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Wow, this MOD sure has came a long way, lots of bug fixes and tweaks have been made etc. I wanted to go into detail here on the balance and functions of this MOD.

First, let's start off with the map layouts. The majority of them are pretty decent. However, there are too many nooks and crannies for infantry to get into and hide etc. This is kind of an issue because it gives snipers too much of an advantage when either side takes the field. I get that this is what they are intended to counter against, but you have too many added in almost every map.

Now we move on to Base Defenses. Currently they seem as devastating as they used to be back in Renegade, however there are some really bad glitches with them that can cost a team the game. One glitch in particular can allow the player to glitch the Obelisk/AGT to where it cannot deal damage to them. You can also use this same glitch to keep the base defenses from dealing damage against oncoming ally vehicles. This needs to get fixed before it becomes widely known and exploited.

Finally, the balance. Currently, there is a decent balance between both factions. But, there are some things that need tweaking. I want to go into more detail with this, as it kind of bothered me a bit.

I want to start here with the infantry. Infantry was my preferred method of gameplay as they can quickly turn the tide of the battle and be just outright infuriating to deal with when in vehicles. But in this MOD, they feel kind of under powered, and it almost makes me not want to use infantry, especially with the current price tags. Here is my perspective on each unit:


BASIC INFANTRY - Nothing wrong with these guys, they feel exactly the same as Renegade, but with the added perk that Ramjet Rifles can no longer 1-shot kill you in the body. Excellent for not getting snipe-whored, but it greatly discourages the use of snipers against small price tag units and below. Headshot or bust is a must for these guys if you want to conserve ammo before heading back to refill, but that's easier said than done.

SHOTGUNNER - They are the same as before, except they take forever to reload their weapon. This should be sped up a little bit to be more useful.

MARKSMAN - This a good addition to the game, this allows people who lost their infantry structure to counter against long range enemy infantry. However, 1 issue prevents me from using this guy for anything other than emergency counter sniping. The clip size on the gun is just too small, if it were larger by say 20 rounds total, it would be a lot better. An alternative is to greatly increase the reload time on this weapon.

ENGINEER - There is actually nothing wrong with this guy at all. But in here I want the opportunity to discuss the various bombs. The throw distance on the C4, Remote Detonators, and Land Mines has always bugged me since Renegade. I never understood whey the distance was so damn short, I could lob these things a lot farther in real life. Increasing the distance wouldn't really break the balance, but it would be more of a convenience to the player to use the weapons effectively. If they were at least double the throw distance, they wouldn't be so underwhelming to use against other targets besides buildings.

OFFICER - The gun has more spread than before, but the fire power it puts out is pretty good, well worth the price.

ROCKET SOLDIER - This guy is interesting, he is definitely different than the Renegade version. Instead of having a dumbed down version of Gunner's rocket launcher, they are armed with SMAWs. They deal a nice chunk of damage to vehicles, but the reload time on the weapon is just too slow. This guy only seems to be bought in emergency cases when your base has enemy armor at the door. If the reload speed was increased, you might see this guy on the field more where he belongs and not only camping in the nearest building to survive and attack.

MCFARLAIN - Clearly this guy is new, he wasn't in Renegade that I remember, some background on this guy would be great. Anyways, this guy is armed with a Flak Cannon, which is nearly identical to Unreal Tournament's version except the flak doesn't bounce off of walls. And he also replaces Sydney armed with a Tiberium Auto-Rifle, not a bad decision, she sucked anyways. This guy is actually pretty good for his price, he can even dent buildings, so no complaints here.

CHEM WARRIOR - Chem Warriors are actually scary in this game. If they catch you by surprise, you are pretty much screwed for the most part. However, they don't seem to do much damage to buildings/tanks anymore that I noticed, which kind of sucks because Chem Rushes were effective. If they did more damage to buildings/tanks like they used to, they would be a solid class to use.

DEADEYE/BLACKHAND SNIPER - These aren't much different from before other than having a silencer attached to their rifles. As before, this the go-to class if you got really good aim on heads.

