First simply subtitles mod, and now Update MOD that will take Half-Life into the next level.

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Subtitles Mod 3.0 - Beta version has been released !

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Subtitles Mod 3.0 - Public Beta version release

General info:

After few months of slow development, I'm pleased to announce that Half-Life: Subtitles MOD 3.0 - Beta version has been released!

[NEW] Subtitles Mod 3.0 - Beta version

The mod has been literally rewritten from scratch! We have completely new subtitles system with many improvements compared to 2.1.

Check embedded trailer movie to see some of the improvements :)
If you want to know more about changes and improvements, check mod summary page and changelog part below!


We have new and updated translations in this version, including:
- Turkish language translation by: Mehmet "qabRieL" Umaç
- Russian language translation by: Nikita "GaSHiSHiN" Bornenko
- Portuguese language translation by: Osvaldo "Ratovisk" Sprandel
- Polish language translation by: Witold "Klasyku" Piniarski

Changelog (compared to 2.1):

Changelog wrote:
- Completely rewritten subtitles system
- Completely rewritten SchemeManager
- NEW bitmap font system
- NEW makevonts tool
- NEW distance check feature (inaudiable sounds will not be subtitled)
- NEW NoRepeat technology to prevent subtitles SPAM
- Restored "steam-friendly" directory structure
- Restored multiplayer functionality

- New subtitles/messages parser, we are not limited by 1024 MSGs anymore ! :)
- Support for text aligment (Left,Vertical-Center,Right,Top,Horizontal-Center,Bottom)
- Support for text wrapping
- Cleaner and better to read fonts on the screen
- Subtitles are now nice-and-readable on every resolution from 320x240 to 1980x1080 (and above :D)
- Improved subtitles format
- New scanline/write-in effect
- Transparent background for subtitles
- UPDATED English language subtitles
- UPDATED Russian language subtitles
- UPDATED Portuguese language subtitles
- NEW/UPDATED Polish language subtitles
- NEW Turkish language subtitles

- (HL1-BUG) Raw mouse input FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Weapon prediction system FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Red flashlight on game start/load FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Visible crosshair when starting new game FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Visible ammo count after weapon strip (e.g. map c5a1) FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Displaced crosshair (when turning auto-aim off when crosshair is auto-aiming at someone) FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Broken FoV on changelevel (e.g., active crossbow zoom) FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Unability to reload a weapon after level-change/save-load FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Broken gluon attack just after loading a saved game FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Missing gluon/egon energy flare FIXED (Check cl_lw 0 and cl_lw 1 in regular HL, then in mod)
- (HL1-BUG) Rapid crowbar hits on corpse FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) First tripmine model being oversized (when cl_lw 0) FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) "Shoot bullets from crowbar" bug FIXED (
- (HL1-BUG) "Teleporting" or "not flying" barrels on c2a5 FIXED (Thanks to Uncle Mike)
- (HL1-BUG) Geiger counter sound not being reset on map change/savegame load FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Broken HUD after starting demo record FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Scripted_sequence BUGS on map load FIXED (e.g. Barney script on c2a2 just after changelevel from c2a1)
- (HL1-BUG) Disappearing train HUD indicator on changelevel/load FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Health/Suit chargers playing a sound even if not actually charging/healing FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Gauss rotating sound bug after overcharge FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) HUD bug when train is stopped by script (e.g. Stopped by a lowered barrier or moving up/down on a rotary platform)
- (HL1-BUG) Weapon-zoom (357/Crossbow) after map change bug FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) VGUI_1 bugs/memory leaks FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) RPG being unable to reload until weapon change after guided rocket hit the skybox/exploded FIXED
- (HL1-BUG) Moving entities - flickering bugs MOSTLY FIXED
- Many other bugfixes, crash fixes and performance improvements

Please keep in mind that this is a beta test version, and some of the features might not be avaible yet :)


can i do a spanish traslation?

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FograinDaNoob Author

We already have Spanish translator in the team :) But if you wish, you can send me email at: maybe you guys can work together :)

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Pretty good. Doesn't make me want to play half-life again, but it would make for a better experience.

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Impressive BugFix list i must say, especially for beta, you've did a great job.

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At 1:14, 'você' has a minor mistake, it seems like there is a cidilla (The thing under the c here: 'ç') under the 'e', instead of the circumflex (ê) above it.

Nothing major, but if there is some free time to fix it, why not. xD

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This is really great thing to do. Now people with hearing disabilities can still enjoy Half-Life.

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