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NOTE : This Mod is still in the works.

This modification to SWBFII adds three new Eras as well as mostly every map from the KOTOR era.

Including new custom units with custom voices and custom abilities and powers.

It will also include a KOTOR sides mod, that will be compatible with Vanilla Maps.

And maybe some maps made by modders.

The eras include : The Jedi Civil War, and the Dark Wars,

And the Mandalorian Wars.

This mod will also include Heroes from the Eras such as :

Revan, Malak, Mandalore, Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, Darth Traya, Bastila Shan, Canderous Ordo, Jolee Bindo, The Exile, Carth Onasi, and many others.

Maps that will be featured in this Mod :

Malachor V, The Endar Spire, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban,

The Ravager, Dxun, The Harbinger, Taris, The Star Forge, Space Battles & Lehon.

Development Team :

" Naɪ.ə.lɨs : Project leader, Map creator, Mod Artist, Unit creator, and Side creator.
Major Degurechaff, FeebTube : Voice acting

All credit goes to Lucas Arts, BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment for the models in this mod.


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Greetings from the Clans of Mandalore!

Jokes aside, I'm glad you guys enjoyed the demo, got lots of great feed-back.

Hopefully the next update of Malachor V will be the final one.

In-game screenshots are at the bottom

Now, for the updates and what you will be expecting in the future.

Unit progress

Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders :

"Mandalore the Ultimate" model has been re-made! It's now accurate to the KotOR comics Mandalore.

"Cassus Fett" is still a work in progress, but he's nearly ready to shine.

New Mandalorian Jet-trooper model has been implemented.

I decided to make some of the Neo-crusader variants unique, so I decided to give the sniper a Pauldron & Kama.

I'm probably going to give the engineer some custom looks as-well.

Some new unit's are being added & edited, such as :

- Sergeant : dual pistols, squad rally ability. - engineer is not going to be the red color variant anymore.

- Commando : stealth generator, tri-shot carbine, vibroblade, grenades and a health pack.

- Powertech all shock weaponry and a wrist flamethrower.

- Captain : 3x normal health, heavy repeater, double-vibroblade, grenade launcher, and mines, he's gonna be slow.

As for Field-Marshal, I gotta figure that out.

Here's how it's going to look like in-game :


Neo-Crusader Specialist

Neo-Crusader Sniper

Neo-Crusader Engineer

Neo-Crusader Powertech

Neo-Crusader Commando

Neo-Crusader Sergeant

Neo-Crusader Captain

Neo-Crusader Field Marshall

The Republic :

"Revan" now has a mask that shines.

Republic Admiral is going to be re-named to : "Republic Field Commander"

Models for the Jedi are being constructed.

I will be changing some weapons for the units, and adding new ones, such as the Republic Officer model

The Mandalorians Wars era Republic side will be getting models that resemble the ones in the comics.

I will be making several new heroes for the Republic side that are for the MW Era : Meetra Surik - aka Exile- & General Malak.

The new unit list for the Republic in-game is going to look like this :

Republic Trooper

Republic Grenadier

Republic Weapons Specialist

Republic Sharpshooter

Republic Sergeant

Jedi Guardian

Jedi Consular

Jedi Sentinel

Keep in mind, this list may be changed due to the lack of Jedi in the Dark Wars and Jedi Civil war, Mandalorian Wars list will look like this, definitely.

Custom Voice acting

I am in progress of getting custom voices in the game, but I mostly need some people to fulfill the roles of Republic, and maybe Mandalorian voice acting.

If you're interested in helping out on this, let me know.

Space Battles

Literally haven't worked on this yet, except for getting the models for the ships.


Malachor V : almost done.

Endar Spire : needs work.

Rest : Aren't done or made yet.


Here are some beauutiful screenshots of whats to come!


Wanna know how long it took me to finish this guy? Total : 15 Hr's. He looks amazing though.


Beautiful shiny mask!


Nice, right?


These guys are in the KOTOR comics.

KOTOR Health-Pack and other stuff

Discord Server

Yep, we have a discord!

What's the plus of joining? Well.. you get to be in the beta testing contest for the most recent map.

And you get quick updates from me on there too.

You can join it right here! : Discord.gg

That concludes everything, for now. May the Force be with you all!

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Malachor V -  Beta

Malachor V - Beta

Demo 14 comments

Whats New? Experiencing the Mandalorian Wars on the Battlefront. (Read more for everything added and fixed.)

-OUTDATED- Malachor V Demo v.2

-OUTDATED- Malachor V Demo v.2

Demo 30 comments


Comments  (0 - 10 of 226)

Buenas, alguna noticia sobre este increible mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Naielis Creator

¡Sí! ¡Estoy lanzando un video de juego pronto! Gracias por preguntar.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Google translate or do you know Spanish?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Naielis Creator

Translate, but I understood some of the words.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Really likening the new art keep up the good work I hope to hear more updates on the mod which is a greatly promising one :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Naielis Creator

I will be posting updates on soon.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If you're playing Kotor 2 on PC get the TSLRCM(The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod). Kotor 2 was rushed and it's missing a lot of stuff, this mod restores most of it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Naielis Creator

Aye, it's an amazing Mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Probably been suggested but maps that would also be interesting would be Telos Station when the ravager attacks. A space battle map near the planet/station. As well as a ground battle map within the Telos station when Nhilus' forces were assaulting it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Naielis Creator

That's a splendid Idea actually, I only thought of a battle on the Ravager, but you are onto something!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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