Blorc: The mod that was originally meant to replace freedoom monsters sprites and then became the spiritual sucessor of Alpha Elements is back with another update =P

Now that some in-game mechanics have matured a little bit, I think they are almost ready to be shared to the public.

In case you haven't heard about this mod before, this is a list of some incoming features:

- Weapon upgrades (Unlocks):
By default, you can only upgrade the cdg carbine. Each level you complete will unlock a different weapon to upgrade.
The more you play, the more weapons you will be able to upgrade.

- Upgrade Tokens:
Once you complete a level, you will obtain an upgrade token, which can be placed on any weapon you have previously unlocked.
Tokens are reusable, so you can use it on a weapon, then eventually take that upgrade away and place it somewhere else.
You can obtain up to 5 tokens. That being said, you can also increase tokens capacity by obtaining certain amount of medals.

- Combo kills:
A combo kill is obtained when you kill a certain amount of monsters within a small amount of time.
Each time you kill someone the timer resets, so you can use this to your advantage to keep increasing the combo until you either run out of monsters or time.
Also, the bigger the combo, the more benefits you will obtain, therefore encouraging fast-paced gameplays.
Combo kills beyond 5 will start regenerating health. Combo kills beyond 15 will regenerate armor as well.
Combo kills beyond 40 will start regenerating your backpack ammunition.
Once you reach combos beyond 50 it will even start regenerating your weapon's magazine. Use it properly and you might even not need to reload certain weapons.

- Medals (Combo kills rewards):
Medals are obtained once you reach certain amount of monsters killed in one combo run. You can obtain several medals in one large run.
You can check in the medals menu how much of those medals you have obtained on both the current map and all maps you've played up to this point. There are 4 medal tiers, each one represents how far you've managed to reach a combo in a single run.

- Medals rewards (Unlocks):
Obtaining certain amounts of medals will allow you to unlock certain weapons that couldn't be obtained otherwise and even increase your total maximum tokens capacity. You can unlock these rewards at any order.

- Cursed run:
The game now features an additional skill for those who seeks some challenge.
Some monsters are replaced with an healthier, more agressive counterpart.
These monsters are randomly spawned so you can't predict when you will face one.

This update is expected to be released on Halloween (which is also my birthday), so I hope you have fun =P

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Blorc - Early access (04/12/21)

Blorc - Early access (04/12/21)

Full Version 6 comments

Last updated: 04/12/21. This is the early access of Blorc. A mod originally meant to replace Freedoom's sprites that eventually become the spiritual sucessor...

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AlphaEnt Creator

Mod just got updated today.

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So I found some wierd bug.

There's a chance where you can't 'reload' your weapons anymore. So, if you're run out of ammo, there's no anything you can do.

All you can do is restart the game. (I very hate this bug)

May be someone know how to fix it?

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? No links.. I thought early access implied a demo. I mean fixing something in a game noone has access to is kind of a pointless announcement.. Especially for something you've been sitting on for years

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AlphaEnt Creator

I had accidentally archived the mod while updating the file today. ("archive" option is right next to "edit file")
Unarchiving the file forced me to wait 6 hours until the file got authorized and allowed people to download the file back again. (And that just after i've shared the link with people)

The mod is now available for download and sorry for the inconveniance.
It was me, more than anyone who wanted to make today's update available asap when I noticed the un-authed status and shared the links for everyone.

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This is a cool style! Shame it seems to be forgotten

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AlphaEnt Creator

it is not exactly forgotten. Just had issues with the hard drive and other mod's.

An update is planned for next month.

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Good! I Will download it and Test it!

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AlphaEnt Creator

Major fixes

Deleted vanilla chainsaw (since it was an unused weapon)
Increased "unmodified" lmg500 firepower
Decreased "unmodified" lmg500 firerate
Decreased lmg500 reload time
Improved Anergygun's rail aestethics
Sightly increased AnergyGun's firepower (for testing purposes)
Debug heartbeat script fixed. Now it works XD
Deleted placeholder combo kill healing mugshots through scripts (and properly added them into sbarinfo and decorate)
Improved combo kill healing system (now merged into combo kill's decorate)

Added skirmish into main menu
Now, the menu shows the proper debug settings image, rather than the regular setting image.
Replaced skull on main menu with Alpha logo.
Skirmish and Debug settings graphics added into main menu.
Added placeholder music on intermission, readme and intro.
Added secret found sound effect.
Reorganized some stuff inside the pk3's, now it contains almost none wad's

Added experimental weapon mod's for CDG Carbine, lmg500 and AnergyGun (for testing purposes)
Increased firerate on Winchester's experimental weapon mod
Placeholder chapters deleted
Added more developer/debug options on test settings menu

Bfgball projectile now cam aim up and down (weird, unknown bug that made shot always centered solved in some way)
AnergyGun rail now has bulletpuff
Combo kills no loger continues through nextmap
Added recoil on Erradicator's thirdshot weapon mod.
Winchester pump sound no longer gets interrupted after quick weapon change
Added "powered up fists" while berserk
Visual clock converted into sbarinfo
Combo kill sequence number is now shown after 5 sucessive kills, instead of being
always shown.
Added optional oblige levels test on main menu

Included a testlevel inside the mod.
Changed lightning colours on some actors to fit their sprite aestethics (like red armor showing red lights instead of green)
Improved sbarinfo: Now you can visualize when your health is over 100 hp
Found a new way to load wad's/pk3's, now is less dependant of bat files (uses gameinfo to load additional files, i still use bat files though)
Reduced the amount of ammo you recover for backpack after combokill 50
Added "magazine ammo" recover for carbine, winchester, peacemaker and lmg500 after combokill 50 (Now it encourages players to keep shooting without caring about weapon reload, unless it runs out of ammo before any further combo kill)
Solved the issue with Aracnorb (arachnotron replacement) not triggering the map specials after death.
Solved minor issues with Mech-demon
Adjusted some offsets for some enemies sprites
Added announcer options on "test settings"
Added a custom config file with some basic stuff properly set.
Added missing graphics
Tweaked demon to make it slower on nightmare

And some other minor bugfixes.

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AlphaEnt Creator

There will be another update at the end of november. There were some issues with the mod because i've rushed up the release to make it match my birthday XD

So, despite the original plan of making the early access available on 2018, i'm still working on improving stuff, at least now that i've rushed it more than i expected.
Some of the stuff that will be added on next update will be an optional weapons mod's debug, customizable through menudef and some sbarinfo and script fixes.
More details later on, as i'm currently busy working on csdmo update 3.

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Sensual :3

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