I have been periodically and comprehensively modding Homeworld 2 since 2004. My primary project is Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS), the third iteration of which was completed in 2011. Currently I am working on updating TFS and developing a successor mod for the Homeworld Remastered Collection.

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Homeworld 2 Modders Group

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Home World 2 Multiplayer Revival

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Deorsa - - 5 comments

Wow, lots of ppl talk to you and damand stuff :p lol popular guy.
Well congratulations on the TFS still going. I played a TFS mod years ago and loved it, the attack carrier still my fav as I live by fighters and capital ships.
Please answer me just one question. What TFS mods work without the 1.1 patch as that makes the game unplayable to me and I long to have TFS back in my life.
Congratulations again Battlecry, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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LeviathansWrath - - 843 comments

mods typically wont work without the patch, certain stuff is missing from 1.0.

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EonSeig - - 2 comments

I downloaded the v1.2 mod and found it pretty good. It expanded a pretty-much bare-bones game to something I could toy around with. Though, as I posted in the mod's page, Strategic Bombers have some programming issues. They have a tendency to shoot themselves with their own torpedoes. The missiles are dropped directly behind them as they fly in for a straight-line attack run. The missiles then speed up, and about half of them hit the bombers that launch them. I can manually avoid this with some quick course change, but it gets too difficult to keep track of if I have a large strike group moving in. Also, they don't seem to know how to keep their distance. Maybe they can be reprogrammed so that they circle capital ships from their full torpedo range instead of flying in close to fire their guns, which don't seem to be effective against much of anything.

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Nexus731 - - 5 comments

hi Battleccy,

i recently tried to download your mod but the links give and error and i cant find the on file front. Can you plz help me?

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DrRondart - - 4 comments

Good day, Battlecry.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the TFS mod. It is truly one of the best mods out there (also thanks to the other modders and creators; the new Ion Destroyer model rules).

However, I have encountered a problem. One of the machines I play it on has this syndrome: whenever I play TFS Enhanced (or a similar mod, Gameplay Enhanced), when either fleet won, the game would automatically switch to another application on Windows (similar in effect as if the game alt+tabbed by itself). I only managed to remedy this by not having another program that can be alt-tabbed to running, and so the game went back pretty quickly. Note that oddly, this bug doesn't happen in other game modes, presumably something to do with BGM changing features?

The second machine I tried to play with has an odd thing; the game crashes back to desktop before every engagement starts, regardless of game mode. There's actually even a minidump and a txt file stored in Sierra/Homeworld2/bin/release

Oddly enough this happens not only with TFS, but also Homeworld Enhanced, another mod you released. Other mods work fine. The dump included the lines as follows:

"Homeworld2.exe caused an Access Violation in module objects.dll at 001b:00b323a9.
Error occurred at 11/30/2008 08:09:36.
Homeworld2.exe, run by [erased].
Microsoft Windows XP?.
2 processor(s), type 586.
2039 MBytes physical memory.
Read from location 0000000c caused an access violation."

Is it a physical problem in my part?

Thank you for your time.

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ssfsx17 - - 6 comments

Battlecry, would you by any chance happen to work on a boomer or something like that?

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OmniscientLOon - - 35 comments

Great job with the release man,..started playin TFS again =P

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OmniscientLOon - - 35 comments


PLEASEEE add sensors pinggggg, im getting desperate,..or at least respond to my messages to shoot me down so im not living in this state of perpetual hope.

Need something else to play besides css and dark crusade

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OmniscientLOon - - 35 comments

Congrats on release man.

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theDarkAngel7777 - - 1 comments

hey i downloaded this mod like 3 months ago it really bothers me that the vaygr have no sensor ping or something like it, it makes playing in huge maps impossible please put something like it in!!!!!

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