Native New Design is improved warband with few extra features and some changes that take place in the old Calradia map(with the Sarranids)

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maximuspower says

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nice mod


Tokoguva says

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Probably my favourite Native redesign/enhancement but it still needs a lot of work and bug fixes.


jeffrey-goines says

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This mod is awesome, the best alternative native mod imo
Just the map that is a little tight, i thinnk map should be bigger with factions more distant to each other, the mod is good anyway!


Argeomer says

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What a mod. it was exactly what i was looking for.
Technical observation:
The map of the first M&B but with the Sarranid, wich results in a more action based campaign and makes the campaign more challenging because there is always a big war happening.
There are more items (and i hope to see more)
New troop trees that make much more sense and complete each faction, mercenary troops much more useful, the non-faction related troop tree.
The major bandit parties and the major manhunters' parties fighting each others, which makes the campaign much more fun and action based, even if you're at peace with everybody.
There are still some unfinished stuff and cool features BUT it is a very playable mod, never crashed, simple but with a lot of things. When i see what's unfinished become finished then i'll rate this a 10. :)


VladBlyat says

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its really nice

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