What happens when a Killzone fan, who is also a modder, gets bored during a night of clan fun with friends? Doomzone, that's what! Doomzone is a GZDoom mod that adds class-based gameplay to the game, featuring 13 different player classes, five grenade types, and a whopping 82 weapons.

This mod *REQUIRES* GZDoom v3.0 or later. Previous versions of GZDoom are not supported.

Mod Features:

  • 84 weapons, split and shared among 13 player classes, each with their abilities and resistances
  • 5 grenade types
  • Active skills, ranging from sentry turrets to spawning reinforcements
  • Particle effects (smoke trails, projectile debris, etc.)
  • Randomized item and weapon spawns
  • Lots of new, tougher enemy types
  • New difficulty settings, with even tougher enemies and behavior
  • Doom Eater difficulty, which starts every map with only a pistol
  • Bloody screen effects and low HP screen pulse
  • Meager HP regeneration at low health (you're still gonna need a few medkits for that rocket in your chest, btw)
  • A different experience for every playthrough!

Special Thanks To:

Fisk Zinnemann, Teddy Laisure, Nems, XTerra1, Bathy Salts, Twinkieman93 for beta testing
Captain J for custom sprites (you rock, dude!)
Footman for GL dynamic lighting tips under GZDoom
Derrick Drysdale for custom M_DOOM lump and logo (thanks a TON for this, you da 'dillo)
Kinsie for destroyable objects from Doom Enhanced
The good folks at zdoom.org who have had to put up with my insane questions and "user error" bug posts
Gothic for additional Dark Matter Gun coding
Daniel for Mini-Nuke coding
Nash for original gore code base, screen tilt script
saegiru for additional HUD coding
The Zombie Killer for flashlight coding
CaptainManiac and BadMojo for bloody screen and fadeout effects

05/18/2017 - ModDB front page feature!

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RSS Articles

Doomzone v1.8 is finally released! This massive update adds three new weapons, completely reworks the weapon spawner system, and fixes numerous bugs among other things! Check out the changelog below, as there have been many, many changes to the mod.

