Title: Half-Life ZDoom
Filename: HLzD.zip
Author: Jeremy A. Stepp
Email Address: jeremystepp@hotmail.com

Description: H-L ZDoom changes all weapons, pickups,
ammo, player sprites, monsters, sounds, textures, all props and
things, levels 1-5 and 10, and the face on the statusbar into art
from Valve Software's game Half-Life.

Story: You are Gordon Freeman, an associate employed at
the Black Mesa Secret Research Facility. When everything hit the fan,
all you could do was run for cover. Strange, alien "things" appeared out
of thin air and filled the base. Then it went from bad to worse when a
government "cleanup squad" arrived, cut off all the exits, and started
killing all the research team members. The only way out for you now is
to use an experimental teleportation device being tested in alpha sector.

"Maybe I can find out where these things are coming from," you say
to yourself as you step on to the small red square of the machine.
And in a flash of green light, you disappear.

"Now where the hell am I?" You mumble to yourself, looking around.

"That's a remarkably accurate description, Mr. Freeman," you hear
a grim voice say...

Additional Credits to: Valve Software, id Software.

* Play Information *
Game : DOOM2/Zdoom
Episode and Level # : MAPS 1-6 and 10
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Players : Yes
Deathmatch 2-8 Players : Yes
Difficulty settings : All
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : No
Decorate patch file : Yes


New weapons

Mac 10
egon gun
gluon gun

New monsters

Zen slave

And more
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use these files to build new levels, but must give credit
to the author (Mr. J) and VALVE Software if you do so.
You may NOT charge money for the distribution of these files.
You may distribute these files in any electronic format as long as
you include this text file intact.
DOOM2 is a trademark of id software

Half-Life is a trademark of valve software

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Changes Log


4-10 Fixed wrong player starts, and re-uploaded file.
4-11 Added lights to warehouse area.
4-24 started on map 8

captain's log:


3-13-07 UPDATED GAME FILE 3-23 Changed the "broken" lazer on map 2. Now it moves back and forth. 3-26 Improved the suit switch pannel on map...

Half-Life zdoom


OK...I've had many requests to release my H-L to Zdoom mod, so here it is. The first 2 maps are reproductions from the original game, the next 5...

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Half-Life Zdoom

Patch 11 comments

This file changes Doom II into Half life zdoom. The zdoom engine is also required to play.

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I replay this mod every year. It's peak 2000's zdoom modding to me. There's just something about the out-of-palette sprites and the general jankedness of the mod from how he tried to apply Half Life's gameplay to Zdoom with the limited ACS and DEH functionality available at the time.

I have a lot of fond memories playing this mod as a kid growing up and I keep coming back to it for that reason, even with other mods like Hideous Destructor or Demonsteele.

Rest in peace bro.

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this is a very good mod but due to the fact that the author can't continue it (and for good reason), does anyone else have plans to finish the mod? it wouldn't be all that hard, i imagine, since most of the mod is already done and just needs some polish.

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For now, Im going to port what Jeremy has done to Zandronum and then work on finishing his mod in my free time. If youd like to help me please leave me a message and ill be glad to work with someone on it.

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I wish i had the time and skill to finish this. This mod actually got me into the shooting genre of games and Id like to complete it not for my sake, but for Jeremy. I was about to send him an email then i read the news. Sad times.

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The dev passed away, Have some respect, this is alright for an unfinished mod.

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lol hollywood holocaust from duke nukem. nice mod! and sometimes funny!

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Although not an exceptionally good mod, I appreciate the amount of effort that was put into the first half of the mod. A long time must have been spent in creating the realistic environments but it was extremely rushed, eh? From the way the levels sort of jumped alot. And replacing the ingame graphics with the Half-Life ones... man.

I see something happened to the person behind this. A real pity.

It will be good to see some group work on this- maybe make an Opposing Force Doom? You'd need the Black Ops trooper graphics though.

That was the main disappointment for me. The soldiers were all ripped from another mod but I can't think what, counter-strike I think.

Anyway, great effort from the maker. Bloody good mod...

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