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I'm making this due to the disparity of guides out there on how to do this. You can pretty easily learn how to setup a dedicated server, but nothing really tells you how to install mods such as Natural Selection, that aren't widely covered by other guides.

Mods I've tested so far:
Natural Selection
Action Half Life

Tools to Download:

SteamCMD GUI - Direct Download Link - DOWNLOAD THIS
SteamCMD GUI - GitHub Homepage


Pick and create a working directory to keep things tidy
I plan to install a few Half Life mods, so i'm working off my D:\ Drive

D:\Half Life Dedicated Servers\

Create a few folders we'll be working out of...

D:\Half Life Dedicated Servers\Steam CMD.GUI

D:\Half Life Dedicated Servers\hlds

Download Steam CMD.GUI and Extract/Move it into the folder we made for it
Open it, and in the top right - Click Download SteamCMD (this downloads SteamCMD, which will allow us to download the hlds server tool.

This usually downloads steamcmd.zip, we'll need to extract it - head to the folder Steam CMD.GUI is in, and find and extract SteamCMD, there's no need to move it.

Go back into SteamCMD.GUI and in the Update/Install tab, under the Steam CMD Configuration Section click Browser, and Find/Choose your SteamCMD.GUI folder steamcmd.exe is in.

Step 2 - SETTING HLDS - Half Life Dedicated Server

In SteamCMD GUI under - Server Configuration - use the dropdown to pick - Half Life Dedicated Server
Click the tickbox - Login as Anonymous
In Server Path choose the folder you'd like to download you dedicated server to, if your following a similar path to me, I put my dedicated server in

D:\Half Life Dedicated Servers\hlds

After that click - Update/Install, this should open a console and you can watch as it progresses


Hello Mod DB!!!!

Hello Mod DB!!!!

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I added you on Steam am almost always online so just send me a message and a IP address when you wanna play Star Wars Galatic Warfare 0.8. :D
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