The v1.2 Modernized mod is the second incarnation of the v1.2 Community Patch first released in 2006. v1.2 Modernized is not a total overhaul of the base game; it is a basic mod that aims to preserve the experience of vanilla Homeworld2, mainly focusing on the implementation of new graphical effects, HODs, sound effects, UI elements and scripts developed for and utilized in the Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) total overhaul mod. This mod incorporates several new features, including some new game modes from the Homeworld2 modding community, new maps, and a single new Bomber unit for both races (which can be disabled in the game setup if one desires to play using the traditional ship roster).

While the mod was designed with PvP multi-player in mind, it will work with the single-player campaign.

v1.2 Modernized is being built from scratch independently of the original v1.2 Community Patch (v1.2.16 and earlier).

v1.2.18 introduces several graphical enhancements developed for TFS v2.9: high-resolution UI texture scripts for 1080p screen resolutions, a modified Assault Craft launcher model, a new missile trail effect for Torpedoes and Fusion Missiles, a larger selection window for Badges, and a modified laser sprite for the Laser Corvette. CnlPepper's advanced shader model has also been implemented in this release.

The following is list of changes and additions included in the 1.2.17 build:

Cosmetic Changes

  • Missiles and Torpedoes spawn detonation effects when their lifetime reaches zero.
  • Torpedo and Cluster Torpedo velocity has been increased to 320m/s (lifetime decreased to keep max range proportional to range in v1.1).
  • Fusion missile velocity has been increased to 400m/s (lifetime decreased to keep max range proportional to range in v1.1).
  • Kinetic autocannon sprite uses smaller bullets for interceptors and hull defenses.
  • Hull defense guns for the Shipyards, Carriers, Motherships and Mobile Refineries have a rapid-fire effect. Their effectiveness is unaffected.
  • Strikecraft will display smoke trails when they reach 50% health. Strikecraft that are critically damaged will spawn a fire trail damage effect.
  • Frequency of "deathrail" death effect for fighters has been increased between 25-50%; a larger deathrail effect has been added for corvettes.
  • Assault Craft and Interceptor squadrons will split into subgroups of two and dogfight with each other.
  • Plasma bombs, EMP bombs and small kinetic shells used by Gun platforms and the Assault Frigate have added trail effects.
  • Laser Corvette laser effect has been replaced by a new, larger laser FX.
  • Trails for fighters and corvettes have been reduced to 75% their original length.
  • Frigates and Capital Ships (excluding Hiigaran Battlecruisers) will be able to bank at up to 90 degrees and pitch at 90 degree angles.
  • Destroyer cannons will have a 25% higher rate of fire but have their damage per shot proportionally decreased.
  • Hiigaran Gunships, Interceptors, Scouts, Gun Platforms and Vaygr Assault Craft, Gun Platform and Scout guns have twice the rate of fire but their damage has been proportionally decreased by 50%.
  • Vaygr Battlecruiser fusion missiles have a larger explosion effect indicative of their larger warhead yields. Missile launches will now properly display steam FX for all eight missiles. A new fire SFX for the Trinity cannon has been used to replace the standard kinetic shell SFX used for the Trinity cannon in v1.1.
  • Hiigaran Battlecruiser ion cannon turret model has been replaced with an updated model.

Additions and New Content

  • Strategic Bombers have been added to the Vaygr and Hiigaran build lists: they come armed with long-range fusion missiles and torpedoes. Strategic Bombers have a long reload time (45 seconds), a high build cost (750 RU), 4 units per squadron, and a low maximum speed (240m/s by default).
  • Short-range missile launchers have been added to the Assault Craft and Interceptor. The missiles have a short range, weak warheads, low lifespan, and will only target other strikecraft.
  • Scouts have EMP launcher pods modeled and mounted to their undersides.
  • Vaygr Command Corvettes have a sensor ping ability upgrade.
  • New or altered effects for small kinetic shells, rapid firing cannons, laser corvette laser pulses, SRM exhaust and plasma bombs.
  • New game options: optional starting fleets (Default, Tactical, Dual Carrier, Shipyard), AI build aids option to enhance CPU player performance, new starting resource options.
  • Eight maps from TFS have been included: 2P Enclosure, 4P Enclosure Double, 6P Radiation Belt, 6P Staged Assault, 6P Stagflation, 6P Tactical Revolution, 6P Vanguard and 6P Tanis Wreckage.

Re-balances and Alterations

  • Lance Fighter plasma lance rate recharge rate has been decreased from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Lance Fighter plasma lance has a 2x damage multiplier against platforms and resource collectors, making it more versatile and giving it two new additional roles.
  • Heavy Missile Frigate weapon range slightly increased from 3500m to 4000m.
  • Bomber health has been increased from 30 to 40 per individual bomber.
  • All strikecraft weapons have had their range slightly increased by 400m.
  • Hiigaran Gunship accuracy against fighters has been slightly increased (0.13 to 0.16).
  • The lifespan of mines has been increased from 200 to 2000 seconds.
  • Vaygr Command Corvette armor has been increased from 600 to 800.
  • Vaygr Assault Frigate concussion missile range has been increased from 2000 to 2500m; accuracy of turrets has been decreased very slightly to compensate.
  • The single player campaign unit cap now allows for deployment of up to 3 Battlecruisers (versus only 2 in v1.1).
  • The "kick player" notice and option pop-up menu has been removed.

