visit your house
  • Guilds, Crafts and Merchant, expanded enterprise options and can form a caravan with one of your companion leading it
  • Fire arrows
  • Hostile actions has been tweaked, villagers are less scare of you and you can try to steal goods from a town
  • Tavern animations
  • Prisoners expanded dialog
  • After capturing a town a new options menu regarding this town
  • Wind animation on bannered lances
  • Voice commands in battles(expanded)
  • Arena and tournament overhaul kits
  • CTT (custom troop tree for the player, expanded)

And many many more














Untitled13 1






Native New Design V3 update

Native New Design V3 update

News 6 comments

Native New Design V3 update and information.

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Native New Design V4.1.2

Native New Design V4.1.2

Patch 10 comments

This patch include: *fix to the limestone overflow in markets. *fixed character image in the achievement page not showing when not part of any faction...

Native New Design V4.1

Native New Design V4.1

Full Version 5 comments

Require new save, this is full version, if you have 4.0 so delete 4.0 and put this in the Modules folder instead, feedback on any issue will be appreciated...

Native New Design V4.0

Native New Design V4.0

Full Version 6 comments

Native New Design V4 is a final version for a while

Native New Design V3.1

Native New Design V3.1

Full Version 13 comments

Native New Design version 3.1 is here, (3.0 was released last week in the mod discord server) V3.1 add new features and improve\adjust the old features.

Small tiny fix for the "bug" 25 peasants start in V2

Small tiny fix for the "bug" 25 peasants start in V2

Patch 8 comments

You will always start with 25 peasants, it didnt meant to be, so just swap the menu.txt file of the mod with this one^ or "disband" your 25 peasants at...

Native New Design V2

Native New Design V2

Full Version 4 comments

Native New Design V2- fixing minor stuff, adding few new menus, new items, rearranged troop trees, colored messages, new battle land borders in battle...

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


There's a bug with the diplomacy preferences menu. Changing one of the three first settings will result in the change of the other two after pressing the "Done" button.

While looking at all items of the game using the cheatmenu, I received the following two errors:
* Unable to find mesh helm_saracin_f
* Unable to find mesh helm_saracin_e

Personally, I do like diplomacy litdum female appearance more than those of this one as well as Emir nuam and King harlaus, but that's my opinion

Other than that, the mod looks great, enjoying it so far. Those banners in the lances is definitely one of my favorite additions

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This is - without a doubt, as has been said ad infinitum - one of the best and most ambitious enhancement mods that you'll find for Warband.

Obviously, it is a work in progress, but I do have to point out one glaring flaw that ruins the entire gaming experience:

Whenever rebels take over a town - and the player is allied to that kingdom - the player disappears from the map and the game in turn crashes. There's no way to fix this it seems.

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TheSwan44 Creator

Hi d0415, im gald you enjoying it, the rebels systyem is a new thing i tried to implement, there is in the "camp" menu option to disable this event\feature.

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could they have family or children in the Age of Arthur in the future.
As it is a medieval game in which you have a totally realistic experience, I miss having a family and not depending on heroes or lords for their fiefdom.

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If that was an integral part of this mod, I would probably stop playing most others in an instant. Imagine: the same permadeath feature, and the ability for your child to succeed you, and other lords could also die in battle too. Age of Arthur even made it so that lords could arrive from outside the world to join a faction, just to make up for the imbalance due to death.

Oh well. So far the only mods that include children (that I'm aware of) Is Age of Arthur as you mention and Brytenwalda. I think AWOIAF (The Game of Thrones mod) does too, but I"m not sure.

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Town and castle sieges are stuttering I can't even move my character because of the intense stutter. Additional companions doesn't have dialogues especially when you ask them something then "Do you have any connections that we can use to our advantage?" Something "DEGBUG missing script" appears on the bottom left corner of the screen. Please fix this in the next patch if possible

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TheSwan44 Creator

Sieges should be fine, try to reinstall the mod or its issue in your end, about the additional companions yes its noted to fix in the in the future version

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