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From the lands of always winter in the north and slaver's bay in the east, take control of your favourite characters and lead them to glory.

The main campaign of the mod is now the 'War of Conquest' based on Aegon Targaryen's conquest of westeros, in addition to the main campaign you'll be able to play 7 custom campaigns which will chronicle important periods of their family history!

Aegon's Conquest

0AC: At his seat on Dragonstone Aegon Targaryen prepares to conquer westeros alongside his sisters atop balerion the black dread, Vhaegar and Meraxes. Having a small army of only 1,600 men at arms, much smaller than the armies of the neighbouring Andal Kings Aegon relied upon his dragons to crush his enemys. While in the Riverlands Harren the Black completes construction of his mighty fortress Harrenhall believing himself secure behind his walls and in the south Stormking Argilac the Arrogant calls his banners before the storm arrives..

Faith Militant Uprising

41 AC: After the death of Aegon the Conqueror and the ascension of his son Aenys to the Iron Throne, the High Septon rose in revolt against this abomination born of incest. Now, many years later, the sickly Aenys has died and his half-brother Maegor the Cruel sits on the Iron Throne and is intent on ending this uprising.

The Rogue Prince

106 AC: With ambitions of ruling his own Kingdom, Daemon Targaryen also known as 'The Rogue Prince' led an army of Westerosi to conquer The Stepstones. Corlys Velaryon 'The Sea Snake' supported his friend in his campaign and earning Daemon the fleet of House Velaryon to support his invasion. Atop Caraxes the 'Bloodwyrm' his enemies would bend or burn. Rumours are abroad that the Three Daughters have pledged to repel this invader and are amassing men and ships..

One thing is known for sure, Daemon will bring with him Fire and Blood.

The Dance of Dragons

129 AC: The small council's decision to crown Aegon II Targaryen instead of his older half-sister Rhaenyra Targaryen has ignited the first Targaryen civil war. Consequently, the great game of diplomacy now begins as each Targaryen faction will require the support of multiple great houses for their cause to succeed. It will be left to each Lord to decide whether to support the Greens or the Blacks in the coming battles.

Conquest of Dorne

157 AC: When Prince Daeron the Young Dragon ascended the Iron Throne in 157 AL, he declared war on the independent Kingdom of Dorne to complete the legacy of his ancestor Aegon the Conqueror and unite all Seven Kingdoms under Targaryen rule. Daeron won the war quickly, a victory that he immortalised in his book Conquest of Dorne: 'The arms of House Martell display the sun and spear, the Dornishman's two favourite weapons, but of the two, the sun is the more deadly.' After the invasion, the Young Dragon left the Lord Paramount of the Reach to rule Dorne in his stead. The proud Dornishmen, although defeated, would neither submit to a Dragon nor a Tyrell. Conspiracies and revolts spread throughout Dorne like wildfire, culminating in the death of Lord Tyrell. His death led to rebellion throughout Dorne and in a fortnight all Daeron had achieved was undone.

First Blackfyre Rebellion

196 AC: King Aegon IV Targaryen had legitimised all of his bastards on his deathbed. His noble bastards were called the Great Bastards, the most notable of whom was Daemon Blackfyre, a great warrior and wielder of the Targaryen sword of kings, Blackfyre. In 184 Al, Aegon IV was succeeded by Daeron II.

After more than a decade of building tension, open warfare erupted in 195 AL. The immediate cause was Daemon Blackfyre's rage over Daeron betrothing his sister Daenarys to Maron Martell, Prince of Dorne. Daeron sent the Kingsguard to arrest him, but Daemon escaped with the aid of Ser Quentyn Ball, the master-at-arms of the Red Keep. Blackfyre mustered a sizable army against Daeron and was joined by his half-brother Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers, a fellow Great Bastard. Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, another Great Bastard, remained loyal to the King. On the small council, Bloodraven advocated a hard line against the rebels, winning out over Prince Baelor's desire to pardon and so war erupted in westeros..

Third Blackfyre Rebellion

219 AC: Haegon Blackfyre, fourth born son of Daemon Blackfyre, and Aegor Bittersteel launched an attack against Aerys Targaryen to try and claim the Iron Throne for the Blackfyres.

Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion

236 AC: Daemon Blackfyre, the Third of His Name, eldest son of Haegon Blackfyre, along with Aegor Bittersteel launched an attack against King Aegon Targaryen, the Fifth of His Name, by landing at Massey's Hook.

