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Hello everyone,

Thank you really much for the Feedback and Support over the last year for my Modproject. :)

It is nice to see how big the Interest is for this Modproject. ;)

Now I want to Inform you about the current Status of the Modproject in general.

As you can see in the last days and weeks the Workprogress for the newest Version of the Future Battlefield Pack (Mainmod) is really good. The second Mod Orbital, will be continued next to of it so Updates About it will come.

Several new Ideas, which I have collected over months and years are growing and will be released for the next Version of this Mod.

So the new Version will get alot of new Units, Features and Stuff.

The Outpost for all four factions are modelled or completed so far.

So the next comming step is to integrate the Fortresses and several other Stuff into the Game. ;)

Here are a few screenshots from a few of these Outposts and other cool Features.

SCFrame Sat Dec 08 153655 2018 0

Aeon Outpost

UEF Navaltransport

Seraphim Hovertransport

But that is not all.

I want to introduce a new small Submod, which is in development since few days.

This Submod will be called Future Battlefield Pack Elite ACUs and is designed to bring more ACU Combat into the Game.

Here is a short overview for the planned Content for this new Submod:

One new Tech 3 Building for all four Factions.

This new Building is the ACU-Headquarters and has the task to build additional regular ACUs and new classes of SACUs.

The planned additional new SACU Classes are:


A high amored ACU, which is designed to build a Base much more faster as an regular ACU. But it will has low Weapons and should be protected with Defenses and Mobile Units.


This new ACU will be designed for defense the main or any Forward Base with an medium weaponary, anti-missilesystems or shields.


The last one will be a high armored an very strong ACU, which is designed to assault an enemy base or lead the own army into the fight.

If you play this Mod later in FAF for example you will be able to build one additional ACU in the match. This ACU will be not an Command Unit as you start ACU. If you lost your start ACU you will lost the Game/Match too with or without second ACU, which was builded by this ACU-HQ Facility.

And the three other new ACU Classes will have thier own new 3D Model, Upgrades, Weapons and Features. But you will build only one of them so you can choose one.

Here are the screenshots for the ACU-Headquarters (ingame):

UEF ACU-HQ builds an second ACU :)

Cybran ACU-HQ

Seraphim ACU-HQ


That is all for the Moment.

I wish you all an Happy new Year and stay tuned for more Updates and News. ;)

Best regards


New Version has been published.

New Version has been published.

News 3 comments

New Version 1.1.8 has been released and is playable with FAF. ;)

Released 1.1.5 Version and a Idealist for upcomming new Units

Released 1.1.5 Version and a Idealist for upcomming new Units


Hello everyone, I have finally published my two new Releases (V.1.1.5) of my first Unitpack (F.B.P.) for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance.

F.B.P. Version 1.1 has been released

F.B.P. Version 1.1 has been released

News 1 comment

Hello everyone, yesterday I have publish my new Patch Update for the regular Forged Alliance Version of my first Future Battlefield Pack Unitpack.

Three new Annoucements! :)

Three new Annoucements! :)

News 6 comments

Hello everyone, I have two really big good News about this Modproject. Thats why I'm really happy to inform you about it.

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Future Battlefield Pack FA/FAF Version 1.1.8

Future Battlefield Pack FA/FAF Version 1.1.8

Full Version 25 comments

Hello Commanders, so the newest Version 1.1.8  for the regular F.B.P. for Forged Alliance has been released now. It includes several new changes and...

Future Battlefield Pack SupCom Version 1.1.5

Future Battlefield Pack SupCom Version 1.1.5

Full Version 2 comments

Hello Commanders, so the Version 1.1.5 Patch for the regular F.B.P. for Supreme Commander (Vanilla) has been released now. Install Instructions and Patch...

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How's development going lately? Best regards

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hey... news for new version?

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CDRMV Creator

Still in development

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CDRMV Creator

Hello Guys,
for all of you which think what is going on here is an small Update what I do at the Moment. :)

I'm fine in general but have a lot to do at the Moment.
On the one Hand I have learned for an Exam to get my C# Certificate at school and some minor projects to do at my job.
Unfortunately I was confrontated by a few private problems too but they are solved.
On the other Hand I work on an new Star Wars Mappack for the Game Men of War Assault Squad 2, which is an "Addon" for its Galaxy at War Mod.
The Mappack is near finished and will be released soon.
You can check it out here:

I agree the work on an Mod for any Game like this is alot of Work for someone which works alone. All things like: Modeling, Texturing and Integration + Bug Fixing is fun but complicated and spends even more free time as expected. Before I start to make this Mod I was a player like everyone here and I was thinking the same Questions about the status of a Mod sometimes. Now I know how much work it takes to develop a it. ;) But it is possible to organize it. ;)

All in All:
I have fun to work on this Mod, because it is one of my Hobbies. So I will do my best as always to work on it when I have the free time and motivation for it. Thanks :)

Stay tuned for Updates and News

Best regards


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Im mostly glad you got your personal trouble cleaned up now :) I really hope you will stick to what you enjoy ;) You shouldnt use time fpr something you dont enjoy... except it would keep you alive ofc (aka working xD)

Stay fine! :)

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I know I ask this a lot but is it nearing release date? xD Sorry I'm just excited

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His doing the best he can and i don't judge his language skills as i think his perfect person coming from me who has disability so don't get points in saying in showing his English is not up to your par of english feels like hate his hard working person who has life besides making us mods and possibly jobs he could take where ever he is so lets give him our 100% trust and respect as we all need development like look in the world we live in today and the insane amount rules appearing like i seen there's some states in america people can have a tank as there work vehicle but they need a permit and the gun disabled or someone can use a flamethrower to kill weeds with the right permit of the state

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That certainly proves that the world needs fixing, a lot of it appearently. I hope that you wont get in trouble with all these horrible laws and rules. Its just crazy.
And ofc. He is doing the best he can, but he didnt come back to us as he said; that is why i commented again: it surprised me (he never appeared like this was a thing to happen, he was always great in handling this mod and his life), and i simply asked whether or not everything is fine; if something like this happens, i actually start to worry. Call it for any reason, but i am generously worried if he is fine.

However, i see what you say about my words, thats why i am extremely careful at how i express myself; i do not want to hurt anyone, i do not mean it in any way, shape or form hurtingly, and i definetely do not intend to hate on anyone. I do excuse for doing so anyways.

Lastly, i wouldnt come back here and check from time to time, if i didnt care - i definetely do so. I would not have known of this "answer" to me if i didnt check here again today.

Again, i do apologize if i have been sounding and/or being rude, i did not want to be so.

(Also, sadly, yes i dont know how hard andtime-consuming modding truely is, especially since this here also incorporates moddeling new units, but i do know its a hard thing that does consume massive amounts of time - and i do have respect for that. And am incredibly thankful for the existence of the entire modding community, as we all should be.)

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Werden wir denn nun neue infos bekommrn? Immerhin ist es doch schon lange seit dem letzten update - oder hab ich was verpasst? (Dann gib mir bitte nen link zu dem post).
Aber es wird ja einen Grund für die lange Pause geben, also hoffe ich dass alles gut ist!

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CDRMV Creator

Der Grund ist simple ich habe für dieses keinen langen Urlaub mehr. Müsste den Großen Teil meiner Urlaubstage für deine Vorbereitung meiner Zwischenprüfung im März einplanen. Deswegen fehlt mir für viele Dinge einfach die Zeit. Das andere Projekt an dem ich ab und zu arbeiten kann ist ein Mappack für ein anderes Spiel und das ist im Moment machbar.

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