Brutal Doom Juan Edition is one of the many brutal doom patches such as black, platinum or bd jhonny, this is based on weapons, and other things from the offensive game grezzo due The trailer of the mod is on youtube

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Hello Doomers!

It has certainly been a hot minute since our last update. If you have been following our blog posts, you’ll know that there has been stuff going on behind the scenes, though. Today we’d like to bring you up to speed officially on what is happening with Dragon Sector (The Remake).

Map 7’s concept has not been coming together. Instead of trying to force it, we’d prefer to have the idea, the main flow and the aesthetic in mind before we get going. BarefootMapMaker doesn’t want to put out a map he is not fully happy with and doesn’t enjoy playing, so for now, this release will only include the six maps previously released.

Executive Complex 1

That isn’t to say that there is nothing new. All six of the maps have received substantial additions, rebalancing of both monster and item placement, and in some cases, completely new areas. So, if you’ve already played through them, it will feel much different now, especially given the recent changes to Project Brutality.

Unfortunately, this also means that savegames you made previously will not be compatible with the new version. So if you have a playthrough going, maybe finish it up before starting fresh with the new version.

There has also been a lot of work done to other aspects of the mod. Several of our monster variants have been tweaked. We’ve also added a new beastie to fight, the Behemoth. Thanks Amuscaria for that one.

Last, but not least, are the changes to the Security Bot. This is the initial implementation of inkoalawetrust’s KAI library. Now, the bot is much better at finding its targets, and much more reliable when it comes to following you around. No more spinning around like a top and veering off at random.

Fuel Refinery 1

As we continue to move forward, more features will be added, and KAI will be implemented on other actors, like the Drone, or some monsters. It’s taken a lot of work and brain numbing trial and error to get here, but DarynS feels pretty good about what the bot is capable of now, and looks forward to improving it in the months to come.

Here is the full list (that we can remember) of changes to v0.65.


  • BFG Commando’s Shot now hurts the player again.
  • Fixed an error that caused a lot of “Invalid Sound Position” errors with the turrets to appear in the console in Map 04.


  • Initial Implementation of inkoalawetrust’s KAI Library for the Security Bot.
  • Security Bot is now much better at following you and navigating around the level.
  • Pressing “Use” on the Bot will make him stop firing at whatever it is fixated on and look for something else to target.
  • The bot’s eye now follows the player and targets.
  • The Item Magnet’s range has been increased.
  • The Item Magnet’s Upgraded Range and Speed have been increased.
  • The Item Magnet operates a lot more intelligently than it did before, it now only pulling items that have direct line-of-sight to the player.
  • Poison Resist powerups now stack.
  • The VitalSphere and related powerups now bestow bonuses based on selected play difficulty.
  • The Roach is now quite a bit faster. He also does more damage and regenerates a lot faster. He is now a pretty decent challenge, some weapons much better than others at defeating him, and some not very effective with him at all. Especially when he is encountered in packs!

Map Changes

  • Map 01 - Executive Complex
    • Ammo increases to help better balance of gameplay.
    • Removed the “Magnet” powerup, moving it to map 02.
    • A few structural upgrades.
    • Added a few monsters in key and in new locations.
    • Removed the need for the Blue Key to release one of the security drones.
  • Map 02 - Resources Reclamation
    • Ammo increases to help better balance of gameplay.
    • Reworked the secret reservoir area to add a significant structural upgrade.
  • Map 03 - Skyway
    • A good number of structural improvements - many decorative but also many functional.
    • Ammo increases to help better balance of gameplay.
    • Changed some powerup locations to make them make more sense as to placement and relevance to progression of play.
  • Map 04 - Fuel Refinery
    • Added structure to some areas to make secrets a little less obvious.
    • Added strategic elements to some areas of the map’s/play areas’ structure, to help the player make better use of the map’s features for the purpose of dealing with monsters.
    • Final area can now be drained, with the addition of a lift that can access the bridge from the area’s floor, after the drawbridge has been raised.
    • A new monster added to this map - the Behemoth, which replaced the Mancubi which were there before.
  • Map 05 - Nuclear Station
    • Changed the monsters that emerge from the portals in the secret area where the blue key is found. This increases the area’s challenge while also giving the player decent chances at additional pickups.
    • Reworked the “Boss Encounter” number of pre-fight pickups.
  • Map 06 - Facilities Support
    • Changed the hoard of monsters that come out of the closed alcoves in the later part of the map, from just Zombie Fodder to a larger variety of monsters.
    • Filled the “Void” within the turn of the stairs. It features a large structural set of features and is now the method for gaining that level’s special powerup - The Damage Enhancer.
    • Added a larger number of Core Tentacles to the hub area, to make that area of the map a more engaging challenge.
    • Reworked the final “Boss” encounter, in addition to adding a significant structural feature to that play area.

Nuclear Plant 1

Thank you all for your support and for playing and enjoying Dragon Sector (The Remake). We’re far from done, so keep an eye on this mod page and on our ModDB blogs.

Those of you who have made content featuring the mod, with the amount of changes and improvements that we’ve made, you might find it worthwhile to revisit the mod.

That’s it for now. Download and let rip!

BarefootMapMaker & DarynS

Hotfix v0.51a Now Available

Hotfix v0.51a Now Available


There was a pretty significant performance issue on Map 5. We've made some changes to help improve the resource usage.




Brutal Doom Juan Edition is one of the many brutal doom patches such as black, platinum or bd jhonny, this is based on weapons, and other things from...

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Brutal Doom Juan Edition is one of the many brutal doom patches such as black, platinum or bd jhonny, this is based on weapons, and other things from...

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