Additional Credits:
Battlecry, lead developer of the Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) modification.
-Mikail: Defined Rules game mode and Survivor game mode.
-IcePirate: MP Risk and MP Strikers game modes.
-Axel: Battlecruiser Ion Cannon Turret

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This post is being made to announce the initiation of a successor project to the long-dormant v1.2 Community Patch which was last updated back in 2008.

At this time I am not sure whether or not I will build upon the existing v1.2CP mod (v1.2.16) or build a spiritual successor mod from the ground-up. The aim of this new project will be to incorporate the latest FX, SFX, ship HODs and script files developed for the Tactical Fleet Simulator v2.8 mod into a simple mod optimized for enhancing the vanilla Homeworld2 experience.

As with the original v1.2 Community Patch, the new mod will feature a number of modifications to the default specifications of strikecraft including dynamic dogfighting scripts and smoke trail damage effects. Another feature that might be included, depending on user feedback, is the implementation of CnlPepper's parallax shaders from the Homeworld2 v2.0 project.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Community Patch Released

News 1 comment

v1.2.15 Community Patch Released (6/10/07) v1.2.16 Community Patch Released (10/16/07)

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Homeworld 2 v1.2 Modernized (1.2.18)

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Modernized (1.2.18)

Full Version 6 comments

Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized (Build 1.2.18) raw .big file release. This build includes some of the graphical elements and enhancements being developed for...

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Modernized (1.2.17)

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Modernized (1.2.17)

Full Version 4 comments

Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized (Build 1.2.17) raw .big file release. For a comprehensive list of changes and additions included, see the release description...

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Community patch (1.2.16)

Homeworld 2 v1.2 Community patch (1.2.16)

Patch 6 comments

Homeworld2 v1.2 community patch (1.2.16 build). This is the original, classic Community Patch. See list below for additional details.

XENO GunMetal Map Pack v1.0

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

GunMetal's Map Pack (v1.0) A map pack consisting of maps made by GunMetalXENO.

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Im assuming you changed the difficulty/ AI fleet scaling. If so can you re-up the difficulty for Thaddis Sabbah and Balcora? The last week Ive started both maps with near full fleets (forgot to build the 3rd BC before I was halfway through Thaddis) and both missions were completely neutered (Balora Gate seemed largely the same as v1.1). Balcora especially, which I steamrolled through in under 10 minutes.

Instead of the 10 or so BC's in v1.1, the defence fleet around Makaan's flagship consisted of maybe 3 or 4 destroyers, 1 BC, the V. dread, and 35+ Assault Craft and some lancers. Which, after nearing the prox detector/Sajuuk with just a probe of my own I think, all started advancing towards my MS while most of my fleet was up where the V.Shipyard is on the upper left of the map, but all that meant was scuttling about 8 frigates and using the MS and 4 carriers to quickly replace them with flak's to deal with the assault craft while I tasked the destroyers and BCs move back and kill the V. capitals which were lagging behind the strike craft swarm.

I didn't bother to try but I suspect if you had a full wing of Strat Bombers, once you've cleared the initial attackers and Shipyard, you could just gun for Makaan and finish the map in under 5 minutes

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Good day gents

May I ask if this is going to be applied to Homeworld remastered, both Homeworld 1 and 2? Some kind of great-musthave-unofficial patch?

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Battlecry Creator

I plan on eventually recreating this mod for Homeworld Remastered after Gearbox releases their major patch that "fixes" squadrons and formations, but with a more limited scope: I might not be able to port over the Strategic Bombers because Gearbox is making it really difficult for us modders to update/edit kitbashes of stock ship HODs.

But you can expect some variation of this mod for Remastered at some point in the future.

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So have you made the mod for the remastered version yet? If so, which folder would I actually send it to?

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Just wondering if anyone knows what is up with the player vs CPU crashing out to Desktop, if anyone still pays attention here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I did a clean install of HW2, patched to 1.1 and then to modernized.17 (my pc is pretty ancient and some of the lighting detail in .18 is just a bit too much for the comp to handle smoothly) and it seems to have largely stopped.

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Question, what did you have to do in order to reduce the fighter trail length?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Battlecry Creator

There is a value that determines the engine trail length for each individual unit in their .ship file. The same is true for modifying missile trail lengths.

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How would I use this with the Halo-Homefront mod or is it not possible

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Battlecry Creator

You would have to extract the contents of the v1.2CP mod and Halo Homefront mod and manually add the files you want from v1.2CP to Homefront. It will be a time-consuming process and would require some basic knowledge of Homeworld2's file structure, but it is certainly doable.

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