Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big ban patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: The "fun".

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So I need your help again, this time it balance question regarding the ZOCOM. ZOCOM now have two new units in their arsenal which can make them a bit unbalance if I won't change something, what this "something" I'm talking about? The Zone shatter ofc.

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The Condor may still need voice and you can see the info here

Lets move to the next poll meanwhile.

Zone Shatterer2

So I need your help again, this time it balance question regarding the ZOCOM.

ZOCOM now have two new units in their arsenal which can make them a bit unbalance if I won't change something, what this "something" I'm talking about?

The Zone shatter ofc.

If you played this mod and as ZOCOM you notice the Zone shatter was replaced with normal Shatter just a bit cheaper and that the Zone Shatter move to tier 3 and got bigger damage and armor while on the other hand got slower and have no call for transport ability, it's second ability (overlord beam) also got buffed but with the result of bigger cool down for both the ability and zone shatter itself (which is parlayed for some secs).

I done all of this for two reasons:
1. Because I thought that upgraded version of the shatter looked poor and didn't was that different from the normal shatter.

2. Because I thought the mammoth tank will need another tier unit for support because ZOCOM had no Juggernaut or rail guns.

Now when ZOCOM does have unique Juggernaut and EMP/AA plane, I think the Zone shatter rule had over, you don't need to tell me it look ridiculous that you have two shatters for each tier with minor differences in their rules, nor that it funny the Zone shatter is slow despite being a hover tank (which by EA / Westwood supposed to be faster (maybe even for heavy equipment) and not slower (something I didn't knew back at the day).

So now here the question, Do you think I should return the Zone shatter to how it was (and ofc remove the ZOCOM's normal shatter)?

Maybe I should at least give it a bit more of fire power and range in both normal weapon and ability compared to normal shatter?

I be honest with you that despite all of that I love to have stronger badass version of the Shatter, it just feel more threatening and awesome than the normal toy, but I can see how it also may not fit for any c&c fan and have no real rule aside being a mirror.

So what do you think I should do?

1. Change it back to how it was... come-on two sonic tanks?! are you serious?

2. Change it back but at least make it tiny bit more stronger so it will feel different from the normal shatter.

3. Leave as it is now, strong sonic tanks are awesome! :DDDD


It's been a while since I played this so I don't remember the tech tree... I'll just ask a few questions and the answers will determine my vote:

1. Does the Shatterer belong to any other GDI faction?

2. What are the other vehicles on the ZOCOM faction?

3. How much did the Shatterer change from default to now?

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egozi44 Author

1. Normal shatter belong to GDI, ZOCOM got Zone shatter instead.

2. What all the vehicles they have or you referred to the new units only? well anyway:
Pitbull, Predator, APC, Harvester, Zone RIG, Slingshot, Zone Shatter, Mammoth tank, Zone Juggernaut, MARV

3.IIRC, Zone shatter had a bit more health in EA's default state (after patch 1.02) and A second ability compared to the normal Shatter, while I don't recall the excat numbers, the second ability was weak and probably meant to be used as last resort in order to shoot bleeding enemy's unit that have really low HP (cause the Zone shatter will shoot it right away unlike it normal attack).

The default damage of the normal attack was more or less the sanme as the shatter.

What I changed in ZS was the tier (3), HP (increased), Damage for both normal and special attack (increased), Speed (decreased), call for transport (removed).

and fix some bugs ofc, but that less important for this matter.

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Based on all the info I read in the comments, I'd say remove the normal Shatterer from ZOCOM.

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3. leave it as it is now

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I Love the Zone Shatterer even though i don't use it much in Matches many years ago, i feel that as a Teir 2 unit that is the same as the GDI shatter but different look for make of use another weapon. Here are my thoughts

Return to how it was as a ZOCOM teir 2 exclusive vehicle that replaces the GDI Shatterer

Beam Damage should remain as about 25% less than the 'Teir 3 Sonic emitter structure' to Medium & Heavy tanks while still very strong to Light vehicles.

If its possible, & only if its a good idea...give it a test by change the mechanic of how its Overload beam works by when used, Instead of the vehicle end up Offline for few secs after using it, the unit will spend either 3 or 5 secs charging up its weapon while unable to carry on firing its main beam & then fires the devastating Beam. That way it can still move around as its charging up to take advantage of opponent who would want the unit to remain still when charging up which wouldve been bad. Like this as a example the Sparky from Clash Royale Youtube.com to see how it goes.

Its HP is still not as high as medium tanks such as predator tank

as a Hovertank it has increase of movement speed for better use of Hit & run

Its teir 2 cheaper price of Sonic Emitter

Access to the devastating Overload beam ability that can charge up while able to move around to use once until cooldown is done, instead of endup stuck for 4 secs after use.

Overload beam has a bit bigger size beam & increase damage 30% more than original beam but remain the same range.

also as an idea, add for Zone shatterer to fulfil its role of cleaning up red zones by have Both beams destroys tiberium crystals when fired at.

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Why not give it to Steel Talons?

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egozi44 Author

Cause ST don't use sonic :p

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Because they don't have access to Sonic technology due more use of Rail guns.

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ZOCOM deserves the Armadillo from C&C4; to replace the APC. After all, wasn't ZOCOM meant for defense?

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Thats acturly a good point, The Armadillo was designed to replace the APC in C&C4; cause of its predecessor was too small to carry Zone armoured passengers after GDI decided to have every infantry in existance equipped with Zone armour & it was also designed not for Tiberium contaminated world with all the crystals & mess they have to go through.

While also in C&C4; GDI defence class makes most use of ZOCOM's Tech & equipments out of the 3 classes that feels a bit like your playing as the subfaction with ton of Zone infantry choices & Sonic tech equipped on Juggernaut.

And lets not forget that EA Jim vessela said that ZOCOM is based on 'Turtle gameplay' Youtube.com

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