-- General Changes --
* Remapped some damage types.
* Made Axe, Fists, and Nobitsura Kage undroppable.
* Pain Elementals immediately explode after being resurrected by Archviles.
* Removed Cyberdemon's vulnerability to BFG shots.
* Changed fire sound for the Shredder to something a little more punchy.
* Removed Spider Mastermind's vulnerability to BFG shots.
* Stimulants and Armor Shards can no longer be picked up when your health or armor is maxed. (They also do not count towards the map item total.)
* Changed sprite for Railgun magazine. (Credit: TBG, XTerra)
* Changed sprite for Dark Matter Cannon magazine. (Credit: TBG, XTerra)
* Railgun's attack power has been increased for Samurai and Slipgater. (100 -> 150)
* Railgun is now pump action for Samurai and Slipgater.
* Fire mode indicators for Railgun now indicate level of zoom instead of semi/auto.
* Changed pickup sprite for Suppressed Sniper Rifle. (Credit: Captain J)
* Spoor, Railgun, Accelerator Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Particle Rifle, and ASP now sway when scoped while moving.
* Sniper scopes now have a screenfade when scoping and unscoping. (Idea: Captain J)
* Thunderbolt's altfire now has a slight delay when firing. (Idea: TBG, XTerra)
* Maggot poison duration now stacks from consecutive hits.
* Maggot melee attacks now inflict poison damage.
* Biosuits and Envirosuits now grant immunity to poison.
* Increased delay for barrel detonations by 8 tics.
* Biosuits and Envirosuits protect from radiation leaks by 50% and 25% respecitvely.
* Adjusted sprite scaling of hand grenade and proxy detonations.
* Edited red muzzle flashes to be more orange.
* Decreased Arachnotank's pain chance by half.
* Overhauled how Berserk works, nixing jump logic in favor of true damage boosting.
* Added cocking animation to the Dark Matter Cannon and Gauss Cannon.
* Changed sound for XBFG10k.
* All shotguns, the sniper rifles, battle rifle, and revolver now have a chance to gib an enemy, depending on remaining HP of the target.
* Converted Arachnotank's machine guns to fire nails instead of hitscans.
* Pointman's StA-52 now uses the MASS attachment (underslung shotgun) instead of burst fire.
* Railgunner (Hardcore difficulty or above) now drops the Q-97 Railgun.
* Slightly increased melee damage for Mech Demon. (5d10 -> 6d10)
* Replaced console font with Miniplicity, by Jimmy & Agent Spork.
* Revenants no longer fire grenades in Hardcore difficulty.
* Revenants now have a 50/50 chance to fire dumbfire rockets.
* Removed some frames off the StA-11/SE reload sequence.
* Nash's QTilt module has been replaced with Tilt++ (Also by Nash, because he's just awesome like that).
* Increased the carry cap of StA-2 Grenade Launcher ammo to 10/20.
* Increased the carry cap of VC-9 Rocket Launcher ammo to 8/16.
* Increased the carry cap of Hand Grenades to 5/9.
* Redesignated the Onibi's model number to ZI-T5. The weapon retains the "Onibi" nickname in tags.
* Changed weave pattern for Revenant missiles.
* Swapped some splash sounds for water, mud, sizzling, lava, and nukeage.
* Increased delay time for LS13's grenade mode (Elite only).
* Slightly altered reload animations for LS13 and UAC11.
* Changed texture warping on NUKAGE* flats.
* Changed submersion and resurfacing sounds for deep water.
* Increased the VK-12 shotgun's fire rate to more closely resemble its FEAR counterpart.
* Converted all sprites to truecolor PNG.
* Removed palette.
* Removed texture animation handling. (Flat animation handling still present.)
* Particle Rifle now requires rail slugs instead of plasma cells for ammo.
* Particle ZSec now drops rail slugs instead of plasma cells.
* Changed Riot Commando's armor translation from brown to dark green.
* AT-HV10 Penetrator projectiles now rip through targets. Boss monsters, plus Archviles, can not be ripped.
* Interpolated unarmed melee frames.
* Increased speed of kick melee by two frames.
* Cybruiser (Necro) now uses Phalanx projectiles, and has a new flakshot altfire.
* Gunner can now acquire and use the StA-59B Pulver.
* Tactician can now acquire and use the LSR44 Spoor.
* Demolition can now acquire and use the StA-12 Inferno.
* Marksman can now acquire and use the ASP Burst Rifle.
* Heavy can now acquire and use the LS18 Shredder.
* Allied marines can be resurrected by Archviles, and turned against the player.
* Prox Launcher removed.
* Added proximity mine function to M327 MGL for Demolition, Heavy, Mercenary, and Slipgater.
* Hand grenade direct damage increased. (10d8 -> 20d8)
* Doubled ammo count gain from explosive ammo box for Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher.
* Tripled hand grenade count gain from explosive ammo box.
* Rewrote how gib projectiles are handled for greater demons.
* Changed deselect sound channel.
* Thunderbolt and Arc Rifle now use actor replacement instead of particles.
* Removed unnecessary A_FireBullets calls from Thunderbolt and Arc Rifle.
* Reworked the sound channels used for weapons and powerups.
* Removed Envirosuit. Only Biosuits spawn now.
* Changed Arachnophyte attack patterns.
* Buffed allied automata accuracy.
* Tactician's allied marines now wander instead of standing still on the spawn grenade.
* Weapons not available to the player's class are no longer visible to said class, to allow easier weapon acquisition.
* Weapon spawners now spawn ammo in addition to spawning a weapon, should said weapon not be available to a given class.
* Overhauled the weapon spawner systems to more reliably produce accessible weaponry.
* Chainsaw spots now only spawn the Chainsaw. Woo!
* Tactician and Mercenary can no longer pick up the full automap. Kinda pointless.
* Increased fire rate for Mercenary's LS57 SMG.
* Swapped some sprites for the LS13. (Credit: zrrion the insect)
* Updated Imp and Mancubus projectile trails to fit GZDoom 3.3's new sprites. (If they're not aligned right, update your GZDoom.)
* Swapped two hanging corpses for PSX Doom's hooks for compatibility with The Lost Episode. Sorry, hanging torsos.

