DoomFront is an era mod that brings Marines and Demons inspired by the classic Doom games as well as the 2016 reboot of the series into the gameplay style of Battlefront II.

Play as the Marines or Demons in venues based off of id Software's classic titles, duking it out in Team Deathmatch or fighting to secure domination over the battlefield in Conquest.


  1. UAC Marines
  2. Demon Invaders

Available/supported maps in the first release will include:

  • E1M1
  • Mars: Landing Zone

Not everything in the first release will be what I want it to be or what it should be, but this is a mod, not a game release, so that's okay. As time goes on and I get the chance to work on it more, the mod will receive a bit more spit and polish (and content) with each release. That's the plan, anyway.

Future Plans

This has primarily been an interesting side project for me, but I do want to slowly roll out more content for the mod, as I've said. In the future perhaps some additional units, additional maps, and a couple 'heroes' may make their debut.

And no, this mod's existence doesn't mean I've forgotten about the Post-Endor mod, or the WW2 mod, or BF3 Legacy PC/PS2 :)

First Release: Out now


Detailed credits for each mod release will be available in a text document adjacent and separate from the readme within the archive containing the mod.

With that said, a huge shoutout goes to Pandemic Studios and GameToast for making all this possible. The community has been nothing short of amazing, and the original devs created such a great game. Furthermore, great respect is due to the original developers of the Doom IP, from the veterans of id Software to current day ZeniMax media, and all those who have worked on music, content, or ports pertaining to Doom.

Additionally, special thanks to pierce-needle for his work on the Cacodemon, as well as RevanSithLord for the lovely banner that graces this page.


YouTube Channel

To see gameplay preview videos before they go live here on ModDB and if you're interested in any of my modding content in general, you can check out my YouTube channel at the following:



There's now a Discord Server for my mods and works-in-progress! Join if you'd like.

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DoomFront Release: R v1.0.2

This mod was developed for free and is intended for free distribution. Pirated copies of Battlefront II are not supported, and this mod is not to be distributed commercially.


Get it now in the Files section of the page!

Battlefront II: Expanded - The Post-Endor Era - Alpha v1.0.0


0. Make sure you have Anakin's Remaster already installed and are capable of running mods. You could use the 1.3 patch, but the new HUD requires Anakin's Remaster, so you will get a buggy interface if you use anything but.

0a. Sleepkiller's Shaderpatch is practically a requirement - this was developed with Shaderpatch in mind, so it
will not look right if you do not have it installed.
1. Download the Mod. You will get a file called Doomfront.7z
2. You will need either 7-zip or another tool capable of extracting 7z files to open the archive.
After opening, you will see one folder.
3. Drag and drop 'Doom' into your addon folder (Star Wars - Battlefront 2\GameData\addon).
4. Start up the game and get to the battlefield!


bk2modder - Mod Creator
pierce-needle - Cacodemon Animations and Model port, miscellaneous asset contributions, testing

RevanSithLord - Mod page banner

Pandemic, LucasArts - Original game assets
id Software - References and Inspiration, creation of the Doom series, 1993 Audio Assets
ZeniMax Media, Bethesda Softworks, GT Interactive - References and Inspiration, publication of the Doom series

GameToast - The wonderful community's fantastic resources, assets, tutorials, and help!
psych0fred - Docs and Assets
tirpider - SchMEe
Sleepkiller - Shader Patch

Rebecca Heineman and Randy Scott - Doom 3DO Soundtrack

Alan Z. - Beretta 92FS original model (modified for use)
Green Eyesman - Bushmaster M17s original model (modified for use)
ice_space - Mars Landing Zone building models (modified for use)
Leonard_Doye - Shotgun model (modified for use)
Memorie - Health Pack model
Michael Wanyoike - Grenade original model
NotARealStudio - Plasma Rifle original model (modified for use)
pixelgrapher - Heavy Assault Rifle original model (modified for use)
SGTorres - Portal 3D Model (modified for use)
Zane Bodle - Combat Shotgun model (modified for use)
z4g0 - Doom Guy armor original model (modified for use)


Release 1.0.0 of DoomFront. Includes two maps, At Doom's Gate and Mars: Landing Zone. Features two modes, Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

At Doom's Gate:


Mars: Landing Zone:

Mars LandingZone


Marine - Shotgun, Pistol


Marine Rifleman - Heavy Assault Rifle, Pistol


Marine Specialist - Plasma Rifle, Pistol


Marine Demolitionist - Rocket Launcher, Pistol



Possessed Marine - Assault Rifle


Shotgun Sergeant - Pump Action Shotgun


Imp - Fireball, Fireball (Offhand)


Cacodemon - Plasma Ball, Bite





10/10/21 .............................................................

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DoomFront R v1.0.2

DoomFront R v1.0.2

Full Version 8 comments

First release of DoomFront with two maps, two modes, and 4 classes per side, featuring Marines and Demons inspired by the classic Doom games. Rip and...

DoomFront Script Resources

DoomFront Script Resources

Source Code

Here are the source scripts for DoomFront Rv1.0.1. Included as well is the era icon and the core.req to use it. These assets are intended for modder use...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 16)

By unbelievable coincidence, this mod actually exists. I had a very similar idea (though I'm no modder so I never went through on it) for making a Doom-inspired map in Battlefront. But this is far more ambitious. You've just combined two of my all time favorite games, this is a must-download.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I did not expect a mod like this to exist. I gotta try this out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Very fun mod. I did a video on it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Not something I ever imagined in my wildest dreams, but the screenshots had me totally sold! This already has so much potential... I can see this blowing up if you keep working at it!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I only found about this one today.

Hell yeah, that's why I love the modding scene!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I'm so hyped up to play it! However, as a newbie, I spent a bit of time wondering what "Anakin's remaster" and "Sleepkiller's Shaderpatch" was. An hypertext would therefore be welcome for this, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. ^^*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
bk2modder Creator

There are hyperlinks now
Hope you enjoy the mod :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

rad as f in a good way

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey! I watched some of the previews and I wanted to suggest something. There's a mod floating around for Doom 2 called Doom Sound Bulb, by SeanTheBermanator on the Doomworld forums, and it contains the original high quality sound effects used in the game. I think those would be a nice addition to the mod that stays high quality and true to the original game. For the soundtrack there's an old reddit post someone made about proper SC-55 Roland conversions without the hissing on the music for maps like E1M8, and if you're interested I can link you to it, so you can get high quality music for the mod as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

As a big fan of both games and franchises this is right up my alley. I hope to see more progress on it in the future. Great work, I had a lot of fun so far.

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