This is a Tribute Mod to the Glory "Mobile Infantry". Based on the Films (1997-2008) and Videogames with a touch of fantasy.

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general Information


General Informations for Playing with STDoom - Version 1.4

Editor Things: "ModuleMap.WAD"
Maps will not follow so fast, because i make an "ModuleMap.wad" for STDoom, it will contains 2 Dropships. the Yamamoto Ship Class from inside (half half). For that there is a certain uniformity in mapping, at least as far as the dropships are concerned.

Starship Troopers Doom - Playhelper!
"SUMMON" Infos!
For all who like to generate actors, here is a small list of actors.


"idkfa" does not give flares, as well as the backpack, this problem is still solved, but here is the professional solution...

Open console ... (jedes Packet gibt dir 6 Stück).
give flarebox

Random spawner for all UCF support NPCs (can be find,by playing randowm Doom Maps)
summon trooperspawner

All individual NPC spawners:
summon TrooperMK1_NPC
summon TrooperMK1DMR_NPC
summon TrooperMK1C_NPC
summon TrooperMK2_NPC
summon Marauder_NPC
summon TrooperMarine_NPC
summon TrooperSniper_NPC
summon TrooperEngeneer_NPC
summon TrooperOfficer_NPC

When you want to bind an Unit or the spawner (i use "b" as exsample)...

bind b "summon XXXX"

ST-Doom is there!!!

ST-Doom is there!!!

News 2 comments

United Citizen Federation: Federal Network: Top News:

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Releases; 5 Starship Trooper Total Conversions Doing Their Part

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Releases; 5 Starship Trooper Total Conversions Doing Their Part

Feature 2 comments

Starship Troopers: Terran Command has released, so here's five more Starship Trooper experiences for a bit of bug-hunting thrill!

Starship Troopers Doom! Horde mode beta!

Starship Troopers Doom! Horde mode beta!

Feature 1 comment

My first attempt at a horde mode for Doom! Starship Troopers mod from Laktul_v2.4, another member on here! Thanks buddy!

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STAssets - Weapons, Bugs and Textures

STAssets - Weapons, Bugs and Textures

Full Version 9 comments

The Starship Troopers Doom Assets. Weapons, Monsters and Textures for your own Starship Troopers Doom Mixing experience. (Do not mix it with the "STDoom_Beta_1.4.pk3...

STDoom Editorhelper_v1.1

STDoom Editorhelper_v1.1


ONLY FOR Doom-Builder, and only for help, donĀ“t use it in game!!! Here's my promised help wad that should help with the mapping. All items and weapons...

Starship TroopersDoom Beta_v1.4+

Starship TroopersDoom Beta_v1.4+

Full Version 14 comments

Here is the long awaited version 1.4, I hope you like it.

Starship Troopers Doom Beta_v1.3+

Starship Troopers Doom Beta_v1.3+

Full Version 13 comments

Here it is finally, the new version with 3 new weapons selectable objects and two of them are new weapons.

OneLight Flashlight

OneLight Flashlight

Prop Model 3 comments

A Simple Flashlight with one light. (Lightpointer)

StarshipTroopers-Doom Beta_v1.0

StarshipTroopers-Doom Beta_v1.0

Full Version 2 comments

United Citizen Federation: Federal Network: Files:

Comments  (0 - 10 of 113)
Illustrans - - 74 comments

Is this mod still being worked on?

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Guest - - 693,174 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Genesis_Plus - - 13 comments

STD, anybody want some STD? I love STD.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Zappiersphinx15 - - 16 comments

Hiya! I'm back again after a long hiatus from

Check out my profile buddy! I took your ST Resources and made a horde mode! Lots of bugs!

Just like the movie and the original game! It's in the BETA testing and FARRRR from being finished, however when you got over 1000 bugs coming at ya, you get a little uneasy and squeamish. Grab your Morita Mk1 and let's kill us some bugs!


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blackgoyito366 - - 3 comments

Is this mod still in development?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zappiersphinx15 - - 16 comments

On a side note. Add a crap load dead marines and gibs in some areas. Nothing says "be on your guard" like an area full of dead dudes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zappiersphinx15 - - 16 comments

This is great. Been looking to kick some bug butt. A couple of design notes though. Lose the Duke graphics. Keep it native with doom. The Duke textures look tacky.

If you are keeping any of the switches.bthe flip light switch on the 90' degree, rustify the graphic. This will make it look more authentic. Also your NPC's don't follow you or attack when they should and most times just stand around. I know it's beta so take this as a bug report as well. No pun intended.

Also, allow for the SMG with the green I think, sight to be dual wielded along with your pistols. This will add an extra level of badassery and balance out the bullet vs bug count layer. Oh and FFS...add more bugz! Like literally hundreds of bugs. I wanna experience full on bug swarms like the original ST game. Nothing terrifies a marine more than seeing a butt load of warrior bugs charging at you.

Make the little red dudes revive the dead warriors or carry power ups like ammo or health. Makes them more functional and useful in a firefight or deadly.

Really enjoying the current level of gameplay, I combined your mod with Doom Zero and it's hectic AF!

Keep up the great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MaxDickings - - 194 comments

Wow! Honestly this is more polished than I expected. Even got the gibs all proper and I'm super impressed on how expansive and lore friendly the arsenal is! I just ran through the first maps of doom 2 as a basic trooper and had a blast, however the ammo issue became super apparent half way through map02 on hard. I was totally out of ammo as the only weapon I picked up was the scoped mortia, same ammo pool, and I forgot to pick up your substitution for the chainsaw which was the pistol. So I summoned the pistol and still ran out pretty quick. I assume the heat mechanic is a pain to replicate and I assume that's why you didn't include it, but it might be necessary to give that weird SST 2005 backup gun to the player outright. Only con of that weapon I see is the massive spread which isn't an issue when going against mostly melee-only enemies. I think a good work around for the heat mechanic is to give the weapon an ever-increasing ammo pool. Like its 100 rounds, you fire a while and when you stop it starts to slowly recharge. Just shooting from the hip here.

Definitely following either way!

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Hsea212 - - 48 comments


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ctmbottomtext - - 31 comments

i ******* loved this mod but i wish to know how to make doom mods because i would like to add

1._campaign mode (single player and coop)
2._gore system like brutal doom
3._power suit from the starship troopers animated movies
4-_mech from starship troopers 3
5._more bugs

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Zappiersphinx15 - - 16 comments

It's not that difficult. Download Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade and use ZdoomWiki for all your information needs.

I've got previous experience in map development from 3D Realms, So having to learn a whole new GUI mapping system including more advanced coding was definitely an eye opener.

You guys are lucky in this day and age. Full how-to's and support. I had to teach myself everything.

Good luck!

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LAKTUL_v2.4 Creator
LAKTUL_v2.4 - - 131 comments

It's a long process, at least for me and it goes on and on, you never stop learning. It's automatic when you're excited about something.

1. use GZDoom Builder.
Here you can find some videos about it.
I prefer the UDMF format

2. look at different WAD- or PK3s from my mod or from other modders
And XWE wouldn't be bad either, at least to be able to save BMPs from the old 256 color format.

3. let's see if I can do something about that at some point, unless someone else or you do something :D

4. interesting, thanks for the reminder.

5. just put lots of them on a map hahaha no joke aside, would be cool if someone would take screenshots of the ST bugs from 2005 in the garrysmod with every movement. I just want to inspire with ideas that I can't create anymore due to mental overload.

6. i will also be doing maps but for the first time i will be working with STDoom Module Map, which is an additional help for the Map editor to save time when mapping.

It was just five points, right? ^^

Translated with (free version)

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