* double-jump
* power-slide
* wall-running
* ledge climbing
* 5-part tutorial and mini-campaign
* airboat rockets (similar to acolyte rockets in Titanfall 2)
* throw grenade button (with ability to "cook" grenades)
* new cheat modes (mario mode, exploding bullets, tougher citizens, extra enemies, the floor is lava)

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Mobility Mod Version 2 is out early!

Watch the trailer here:

Read the install guide here:


Download the release here:


What's New in Version 2:

  • Based on the Episode 2 Engine
  • Combines Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2 into one mod (just keep scrolling on the chapter menu to get to the episodes)
  • New melee controls:
    • melee key for a quick crowbar attack
    • hold melee key and press secondary attack for a crowbar slash attack, which hits multiple targets and does more damage, but is slower
    • hold melee key and press primary attack for a rocket-boosted surge attack, which pushes you forward, hits as soon as the target is in range, and does a lot of damage.
    • Surge attack while in the air lets you fly a short time, or change direction. Surge attack while crouching will trigger a slide even if you weren't moving.
  • Very basic tutorial for the new melee
  • The airboat rockets seemed to please the personnel last time, so now there's a portable version. It's called the EGAR (Everyone Gets A Rocket!), and you can get it by typing give weapon_egar in the console.
    • Like the airboat rockets, it regenerates ammo.
    • Hold secondary attack to target enemies, and release to fire rockets.
    • Press reload to lock all remaining rockets onto the last target.
    • Unlike the airboat rockets, press primary attack to target whatever is under the cursor, even if it's just a spot on the ground.
    • A nice side-effect of this system is that if you hit primary and secondary attack at the same time, it fires one rocket at whatever you're looking at, so it's like a quake-style rocket launcher.
  • Movement enhancements:
    • Time-to-duck has been reduced, so sliding is much more responsive.
    • Console variable to lock direction while sliding, so you only slide in a straight line, no matter which way you're facing (set sv_slide_lock to 1)
    • Console variable to limit sliding, slide-jumping and wall-jumping to only boost you to sv_maxspeed. Normally these speed boosts are cumulative and not limited (set certain_restrictions to 1. I recommend this setting. It makes the game feel less crazy, and more consistent.)
  • lessclip - it's like noclip for invisible walls. Use with caution, because it turns out there are a lot of invisible walls and ramps that you need.
  • New HUD features:
    • artificial horizon (can be turned off or set to a custom opacity with cl_horizon console variable)
    • crosshair hit markers (diagonal lines. Can be turned off, set to a custom opacity with cl_hitmarkers, made bigger or smaller with cl_hitmarks_scale, faster or slower with cl_hitmarks_fadetime)
    • shotgun hit markers (circles showing hit pattern. Can be turned off or set to a custom opacity with cl_shotgun_hitmarks, can change the size of the circle with cl_shotgun_hitmarksize, can change the size of the pattern with cl_shotgun_hitmarkspread)
    • New grenade count display. In v1 there was a big row of grenade icons along the bottom, but that would clash with the vehicle locator display in ep2, plus it was a bit ugly.
  • Destroying an APC ejects the driver up into the air.
  • Unlocked a door in Nova Prospekt so that you can skip the first conversation between Alyx and Eli.
  • 'CONTINUE LAST SAVE' button on main menu - loads your last autosave.

Returning from version 1:

  • Wall-running
  • Double-jumping
  • Power-sliding
  • Ledge-climbing
  • Grenade button, ability to cook grenades
  • Unlocked Field-of-View (In HL2 the max was 90)
  • Tutorial and mini-campaign (only a tiny change from version 1, so if you played through it already, you're not missing anything if you skip it)
  • Reduced bullet spread of automatic weapons while crouching and not sliding
  • Louder, bass-heavy bullet impacts on hits (possibly too much so)
  • Cheat modes - exploding bullets, extra enemies, floor lava (just damage over time when you're on the ground), Mario mode, tough citizens
  • A whole lot of console variables to customise just about every aspect of the mod. Want to slide longer? Wallrun faster (or slower)? Jump higher? It's all configurable. Look in ep2_mobility/cfg/mobility.cfg.

