Title: Half-Life ZDoom Filename: HLzD.zip Author: Jeremy A. Stepp Email Address: Description: H-L ZDoom changes all weapons, pickups, ammo, player sprites, monsters, sounds, textures, all props and things, levels 1-5 and 10, and the face on the statusbar into art from Valve Software's game Half-Life. Story: You are Gordon Freeman, an associate employed at the Black Mesa Secret Research Facility. When everything hit the fan, all you could do was run for cover. Strange, alien "things" appeared out of thin air and filled the base. Then it went from bad to worse when a government "cleanup squad" arrived, cut off all the exits, and started killing all the research team members. The only way out for you now is to use an experimental teleportation device being tested in alpha sector. "Maybe I can find out where these things are coming from," you say to yourself as you step on to the small red square of the machine. And in a flash of green light, you disappear....

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