FSFC gameplay is intended for a fast paced, competitive multiplayer format. Players take the side of Terran, Vasudan, or Shivan fleet commanders and attempt to dominate their opponent with speed, firepower, and skill. A countering systems helps define the role of each type of ship- and fleets composed of many different types of vessels can take advantage of more one-dimensional opponents. Each faction has unique traits in their choice of warships and research options that differentiate them from their opponents. Almost all ships are modeled off of canon FS2 vessels, and their weapon damage, speed, and health are all adapted from the Freespace 2 game files. FSFC maps are usually randomly generated with a mixture of asteroid fields, cargo depots, dust clouds/nebulas, and jump nodes for a diverse and exciting experience. Players can choose to fight in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis for a completeley different experience, or fight a gauntlet of AI enemy forces.

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Version 3.23 is out! Read the changelog for details.

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Patch 3.23 RC3
-Fixed several small issues with the fleet battle mode.
-Added random music! The game's music now matches the game era, and also will play tracks during the course of the game.
-Slightly increased range of most beams to bring them in line with other weapons.

Patch 3.23 RC2
-Changed many UI elements to increase clarity.
-Destroyer medium/slashing beam cannons are now listed and are destroyable subsystems.
-Change interceptor attack style against bombs to make them more reliable.
-Stiletto II missiles now have massively increased range and do more subsystem damage. They can now be shot down by interceptors.
-Increased build time for turrets
-GVD Hatshepsut model has been updated with proper weapon loadout.
-Shivan Heavy Laser was not firing-fixed.
-Fixed Flak able to shoot down bombs (not intended behavior)
-EMP missile graphically enhanced. EMP shockwave destroys bombs.
-Tauret weapon loadout altered.
-Altered and refined Shivan primary weapon sets to make them fufill the role of the ship more strongly.
-Re-made all bombs and missiles and gave them slightly stronger NLIPS values.
-Altered appearance of many turret weapons.
-Added researchable bombs to FS1 era, cleaned up techtrees and tech descriptions, and fixed FS1 discrepancies.
-Cluster bombs are now a triggerable weapon. Press "Z" and drag over the target to fire.
-FS1 Special primary weapons are now researchable.
-EMP missile research cost significantly increased.
-Decreased research cost and time of Cruiser design. Increased health of Aten and Cain cruisers in both eras.
-Corvette health decreased by 12%. Corvettes no longer have a nav subsystem.
-Fighter and Bomber sensor ranges increased slightly. Cruiser sensor ranges increased slightly.

Patch 3.23 RC1
-Increased Resource drop-off HP by 50%
-Fighter weapons and turrets now have slight inaccuracy against resource collectors.
-Bomber costs re-aligned using curring costing metric. Strike bombers will now prioritize killing subsystems automatically.
-FS1 Ursa base HP fixed.
-Destroyer subsystems have been re-worked to enhance intended gameplay features. Many subsystems now take considerably longer to construct. Secondary fighterbays have been removed.
-SD Demon top beam firing arc fixed.
-Fixed EMP to have more consistent effects to capital ships.
-Added subsystems to corvette class ships.
-Changed cloaking tech. Reduced in cost and time to research. Stealth fighters now passively are harder to detect.
-All stealth fighters have added Stiletto II missiles and rapid-fire mekhu/subach.
-Loki now has proper stealth capabilities. Loki weapon loadout altered.
-Loki EMP upgrade removed. Added Zeus Afterburner upgrade.
-AWACS researches have been simplified as part of stealth changes.
-AI has been tweaked to improve performance.
-Added Lamprey and Morning Star lasers. Lamprey does slight EMP damage to fighters and bombers. Morning star is a Kinetic weapon that knocks enemies around.
-Added Infyrno bomb and Circe laser. The Infyrno is a cluster munition effective against strike craft and cruisers. The Circe is a dedicated anti-fighter laser.
-Interceptors should now really be able to shoot down bombs. Range of bombs has been increased to emphasize interceptor role.
-Added custom voices for support ships.
-Slight changes to some ship weapon loadouts.
-Cleaned/enhanced models to reduce memory requirements significantly.

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