STEALTH BLACKHAND - SBH is crap. It feels so nerfed that it only has 2 uses now; GTA, and Nuking. The laser rifle they are armed with is garbage, it has such a tiny clip size, and a triple burst for primary fire which eats your ammo super quick. The weapon is just utterly terrible against infantry unless your aim was near-perfect, and it is laughable against tanks. On top of that, it has recoil, and is inaccurate at long range. On top of that, the laser is so damn bright, that you can see it from a mile away in broad daylight. Before it was just light red laser, so why does this weapon have to signal the cosmos to come kill you? What the hell? Why such a massive nerf? They used to be great for ambushing vehicles in packs, and now they are just target practice if they uncloak. One of 2 things needs to happen here: Either remove that nonsensical recoil and burst fire + restore the semi-auto fire, or restore the clip size to 99. otherwise, this class will remain useless except to GTA and Nuke.

PATCH - Now this change is interesting, instead of being armed with a Tiberium Flechette, he is armed with a machinegun loaded with explosive rounds that dents tanks. Ouch. So now he is basically anti-everything like his cousin the LCG. This isn't a bad change since they moved the Flechette to a buyable weapon, but his projectiles seem a little too slow.

LASER CHAINGUNNER - Well he hasn't changed much, except now he has recoil, probably for the better since him and Patch were anti-anything on 2 legs if you had good aim. One thing I don't like is that the laser is the same laser as the SBH rifle, it is way too damn bright. Other than that, it isn't too bad.

GUNNER - Man did this guy get whacked with the nerf bat... The damage from the rockets are so bad, that you have absolutely no choice but to aim for the body or the head, and the reload time is too slow. And with the crazy movement you can do in the game now, good luck trying to hit anything with that gun. This weapon needs its splash damage restored and reload speed increased, he is just not worth the price tag currently.

HAVOC/SAKURA - These 2 also got hit with the nerf bat, and honestly it is kind of unnecessary considering the addition of the Marksman, and the resistance to 1 shot body kills on the basic troops. Those 2 changes were the only thing needed to balance this class's dominate presence against infantry, but it was taken a little too far. The reload time on this weapon is abysmal, it takes way too long to reload this weapon. On top of that, why is this thing loaded per bullet? This weapon was clip fed before, it makes no sense. Also, the damage vs light armor is too low, I remember it taking about 5-6 shots to gun down a MRLS/Artillery/Aircraft, and now it takes 2 or more clips. That is crap, and it needs to be restored, it was designed to be a line of defense against light armor and infantry, not infantry only. Lowering the damage this low on these rifles also makes aircraft too dominate. I'd recommend tweaking those, currently this class is average against infantry/light armor unless your aim is really good or have a group present.

SYDNEY/RAVESHAW - The changes made to these 2 don't make a whole lot of sense. Instead of carrying like 32 rounds and reloading after each shot, you are reloading between shots AND have to reload a 4 round clip after firing 4 times. That addition is completely unnecessary and it overnerfs this class, in fact, they didn't need a nerf at all. They were perfectly balanced before, but now they are handicapped. Reverting them back to how they used to function would be much more ideal.

MOBIUS/MENDOZA - I'll be honest here, these 2 aren't that great. Reason being is because the Volt Auto-Rifles are firing faster than they used to, and they deal less damage. You burn through your ammo way too fast and it makes you less effective against infantry, where as before you were anti-anything as long as you were in range. Switching the weapon back to how it used to work would balance it much better. But I will say the alt-fire function on this gun is rather nice, it has many uses.

HOTWIRE/TECHNICIAN - These 2 are exactly the same as before. However, they can now be equipped with better weapons, such as the Heavy Pistol, Carbine, Tiberium Flechette, and Tiberium Auto Rifle. Wow that is actually OP, I have equipped them with all of these weapons, and I was laying waste to people left and right. Might as well call them Commandos when you arm them with something other than a basic pistol. Currently I have mixed feelings with this, but I suspect a nerf may be in order...

