This mod aims on making the sandbox mode more entertaining. It changes, tweaks and adds some units and upgrades. It should be fully compatible with vanilla (no DLCs, no Mods, no Tweaks needed), but the changes might imbalance the campaign game (making it either too easy or difficult). It is not fully translated, all unit descriptions are English (no matter the language of your game). This mod does not add any new graphics, it simply re-shuffles most units-stats.

What is the problem with the vanilla sandbox?
* most units for Germans, Gauls, Britons are pretty much the same - which is boring
* the Romans only have very (!) few units - which is weird
* many factions have no specific strength
* many buildings are expensive AND useless

What does this mod do about it?
* overhaul of all factiongroups units to make them more interesting
* each factiongroup gets a special "flavor", with specific strength and weaknesses
* slight modifications of upgrades
* small bonus for each faction

** Nightwatch gives a view range bonus (better awareness of a cities defenders, when they keep watch at night)
** Some upgrades get considerably cheaper: Nightwatch, Watchtower, Battlements
** new unit upgrade "Young Noble" allows to recruit multipurpose-generals very quickly
** new unit upgrade "Druid" (from Modding Example)
** new city upgrade "Druid Grove" (from Modding Example)

Romans: few units - but excellent heavy infantry
** Legion is strong and versatile, probably the best unit in the game (requires now heavy/javlin production to build)
** expendable, versatile auxiliary troops
** very defensive spearman
** weak skirmishers
** expensive cavalry

Germans: furor teutonicus - the German zerg
** probably easiest factiongroup to command, as you can move a large host with few units
** difficult at the very beginning, as the raiders are just as strong as your own units ;)
** light and heavy warbands
** light and heavy cavalry
** weak ranged support (bad mix of slingers and javelineers)

Gauls: very fast, diverse, small units with ambush skill
** probably most difficult to command, because the number of small units requires alot of tactical skill
** skirmishers and cavalry are rather small, cheap and weak
** infantry is less defensive
** wide range of units (including scout cavalry, swordsmen and bowmen)

Britons: solid mix - no major changes
** some units are slow and very durable (spearmen, cavalry)
** other units are fast and fierce (skirmisher, javelineers)
** additional scout cavalry and a useless but fast chariot unit
** a chariot is also mixed into the cavalry (animation is incomplete, but it looks so cute)

It is the year 60 BCE. Gaul is a dangerous place. And it is a threatened place. Eastwards, hordes of young German warriors are only waiting for a chance - and for a leader who is bold and strong enough to unite the warbands under his banner. To the south, the powerful Roman Empire eyes their Celtic neighbourhood with scepticism - isn't it time to send the Eagle of the Legion to bring order to the chaotic Celtic tribes? In the north, beyond the channel, some of the warlike tribes of Briton have gathered strength and would love to get a share of the rich and fertile lands of Gaul. But for each one who dares awaits an ordeal. Behind every bush and stone could lurk a Gallic warrior in the shadows. The villages, workshops and valleys of Gaul might be a tempting target. But between them lie dark, uncharted woods. The Gauls know the wilderness of their homeland much better than the intruders and are ready to strike their back once they come this way.

Playing as the Gauls: First some good news: your choice of arms is second to none. You want cavalry? You have it. You want bowmen? You have them. You want strong infantry? You have it. But each of your troops is weak on its own. So you must combine them to be successful. Another of your strengths is speed. Weaken your enemy by raiding or flanking. Your greatest strength however is your knowledge of the land: each of your units can make powerful ambushes, that can throw even an enemy off balance who seems much stronger. Now the bad news: most of your neighbours have the same strengths. So you must beware of ambushes by Gallic tribes, and you'll have a hard time fighting of their fast raiding parties.

Playing as the Romans: You have only one real strength - the Roman Legion. Other units are only cherries on the cake. The legionnaires can beat almost any barbarian unit. So take good care of them, don't let them be caught by gallic ambushes, or marched over by a German zerg. You won't have access to the Legion from the beginninng - so you'll need to draw on weaker units at first. If you have money but lack recruits, make use of auxiliary troops. But quickly disband them, when it is the other way round.

Playing as the Germans: In terms of a direct confrontation, you have nothing to fear. Your units are sturdy, cheap and still no weaker than those of the other factions. So what is the downside? Nothing really. Build you zerg and let it lose. Your units can carry more provisions than any other, so they can make deep charges into enemy territory. Your choice of tactics however is limited. If your enemy manages to divide your army, catch it in chokepoints, tire it in hit-and-run attacks, strike your rear, break your flank, ... there is really little you can do about it. Except - build a new zerg, and start again.

Playing as the Britons: From the start you will find, that most battles don't last long. The early Briton unit, the swordsman, is very bloodthirsty. Neutralizing them is one of the first tactics you need to master against the other Briton tribes. The Gauls however need a different tactic. Your units tend to have a little edge over them in open battle, so seek it when possible. Compared to the Germans, your units are more diverse. Put spearmen in the center, support with ranged troops, flank them with swordsmen and you will see them running. The Romans are still far away ... you will certainly also find a measure against the Legion once you meet it. A sidenote: the chariot is a somewhat silly unit. I hope that doesn't bother you.

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Polish, polish, polish


The mod is almost complete. But what is almost? It means, that for days I polish the texts, test how the AI uses the new units, explore the tactical possibilities that this mod will bring. Even a tiny mod like this, without new graphics, models, maps - is work :)

Well, fortunately it is also a lot of fun. Playing the new factions and seeing how much better the game feels now, is reward in itself. So far, I like the Gauls most. I wanted them to be the weakest and the strongest at the same time. It took me a while to figure out how: by using the "Ambush" skill. The Gauls can make tremendous damage when they strike from the darkness. Of course, all factiongroups have their advantages, but playing the Gauls will probably be the most challenging experience.

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Full Version

First release of this mod. Extract, put it in your mod folder(s), try it out.

Sabura - - 14 comments

Can I play this in German version of the Game?

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

what about masillia? the greek coastal colony?

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