It is not a proyect from few days ago, I have been thinking about it more of one year. It is not a proyect started without any chance, I have the skills, the time and the stuff for to complete it at a small amount of time.

About the mod. Mainly it will be a three races mod. Humans, Kilrathi and Nephilim. Clearly there will three factions with them but.......the Rebel factions will add things as the Union of Border Worlds. There will be units from Black Lance and Pirates.

Stuff? mostly from the original games, Wing Commander IV, Wing Commander: Prophecy, Wing Commander: Secret Ops, Privateer 2: The Darkening and from mods as FOC Wing Commander Invasion from MayorApayne and Wing Commander Armada mods from miklosgo. A complete credits list will be published when I publish some more than text and images.

Space structures? probably the biggest challenge. At a first place, I set the mod for to use the original from SOASE but now......thanks to the stuff shared, probably I can replace many of the space structures and I can make some new, it should not be too difficult if I use the same style from the other models.

Poor and old models? I have tested the old models from the original games at SOASE and they look good. The type of shaders with lights and normal maps from this game can help a lot. I have added some cosmetic details to the models as turrets, engines, reflections and lights. Perhaps you think how there are better models around the world, perhaps yes but I have not access to them and in the amount needed for this mod, probably no. However, if you know about some models, please tell me.

New models? probably yes, not only structures. Lately I have searching the models for the Kilrathi and I am sure how I will make some variants from other models. I will show them when I complete them.

Wing Commander I and II designs? I am not sure if I will use them because they are models from other style. I will add a big ? to this.

Amount of units? mostly the same amount from the original SOASE but with more fighters and bombers.

Heroes? probably yes. But it will be the last addition.

Good motivation? when I started the mod, I did not want show nothing about it because perhaps my motivation could replaced by other things. Now I believe how I will be finished. It is a good refresh for my mind.

This is a list from the completed stuff by the moment:

Terran Confederation:


Behemoth-Class Dreadnought

Capital ships.

Concordia-Class Fleet Carrier
Vesuvius-Class Heavy Carrier
Enterprise-Class Fleet Carrier
Plunkett-Class Cruiser
Waterloo-Class Heavy Cruiser
Washington-Class Heavy Cruiser
Hades-Class Quick Strike Cruiser
Midway-Class Heavy Carrier


Durango Heavy Destroyer - Fleet Carrier
Murphy-Class Destroyer
C-9 Pelican-Class Utility ship
Nimitz-Class Destroyer
Clarkson-Class Transport
Callisto-Class Destroyer
Liberty-Class Carrier
Envoy Shuttle

Small Frigates.

SR-51 Seahawk Scout Fighter
Caernaven Frigate - Light Frigate
Ranger Carrier - Long Range Frigate
Southampton Destroyer - Siege Frigate
Tallahassee Cruiser - AntiFighter Frigate
Hercules Colony Shuttle
Shuttle Marines - Corvette


F/A-105 Tigershark
F-104 Bearcat
F/A-76 Longbow
A-18 Crossbow
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII
F-27 Arrow V
F-103 Excalibur
Hellcat V
F-110 Wasp
TB-81 Shrike
TB-80 Devastator
F-106 Piranha
F-108 Panther
F-109 Vampire

Module constructor
Trade ship
Refinery ship

Empire of Kilrah:


Hvar'kann MK II

Capital ships.



Bhantkara - Fleet Carrier
Concom - Utility ship 0
Ralaxath - Utility ship 1
Fralthi Carrier - Heavy Frigate
Fralthi Cruiser - Mine Layer
Kilrathi - Starbase Constructor
Kamrani Heavy Corvette - Envoy ship

Small frigates.

Vaktoth Fighter - Scout ship
Kamrani Corvette - Light Frigate
Rakshaal Carrier - Long Range Frigate
Ralarrad Light Destroyer - Siege Frigate
Kamekha Carrier - Antifighter Frigate
Kilrath Colony Ship


Dralthi IV
Ekapshi III

Module constructor

I have added to the right from some of the units, the original unit replaced by them.

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Niuro_BG - - 45 comments

Hi, is there something new for the mod or not so much?

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Guest - - 692,394 comments

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Ahnassi1 - - 132 comments

Nice mod but it requires alot of work. All extractors, the pirate planet and the kilrathi refinery ship have vanilla Sins models. Most ships hull and shield stats are not rebalanced for the mod. IE why does the Kamrani corvette have more hull and shields then Ralarrad light destroyer (the Ralarrad is the worst Kilrathi ship in the mod)? Or what's the point of building a Bhantkara carrier for 14 pop cap when I can get 2 Rakshaalar light carriers for a total of 10 pop with double the ammount of fighters since all non capital-ship carriers have 2 fighter squads each? And only the Kilrathi titans have access to the Bloodfang, Darket and Strahka figheters.

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sgtmac68w20 - - 34 comments

can you share the enabled mods line for your WC? I cant get the game to load, I go to enabled mods(have the 1.93 version in the folder) show mod path, then click enable. it gives me the loading screen then crashes. If I go to the enabled mods file in the game folder and edit it to "WC" it reads a bit longer then still crashes. I suffered a TBI so may have forgotten information to make this work, i just cant remember it.

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Any troubleshotting question. Go to my site

Blocked at my site? send me a private message with your ip.

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BK2211 - - 23 comments

Nomada_Fire just tip if you reduce the Textures down to three, you could save a lot on ram performance with your mods. Then you would be able to do a lot more with your mods. But both mods are sick, I enjoy them very much, thanks again for your hard work.

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Izariel - - 1 comments

I love this mod. I am a huge wing commander fan from way back when. I just have a question. The ships are so small...

Is there a way to scale them up at all? (Make them larger)

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Nomada_Firefox Creator
Nomada_Firefox - - 3,339 comments

Ships have the correct scale at comparation with planets and other objects.

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Why isn't there a download here it would get more downloads ? And why must I register to your site ?

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Nomada_Firefox Creator
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I do not win nothing with more downloads and I have my own site. Even more, probably I had not made the mod without my own site.

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bink8285 - - 1 comments

im having issues with joining your site to get the mod i was a member at one time but cant log in and cant make a new profile have you locked out new users?

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The answer is no. Everything is normal in my site.

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I'm having the same issue, I can't log in or recover my account.

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Nevermind, solved it.

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