War of the Nine Penny Kings

260 AC: The Band of Nine, a group of ambitious power seekers in Essos have conquered the Disputed Lands and the Stepstones. They set up Alequo Adarys the Silvertongue as ruler of Tyrosh. Now Maelys Blackfyre, the last of the Blackfyre Pretenders and commander of the Golden Company has convinced them to attack Westeros and claim the Iron Throne. However, King Aegon V Targaryen has received word of this scheme and plans to send an army to the Stepstones to face this threat before yet another Blackfyre invasion can devastate the realm.

War of the Usurper

282 AC: After the abduction of Lyanna Stark by Rhaegar Targaryen and the mad king murdering both Rickard and Brandon Stark.. Robert and his friend Ned rebel against the mad king along with their foster father Jon Arryn with the Tully's joining the rebels side sealing the bond in marriage with Catelyn marrying Eddard and Lysa, Jon. Only the Lion is yet to declare sides though a Lannister must not be trusted..

Greyjoy's Rebellion

289 AC: Believing King Robert's rule insecure, Lord Balon Greyjoy of Pyke rises in rebellion against the Iron Throne. Crowned with a driftwood crown beneath Nagga's Ribs, Balon declares himself King of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, and seeks to restore the Ironborn's ancient traditions lost during Aegon's Conquest.

War of the Five Kings

298 AC: With the death of Robert Baratheon and the execution of Eddard Stark the realm has erupted into civil war once again.. Robb Stark marches south with an army of northmen demanding the Lannisters pay for their crimes with the Tullys of Riverrun joining the young wolf while in the south Renly Baratheon declares himself King of Westeros and marries Margery Tyrell earning the support of the reach. In the east Stannis Baratheon was gathering sellswords and ships to the Island fortress with plans to claim what is his and to destroy the traitors.. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

A Storm of Swords

299 AC: After Renly's death, Stannis took up a large army and smashed them against the walls of King's Landing. But the use of wildfire and tricks gave Tyrion Lannister, 'The Imp', the advantage. The realm sees a lot of changes.

A Feast for Crows

300 AC: Balon Greyjoy, Robb Stark, Renly Baratheon. With three usurpers dead, and Stannis routed to the wall, the Lannisters hold on the crown appears certain. However, the alliance that holds the throne is tenuous, at best. With weakened armies, and ambition rising around them, war is soon to renew for the Lannisters. Dragon banners have been sighted off Shipbreaker Bay, and Dorne
is stirring. Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister have been seized by the Faith Militant, and the King is but a boy. Lord Petry Baelish has the Vale under his shaky command, and the last known Stark daughter in his grasp. Throughout this all, the winds of winter blow from beyond the wall, and dead things march.

The Winds of Winter

302 AC: Cold winds are rising in the north and the dead are marching upon the wall. Jon snow has been named King in the north by the northern lords and prepares his people for the great war while in the riverlands the freys have been wiped out some say by the gods and Edmure Tully rallies the last of the riverlords to Riverrun. The south been has much weakened by the war of the five kings and has once again erupted into chaos with the landing of Daeneys Targaryen on the Isle of Dragonstone with lords great and small declaring their fealty to the Lannisters or Targaryens. Will the lords of westeros be able to set aside their petty wars and unite against the night king?


- Badger-dude and his team for (you can find the full list of credits at the link provided, also all the scripts in game are courtesy of the Fire And Blood mod though I plan to add some myself at some point - Twcenter.net)

- VltimaRatio - Creator of the unit models

- Mr_Nygren and VltimaRatio for allowing me to use the unit models from their mod. (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?746396-SUBMOD-Game-of-Thrones-Total-War-New-thread-for-4-9)

- Westeros total war 1.0 team for the hero models, music, some UI work and banners as a base to expand upon. (see the link for a list of the full credits - Twcenter.net)


- Badger-dude and his team for (you can find the full list of credits at the link provided - Twcenter.net)

- VltimaRatio - creator of the show style units.

- Mr_Nygren and VltimaRatio for allowing me to use the unit models from their mod. (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?746396-SUBMOD-Game-of-Thrones-Total-War-New-thread-for-4-9)

- Westeros total war 1.0 team for the hero models, music, some UI work, map materials and banners as a base

- AdmiralThrawn for allowing me to use his recruitment script.

- Withwnar for writing a script to allow unique voices and Inarus for his work on GOT to use as a base..

- Lifthrasir for creating the new artwork.

- Dudeguyman for the targaryen units

- Inarus - Strat map models

- Makanyane for allowing me to use the custom battle maps from WTW 1,0

- DarthKristoffer - balanced the units.

- Warhammer BOET Alt-Cut team for the dragons and animations to go along with them(thanks to MidKnight for granting me permission)

- SiriuslySexy - character research and some text descriptions.