Bugs Fixed:

  • driving the buggy over a cliff no longer crashes the game
  • fixed some near-clip problems when using high field-of-view
  • fixed mysterious rising into the air (if you started climbing, then turned away so that there was no space to move into, you would just keep climbing)
  • fixed voice lines in the tutorial being counted as music, and controlled by the music volume slider

Please make sure you read the install guide. Let me know if you have any problems.

But also let me know if you don't have problems. I love seeing people stream the game, or putting gameplay on youtube.

P.S. No it can't be compatible with MMod, sorry. It's a technical limitation, not a decision. I've been experimenting with other campaign mods, like Mission: Improbable and Dangerous World. I might have more to say about that another time. For now, enjoy the mod!


Source Code for v2 is Available

Source Code for v2 is Available

News 3 comments

The source code for Mobility Mod v2 is now available.

Version 2 is coming 20 April 2019

Version 2 is coming 20 April 2019

News 7 comments

Version 2 release announcement (release date 20 April 2019).

Fix for crashes after Feb 2019 Half-Life 2 update

Fix for crashes after Feb 2019 Half-Life 2 update


A (new) fix is available for crashes after the recent Half-Life 2 update.

Les Configurables

Les Configurables


Some info on how to use cheats, and other configurable aspects of the mod.

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[OLD VERSION] hl2_mobility_v1.0

[OLD VERSION] hl2_mobility_v1.0

Full Version 19 comments

[OLD VERSION] This is the complete release package for Mobility Mod version 1.0. It contains the modified Half-Life 2 engine and the gamedata for the...

Mobility Mod for Portal

Mobility Mod for Portal

Full Version 2 comments

An alternate version of the Mobility Mod for Portal this time!

mobility mod v2 src

mobility mod v2 src

Source Code

This package contains source code for Mobility Mod v2. It may be of interest to mod developers.

简体中文Mobility Mod Simplified Chinese v2.0

简体中文Mobility Mod Simplified Chinese v2.0

Full Version 4 comments

This is Simplified Chinese version of Mobility mod v2.0 简体中文版的自由移动mod。

Mobility Mod OST

Mobility Mod OST


Original music that I made for the mod and the trailers. These tracks are all included in the v2 release package under the 'sound' folder, but also here...



Full Version 55 comments

Full release package of Mobility Mod version 2.0. It contains the modified Episode 2 engine, and the original tutorial/mini-campaign. It does not contain...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 256)
starlight1681309669 - - 1 comments

Does anyone know how to make custom maps for this mod using hammerplusplus? I really want to make custom maps with this in mind.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mattshu67 - - 1 comments

temp solution is to create a map for hl2 or ep2 and move the bsp to the mod's map folder and ingame run `map name`

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,657 comments

когда включаю она вылетает и выдаёт ошибку engine error. unable to doad surface prop file 'scripts\surfaceproperties_ep2.txt' (referenced by manifest file 'srcipts\sufaceproperties что делать?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wafturecity - - 12 comments

Is it possible to recreate the "lessclip" cheat in normal half life 2?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
strike4 - - 26 comments

Could someone make a version to play it together with the MMOD?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Atomixe - - 71 comments

someone should make an addon for this that textures all of the untextured areas when you use lessclip, would be very nice

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
p4g3 - - 3 comments

I love this mod, and also for anyone reading this who can't open the mod, the most likely culprit is that you either don't have the 2013 source sdk installed or it isn't in upcoming betas mode

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
troutforteller - - 1 comments

Is it possible to import saves from hl2 into this? If so, how?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
timteetheneko - - 34 comments

Technically you should be able to actually. As within the HL2 folder within your half life instance, there should be a folder named save. You might be able to just move the save file over to the respective folder by the same name wherever it is within the folder for the mod. Seeing as the mod uses the same maps and all, so there shouldn't be any reason you can't just transfer Half Life 2 saves, and even saves from the episodes if you have either of them, over into mobility mod. Obviously this cannot work the other way around exactly as far as I'm concerned, mostly given the extra data that mobility mod most likely saves that the regular games don't have/check for when they create/load saves

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
justafox2183 - - 1 comments

ok. now this is epic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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