-- Additions --
* Added new attack patterns to the Cyberdemon.
* Added new sounds for universal ammo pickups.
* Added new pickup sounds for high-grade plasma cells and dark matter cores.
* Added new attack patterns for Spider Mastermind. Monster is no longer hitscan! (Additional coding: That Blind Guy, XTerra)
* Added new pickup sound for Repeater magazines.
* Railgun now ejects casings. (Credit: TBG, XTerra)
* Added quit messages, including tips for Doomzone!
* New pickup sound for WASP and Quad Rocket ammo pickups.
* Added sprites for debris used by explosives.
* Added smaller variants of the crosshairs for low-resolution video modes.
* New juicy gib sounds all around.
* New weapon: Q-98 Phalanx. Fires two explosive plasma bolts, alt mode blasts shrapnel in a wide spread. For Slipgater.
* New sounds for Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind, courtesy of Captain J.
* Pinkies, Cacos, and Pain Elementals now play bite sounds when their bites connect.
* New fireball sounds for Imp-class monsters.
* New Feature: Health and ammo drops for gibbed monsters. (Monsters without gib animations will still drop items if you hit them hard enough!)
* New options menu, "Doomzone Settings". Contains toggles for screen fades, tilts, and loot drops.
* New Feature: Chainsaw ammo drops. Killing monsters with the Chainsaw causes them to drop universal ammo. Bigger monsters drop more ammo, and more frequently.
* Added new sounds for unarmed melee attacks.
* Added support for Back to Saturn X.
* New Weapon: Type-12 Laser Carbine. Fires a steady stream of laser death. For Pointman. (Sprites: Railgunner, CaptainJ)
* New Active Skill: Rip & Tear (UAC Elite). Swaps to fists, grants 30 seconds of berserk strength and 75% resistance to all damage. Guaranteed gibs on kills, but can't swap back to other weapons until Rip & Tear ends. Cooldown: 90 seconds after activation.
* Added support for Ancient Aliens terrain.
* Added support for Romero's Heresy terrain.
* New Active Skill: Quad Damage (Slipgater). Multiplies all damage by 4x, and causes the player to glow violet. Degrades to Double Damage in Deathmatch. Cooldown: 120 seconds after activation.
* New Active Skill: Demon Heart (Samurai). Squeezes the heart of a demon to deal major damage to all enemies within 128 DMU of the player. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
* New Monster: Suffering Elemental. Spits two Forgotten Ones at a time. Replaces Pain Elemental in Necro difficulty. (Credit: Onslaught Six (sprites), Z86 (sounds))
* New Weapon: ARM 27 Clusterfrag Launcher. Fires a grenade that bursts into four more grenades. For Slipgater. (Credit: osjclatchford (sprites), iD Software (sounds))
* Added new attack patterns for Annihilator.
* New Monster: Devorator. Fires flaming balls of bile that burst and leave pools of burning waste. Replaces Mancubus in Necro difficulty. (Credit: Eriance (Sprites))
* New Monster: Skullwalker. Fires rapid fire explosive plasma bolts. Replaces Arachnotrons in Necro difficulty. (Credit: Eriance (sprites))

-- Bug Fixes --
* Slipgater's Blaster no longer flips out when turning on the flashlight.
* Colonel's active skill wear-out sound now triggers at the correct time.
* Samurai, Pointman, and Slipgater can no longer pick up the StA-18 pistol. (It had no effect anyway.)
* Pointman's crazydeath sound no longer overrides UAC Elite's crazydeath sound.
* Fixed Yari Commando homing missiles not having dynamic lights.
* Fixed grenade ammo count not changing color while using the Fist.
* Nuke Launcher no longer attempts to be armed after completing a level. Now defaults to disarmed after level transition.
* Loot randomizers no longer count towards the map item count.
* Fixed compatibility issue with Ketchup v5.
* Fixed Laser Cannon not playing its deploy sound.
* Fixed Railgun being able to reload while scoped with a full magazine in some circumstances.
* Fixed Railgun reporting the wrong fire mode when throwing a grenade while scoped.
* Fixed issue of explosive debris puffs making ricochet noise when running Doomzone with Ultimate Torment & Torture: Supportive Edition. Exactly why this behavior was observed is beyond me.
* Fixed explosive barrels doing 2x damage.
* Fixed MAP07 and E1M8 triggers in Hardcore difficulty and above.
* Fixed issue of Support's StA-52G not displaying the correct fire mode when drawn.
* Colonel, Marksman, and Demolition can no longer grab Blurspheres while their active skill is in use. (Workaround, incompatible invisibility types)
* Colonel, Marksman, and Demolition can no longer activate their active skills while the blursphere is active.
* Fixed ZI-63 major's dynamic lighting.
* Fixed issue of some crosshairs not rendering opacity correctly.
* Fixed Demolition player class not playing the appropriate body drop sound upon death.
* Fixed Particle Rifle displaying the wrong frames when attempting to fire with no ammunition while scoped.
* Fixed Particle Rifle firing fully automatically while scoped.
* Fixed Particle Rifle not reloading when pulling the trigger while scoped.
* UAC Elite screams correctly with his crazydeath sound.
* Fixed blood lagging out the game when caught under crushers. (FINALLY)
* Fixed lockup when hitting *that* switch in Valiant's MAP07.
* Fixed plasma corporal attempting to use a translation.
* Fixed MAP16 in Back to Saturn X Episode 2 not advancing to the next map.
* Fixed keys not triggering scripted actions where CheckInventory explicitly checks for the default key.
* Fixed friendly mercenary accuracy.
* Friendly Mercenaries play the correct sound when burning to death.
* Heavy plays the correct death sound when dying via damaging floors.
* Mercenary can no longer pick up full automap or scanner. (Fixes scanner not being properly given between levels.)

