Available now!

This mod is compatible with gzdoom (1.8.06 and up) and LZDoom (3.8.2 and up)

Some of the features of the mod:
* All weapons from Dusk were ripped (even the cigar and dual weapons)
* Sickles deflections were added (you can pickup different types of deflectios)
* The crossbow now goes through walls and enemies. It can even be used to jump higher!
* Games mutators were added, modifying the behaviour of certain weap />* Achievements were added, for those who wants some challenge =P
* Trowable explosive barrels/soap
* Fast fire totems!
* And finally, an optional Dusk movement addon, made by Ivory Duke, compatible with gzdoom 3.8.0 and beyond (you can still chosse between doom and dusk movement)

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Oh hai, people. How's going?

First, sorry for the long silence. I've been busy with a bunch of projects (basically updated several mod's this year, one of them being Blorc and also been working hard on "project hellsinger")
And as some of you may be aware, i've been offline since march 2020, so I barely have any access to internet service where I live.

So, I have good and bad news to share:

The good one: I've been working on an update, with bunch of bugfixes, several weapon mutators, and finally added the all-time requested dusk ammotype.
Plus, two new weapons from "old dusk alpha" versions and a pack of Dusk textures, for those who wants to create their own maps with them =P

Dusk textures

I was originally aiming to update the mod on december 10th because of Dusk's 3rd and Doom's 28th anniversary, but I'll have to delay it to february 14th, as this month I'll be focusing on Titan, which is also another mod of mine, that mod will be updated on xmas after a 2 years break.
Also I thought it would be cool to update the doosk mod with some big stuff for its second anniversary. (yeah, the mod will become two years old soon.)

This update will also include some maps that will make use of the texturepack included on the mod. More info below.

Now, the bad one:
Since I took so long to give you all an update on the current state of the project, I'll be full transparent about the current state of the singleplayer mapset.

It is delayed for an unknown amount of time.
Don't get me wrong, singleplayer maps will happen eventually, but I don't trust my own mapping skills (i'm good at gameplay feel, but not at enviroment design), and I haven't found any mapper for the project yet.
So, I kinda want to have a mapset that matches the quality of the weapon and monsters rips, which is why I rejected most of the maps i've did at the moment, including the one from the video i've shared above.
If I can't find anyone to join the project by mid 2022, then yeah, I'll make the maps myself, but maps quality will be subpar to the rest of the mod.
There's no magic wand to increase mapping skill overnight =P

That being said, i've decided to practice some mapping by recreating some multiplayer maps from other games and some favourite skulltag levels of mine, with hopes on improving on layout and texturing skills, while also making homage to those maps I like.
So far, i have made 4 multiplayer maps, out of planned 10 for next update.
On the spirit of the mod, the maps will have funny names, but they will be obvious enough to understand the maps where I took inspiration from.

There, have some screenshots of the maps i've done so far.

Aslept: Based on QC's awoken.

The simplest of death: Based on Doom 2's Dead simple.

Sasel mill: Based on Skulltag's Power mill.

Wendigo cargo: Based on Skulltag's Human cargo.

I have plans on recreating more maps later next month, but until then, I think these were cool to show for now.

So, yeah. Second anniversary of the mod looking kinda promising, i guess.
No singleplayer maps yet, but there will be some multiplayer ones at least. =P

PS: Don't.

Doosk: December 10th update (Dusk monsters, bugfix and more)

Doosk: December 10th update (Dusk monsters, bugfix and more)

News 5 comments

Doosk is now including optional dusk monsters. You can choose to play the mod with either doom or dusk monsters. Monsters are also standalone, so you...

Dooskworld update and some things to come in the future...

Dooskworld update and some things to come in the future...

News 5 comments

Doosk in now becoming multiplayer/zandronum compatible. Enjoy fragging a bunch of bots (or people) in a frantic deathmatch experience, or coop with your...

Quick info about upcoming Doosk updates...

Quick info about upcoming Doosk updates...


Doosk is getting an optional update, which will allow you to see the sprites at larger resolutions with a little more definition (360p instead of the...

Doosk (aka Dusk weapons rip) announcement

Doosk (aka Dusk weapons rip) announcement

News 2 comments

So, I'm pleased to announce Doosk, a new Doom mod i've been working on these past months. The mod accurately recreates Dusk's weaponry and ports them...

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Doosk "Manteinance update 03" hotfix 1 (22/02/22)

Doosk "Manteinance update 03" hotfix 1 (22/02/22)

Full Version 58 comments

A mod that ports Dusk weapons and some of its mechanics into Doom engine. Also features achievements, a custom hud, a flashlight, and a bar of soap. And...

Doosk (Files only) "Manteinance update 03" hotfix 1 (22/02/22)

Doosk (Files only) "Manteinance update 03" hotfix 1 (22/02/22)

Full Version 3 comments

This is a special version of the mod with files only, for those who find too complicated using batch files and decompressing sourceports.

Standalone Dusk monsters (14/02/22)

Standalone Dusk monsters (14/02/22)

Other 4 comments

Play with dusk monsters on any mod compatible with custom monsters. Replace the vanilla doom/heretic monsters with dusk monsters and play with doom/heretic...

Doosk: Optional 720p sprites (Updated 14/02/22)

Doosk: Optional 720p sprites (Updated 14/02/22)

Patch 1 comment

Optional 720p sprites that enhances even further the way weapon looks on larger screen resolutions. 360p files are no longer required.

Doosk: Optional 360p sprites (Updated 14/02/22)

Doosk: Optional 360p sprites (Updated 14/02/22)

Patch 3 comments

Optional 360p sprites that enhances the way weapon looks on larger screen resolutions.

