FSFC gameplay is intended for a fast paced, competitive multiplayer format. Players take the side of Terran, Vasudan, or Shivan fleet commanders and attempt to dominate their opponent with speed, firepower, and skill. A countering systems helps define the role of each type of ship- and fleets composed of many different types of vessels can take advantage of more one-dimensional opponents. Each faction has unique traits in their choice of warships and research options that differentiate them from their opponents. Almost all ships are modeled off of canon FS2 vessels, and their weapon damage, speed, and health are all adapted from the Freespace 2 game files. FSFC maps are usually randomly generated with a mixture of asteroid fields, cargo depots, dust clouds/nebulas, and jump nodes for a diverse and exciting experience. Players can choose to fight in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis for a completeley different experience, or fight a gauntlet of AI enemy forces.

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