I know what you may be thinking: "Those changes will make infantry too OP!" Well, yes and no. If you were to change just the infantry, that might be a possibility. BUT, now we move on to that part about the vehicles, which will fix that possible issue. The vehicles have some really, REALLY annoying issues that I am compelled to address more than the infantry, so let's get started.

First off, is the movement speed of vehicles. For some reason they move slow unless you hold down the run key. What is the purpose of that? It makes sense on infantry since they have limited stamina, (great addition to infantry BTW, they badly needed that.) but on vehicles it has no limit. Why not reverse that function to move slower when holding down the button? It gets tiresome quickly on my finger holding down the button and steering at the same time. I know for some vehicles it can be a little tough to drive properly, but the vehicles that go fast don't really need that, so they can just go without it for the sake of convenience while driving other vehicles IMO.

Now we move on to weapon functions. Firstly, the reload system on vehicles is atrocious, no offense. Any vehicle/turret with more than 1 weapon is a royal pain to use. Reason being is because if you want to reload a weapon, you are stuck reloading both at the same time, which leaves you defenseless. There is a reason why the Mammoth Tank, turrets, and aircraft had infinite ammo, but had delays between shots in Renegade, and that was to avoid exactly what you created. I strongly recommend you add a 2nd reload key function for the secondary vehicle weapons to fix this. Currently this issue makes Mammoth Tanks, Turrets, and Aircraft nearly pointless to use against other vehicles.

The second part to this is the rocket weapons for vehicles and infantry. These things are just straight up bugged, that is the best way to describe this in short. When you fire rockets that have a lock on the target, they always miss. If I had a lock on them in open field, how the hell did I miss!? It seems the rockets are detonating too early on the locked-on target, and they also explode if they move passed their maximum range. Which is stupid because if a rocket has a lock, then it should pursue the target til it hits or hits an object in its path, and that goes for ALL ROCKETS. Now, this doesn't seem to happen when firing rockets at infantry. Instead, they often do this funny U turn maneuver around the infantry, missing them completely, and fly into the ground moving at a straight trajectory. Yeah, there is something wrong here, and it badly needs to be fixed because it is a major balance issue. Another problem with the rockets, is the rockets on the Mammoth Tank and Stealth Tank. In Renegade, there is a reason why they were armed with high explosive rockets, and that was to kill infantry that dared to try and get near it. But in R-X, they are a joke, you can avoid it with ease and continue to harass the Mammoth Tank who has no option but to retaliate with canons which can't hit up close. And the Stealth Tank that has no choice but to try and hit infantry with rockets that don't hit. Splash damage on those rockets need to be buffed to counter infantry as intended, same goes for the MRLS and Artillery shells which also cannot defend against infantry when they are supposed to.

Now for some mentions of random vehicles in the game that I want to address. We'll start off with the Mobile Artillery, boy am I glad you nerfed that damn thing. In Renegade, this thing was way OP because of how the shells didn't lob but instead kept flying infinitely in a straight line. now that the shells lob, it is much better. However, there is a small problem with that, and that is the map layouts and buildings. Let's use Canyon as an example, you know that concrete wall that blocks the Barracks from being hit from across the map? Well, the wall isn't high enough, and the artillery shells can lob right over that wall and hit it with ease now. Lobbing the shells isn't the issue, but the map layouts, they need to be revised to compensate against this.

The other vehicle I want to bring up, is the Nod Flame Tank. Holy god is this thing OP, the damage against armor needs to be toned way down. A Flame Tank should not be able to duel a Mammoth Tank and win, that's just ridiculous. However I will say that it is nicely effective vs infantry as it should be, if you were stupid enough to let this thing get close to you, then you deserve to be an infantry-kabob.

This concludes my feedback for Renegade-X BETA 5. Other than issues mentioned above, the game is playable and in general is pretty solid and captures the core element of Renegade. I hope my feedback and suggested changes can produce an even higher quality balance. Feel free to discuss in the comments, and I hope to see another content patch soon!

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