-- New/Updated Patches --
* Added new compatibility patch for Mechadon's Counterattack mapset. (Dude, this one's really f*cking good, you really need to check it out.)
* Updated Doom Tribute Project patch to account for Slipgater's new weapons.
* Updated ZPack patch for terrain sounds.
* TNT patch is no longer required for play.
* Added new compatibility patch for TNT: Revilution.
* No End In Sight (NEIS) patch no longer required for play.

Happy hunting!

v1.8 Well Into Development

v1.8 Well Into Development

News 1 comment

New Active Skills coming for UAC Elite, Slipgater classes!

Doomzone v1.7 Released!

Doomzone v1.7 Released!


New Doomzone update includes Active Skill feature, fixes minor bugs.

v1.7 In Final Stages

v1.7 In Final Stages

News 2 comments

More new active skills have been added, mod now in testing stage!

v1.7 Update In Development

v1.7 Update In Development

News 4 comments

Development continues on Doomzone updates, with new features and cosmetics.

RSS Files
Doomzone v1.8.1

Doomzone v1.8.1

Full Version 6 comments

Minor update, adds compatibility patch for Dimension of the Boomed (Beta).

Doomzone v1.8

Doomzone v1.8

Full Version 3 comments

Added missing active skills, reworked weapon spawns, three new weapons, and plenty of bug fixes!

Doomzone v1.7

Doomzone v1.7

Full Version 18 comments

Adds new Active Skill feature, fixes numerous bugs.

Doomzone v1.6.2

Doomzone v1.6.2

Full Version 5 comments

v1.6.2 update. Features improved support for online co-op/DM, bug fixes.

Doomzone v1.6.1

Doomzone v1.6.1

Full Version 3 comments

Fixes bugs from previous version, adds particle effects and support for Consolation Prize: Doom 64 Retribution. Does not require v1.6.

Doomzone Compatibility Patches

Doomzone Compatibility Patches


Compatibility patches for running Doomzone with other mods!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 90)

This mod means alot to me since Killzone was a Playstation2 childhood game to me. Combining it with Doom was a great idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod still being worked on ?
I hope so, it's a beautiful project, the balance it's on spot and the replaiability it's absurd, great work indeed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Zorah moved over to working on Zagemod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

your mod with vilecore megawad. nice one m8!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
silentzorah Creator

I was informed that there were some issues with Doom Eater difficulty when playing with auto-switching weapons turned off. The recent hotfixes for v1.8.1 should solve this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Does this work with android?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

Not as far as I know. Doomzone was developed for PC, and I have no plans to make a version for mobile.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

Minor update incoming. v1.8.1 adds a new compatibility patch for Dimension of the Boomed and converts some color translations to truecolor PNG for compatibility.

New update is only needed if you want to run Doomzone with Dimension of the Boomed. No new toys this time!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hmm. Flashlights don't work for whatever reason. Am I missing something from my load order? I'm using the latest version of GZdoom.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

Whoops, I went and goofed up a line for the lighting. I'll have the fix up shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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