- Bantu_Chieftan - rigged 4-5 strat models.

Many thanks to Aneirin and his Italian wars mod and those who contributed to that project for the essos units!

- Isilendil - for some of his units from Call of Warhammer
- Untis from OuO (thank's to Bob)
- Untis from "With fire and sword 2"
- Lacs Byzantine Heavy Spearmen
- Lord_Calidor's Weapon Pack
- Ottoman units from Tzarsdom (Many thank's for that!)
- Models and skins from Rusichi TW

With special thanks to..

- Westeros Toal War

- Ice and Fire: Total War

- Warhammer TW Alt-Cut

- Italian Wars mod

- Age of Petty Kings: Ice and Fire

- Lifthrasir - for taking the time to create new loading screens for the mod.

Installation tutorial by zachman1201 -

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The Week Of December 7th 2019

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Release - Portal Remastered

Mod for Portal

Experience the original Portal in all new graphics in the release of the Portal Remastered mod, featuring new HD models and textures.

The latest version of the alternative history Game of Thrones themed total conversion mod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms has been released.

Fire and Blood takes place at the beginning of season 8 with the undead invading Westeros and fulfilling many fan's theories and hopes. Version 1.2 brings several new factions, new units and much more, check out the change-log for all the details.

Take on the Eastern Roman Empire in v1.2 of the medieval, holy crusades themed Mount & Blade: Warband mod In The Name Of Jerusalem.

Possibly one of the last major updates for the mod as the development team start to look towards M&B: Bannerlord, this update brings Constantinople to the world, extends the campaign map and even adds the Third Crusade, and plenty more you can read about in the update notes.

Arcane Dimensions is an expansion/complete conversion for the original Quake 1, by Simon O'callaghan and many others. After three years of work this mod brings new HD textures, sound fx, and a new soundtrack to the significant Quake expansion/conversion mod.

The first installment of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, in the form of Halo: Reach, has finally been released on PC. Although there isn't official mod support at launch, players can bypass the anti-cheat system making modding that much more easier for the time being.

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FireAndBlood: 2.2 (Hotfix)

FireAndBlood: 2.2 (Hotfix)

Patch 1 comment

Hotfix to the family tree crash..



Full Version 18 comments

Winter is Coming.



Full Version 60 comments

Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood 2.1.2

10 TPY Script (2.1.1)

10 TPY Script (2.1.1)

Script 8 comments

10 turns per year.

Fire and Blood: 2.1.1

Fire and Blood: 2.1.1

Full Version 52 comments

Fire and Blood Version 2.1.1

FireAndBlood2 1 - (obsolete)

FireAndBlood2 1 - (obsolete)

Full Version 28 comments

FireAndBlood2 1 - Valar Morghulis

Comments  (0 - 10 of 561)

I think if a major settlement like Winterfell, Casterly Rock, King's Landing etc. is captured or besieged by an important house there should be a message that it was captured
by tehm and if Jon takes winterfell (and more like Lannisters take Riverrun, Winterfell, and Starks take Casterly Rock,King's Landing etc.) there should be as separate massage in which he would be crowned King in the north and from the next turn he would be named King in the north and not Bastard of winterfell like with Robb in one of the other scenarios with the "you want to be king?" message or if Stannis takes it, he wouldn't be King but you know just some kind of reward besides the money and +1 settlement.
Otherwise best GoT mod I have ever played.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PeaMan Creator

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into adding such scripts to spice things up, the next release will have more scripts such as raiding/pillaging, send aid to the nights watch etc etc.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you For replying.Also why "disable" settlement upgrading and removal of Many buildings?In my opinion IT would be better if IT would be very slow rather then not existing, because If I can't convert them to my religion than I need Many buildings that keeps them happy.It would make sense that the world progresses but at a sanil's pace because of constant War.But of course still the Best GoT mod out there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Hola ¿porque cuando matas ha argilac conquistas todo su reino y si muere Jofreyy no? Jofrey no tiene herederos legitimos es igual ha argilac. En mi opinion si muere una familia/casa cae todo su reino

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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I have the cd version with kingdoms.
Whenever I try to do battle it crashes with the following message:
"Medieval2:Total War encoutered an unspecified error and will now exit".
The mod is very nice, but so it is unplayable.
Thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Make sure you 4gb ram enable.

Look it up

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Well polished westeros mods are hard to find. And unfortunately this isn't one of them.... Yet!!! The creater peaman is working hard to merge the work of the westeros 1.0 team with that of got total war, with his own work put in aswell. This mod has alot of potential to be the best asoiaf mod available. Given time it will be a 10/10

Nov 30 2019 by GeneralG

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