Do you expect anything else you cur?IT IS THE MOD THAT SHALL BRING TO YOU THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF EXCESS! Prepare your body and your soul,for the 3rd Legion's full might descends upon you!

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one of the best race mods so far, I hope you guys create Death Guard for us one day and I would love to help if you ever need help with creating icons just PM me


This mod have more unique units and ideas than anything I have ever seen GW did for the EC legion. The fact that it already has traitor primaris instead of "lol, super-super marine is the greatest and purest" is enough to give give it a 10/10.

Also, the EC AI is brutal and unforgiving. I used tons of earthshaker rounds and lost so many baneblades trying to get through theirs bases in team games. Great job.



Awesome mod, I loved the female twist, which imo fits slaanesh perfectly.

This is hands down one of the best race mods i've ever gotten to experience. The Emperor's Children are perfectly represented. Sonic weapons almost everywhere, perverse voice lines, sexy cultists/daemons, corrupted sisters and even Fulgrim himself! This has further solidified that Kekoulis is the most talented modder in the DoW 1 community. If it were not for him this mod wouldn't be as amazing as it is. Everyone should definitely give this mod a try, even if you prefer Khorne over Slaanesh.


I personally find the huge selection of units and the excessively flashy effects on some of the buildings or attack animations a bit too much but the overall quality of this mod is simply too great to give it anything but a 10.

It will take me some time to get used to playing with so much content but I'm doing my best to find the best strategies with this race, it's not a simple race no master at all it seems.

The quality of most of the units is incredible, sometimes even standing a bit too much compared to low-poly vanilla models.

If you love Slaanesh and the standard Noise Marines aren't enough for you then you will definitely find something good for you in this mod.


Because they really nailed the heretical legion.

Emperor's Children mod for Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm is wonderful addition to to the game's roaster. This mod add a new faction "Emperor's Children" of Slaanesh to the game.

While unfortunately, there is no campaign mode as of I writing this review. However the existing Stronghold mode gives more that enough room to try everything what mode has to offer, and lear a style to play a "Emperor's Children" faction.

While I said a lot good thing about this mode as of now is not perfect and it has it's flaws. Like I said before needs a campaign(story) mode, plus I would like a new loading screen before the main menu, and tutorial for Emperor's Children faction insted of Sister of Battle would be nice as well. On the top of that I personally think the menu design of the mod TOO stands out from the rest of the vanilla DaO:SS although, maybe it's just me.

Overall, I like the mod. As my first tried mod on this site I was not left disappointed, and hope to see a campaign mode sometimes soon in the future, for the glory of Dark Prince!


Malice1342 says

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Beautiful mod that sticks to the lore of the Emperor's children. Great voice acting. I feel as if I'm marching beside the 3rd legion. Definitely my favorite mod at the moment.

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one of the best race mods so far, I hope you guys create Death Guard for us one day and I would love to help if you ever need help with creating icons just PM me

May 24 2019 by dantles1992