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Is there a tutorial on getting it to work with Doom2?

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Discord server?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AlphaEnt Creator

There is one, i've included a link within thew goodies folder.
(I'm not sharing it too much and some links have limited use because i had some bots attack like a year ago)

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How can I use DUSK monster in DOOSK.First in game is doom monster.

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AlphaEnt Creator

Dusk monsters is already included on the original download, so a separate monsters download is not required.

The standalone monsters is only useful if you want to play with dusk monsters on vanilla doom or other mod's that supports custom monsters.

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Hi ...I uploaded a short video showcase..

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AlphaEnt Creator

Mod just got updated.

Current changelog:

Monsters update (10/12/20)
Improved flashlight on Dusk movement playerclass (Made by Ivory Duke)
Solved an issue with wrong version of fast fire totem showing up on heretic playthroughs.
Added the circle bar hud for Fastfire totem and Blistering heat powerups.
Deleted coloured blood from few Doom monsters.
Added extra vertical player boost to mortar and riveter's SP projectiles.
All obituaries and pickup messages were moved to language.enu for easier manipulation.
Increased Fastfire totem heal from 25 to 50.

25+ Dusk monsters ripped for the mod.
(Several modeldef coded by JD-513)
(Noesis suggestion and additional pickup models given by TheZombieKiller)
Added additional skill levels to play with Dusk monsters.
Added shotgun and assault rifle variants to soldier. They all fire projectiles though.
Added several audio cues to Big john's large attack state.
Added several voice cues to Mage/Soldiers.
Added random horizontal/vertical pitch to several Dusk monsters projectile.
Added some monster randomizers for certain monster types.
Made some monsters with high health pool more easily gibbeable.
Decreased stimpack value on dusk monsters mode from 10 to 7.
Decreased medikit value on dusk monsters mode from 25 to 15.
Now all dusk projectiles can be deflected (except cowgirl and bigjohn rocket projectiles)
Deleted frequent mutators options from skill menu, as dusk monsters were added and the space was needed for it.
Ripped rotating pickups for ammo, health, armor and powerups.
Added optional models to ammo and weapon pickups.
Added an accurate gore system, akin to dusk.
Supershotgun and Sniper rifle now can gib monsters.
Deflected projectiles now does 5x damage to monsters.
Added noblood flag to certain "sickle deflect monster" actors.
Projectiles no longer plays death sound when deflected by sickles.
Increased sickles blocker height and range.
Monsters corpses are now gibbeable (lzdoom/modern gzdoom only) Code taken from Q2TC demo.
Monster sprites were separated from base pk3. Monsters are now an optional addon, but they do require doosk to run properly.
Optional standalone versions of the monsters were made to be played without doosk. It requires a separate download.
Added dive, surface and puzzfail sounds to player.
Additional tweaks to some monsters, now some of them won't attack inmediately after entering see state.
Wendigo and dogbox now drops additional ammo, in compensation for the large health pool they have (3/4x more than the monsters they are replacing)
Added dusk monsters to heretic.
Added model definitions to heretic variations.
Added several multiplayer skins.
Added an option to delete single weapons upon picking up a duplicate weapon.
Tweaked health pool of "dusk heretic" monsters variants to fit the game better.
Dusk Monsters can now switch targets if they're attacked.
Added another hitsound option that changes based on which mode you're playing.
Improved mortar behaviour: Now grenade lives for full 6 seconds instead of exploding at random.
Mortar Projectile is less bouncier and it no longer spams the bounce sound if grenade is too attached to the floor.
Fastfire totem and soap no longer spawns on duels.
Mortar sprite replaced with actual mortar projectile.
Replaced some "vanilla replaced" sounds with custom ones.
Weapon pickup sprites converted into 8bpp.
Tweaked the options menu logo while on heretic mode.
Explosive/wood barrels replaced with actual dusk barrels.
Added radiation suit sprite/models replacements.
Tweaked the Assault rifle code while on fastfire mode.
Added different gore for scarecrow.
Reduced small chompers spit damage while on heretic mode.
Increased rat size.
Replaced several dialogues with language lumps.

(Michaelis) Players now shows the damage done to other players on dooskworld.
Addition to Crush states on all monsters.

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Can it work on freedom?

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AlphaEnt Creator

It is designed with that on mind.

Upcoming doosk update will allow you to play with either doom/heretic or dusk monsters, so the monsters pack will replace the ones from freedoomif you choose that.

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A couple small changes I'd like to see in future releases:

-Removal of the single pistol and shotgun once you collect their akimbos. Or at least the option to not have them show up. It's a small thing but it messes up my cycle when I want to switch over to the right weapon.

-Seperate ammo pickups for the pistols/assault rifle, hunting rifle/crossbow, and mmmmaaaybe the mortar/riveter. Divided by small/large ammo pickups. The only reason that I'd not consider dividing the mortar/riveter between small and large ammo pickups is because one could be considerably rarer than the other. I think it's a BFG replacement so possibly nonexistant in Doom 1 maps.

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AlphaEnt Creator

Ok, so i have done the pistol/shotgun removal.

That will be a tweakable option inside mutators for next update.

Separate ammo is a frequent request, so i'll consider trying to do a toggeable option, but it might take me a while as i would have to rewrite most of the weapons code for that to happen. Even then, not sure if i will be able to do it as I want.

So, it's a no for now, but it's into consideration for the future. By that I mean, later next year, hopefully.

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AlphaEnt Creator

I understand what you mean with the single weapons removal. Although i think it would be not that good, i'll see what can be done about it. Have an idea, not sure it will work.
I imagine it can be toggled via mutators.

Not sure if it will be achieved for december's update though.

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